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10 Key Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilets

Published On: Jan 16, 2023

Vastu Shastra- The ancient science of architecture has become an integral part of modern Indian homes. It provides specific directives for each room that one must adhere to for a prosperous and domestic life. Bathrooms are often neglected spaces compared to bedrooms or living rooms while designing the Vastu-Compliant home. As per the Vastu experts, the improper placement and directions of toilets and bathrooms can lead to health effects, financial obstacles and anxiety. Here, In this blog, we have shared valuable tips and remedies for bathroom and toilet direction as per Vastu guidelines. 

Bathroom and Toilet Directions as per Vastu Guidelines

According to the Vastu Shastra, the ideal direction for your bathrooms and toilets is the north or northwest of your home. Avoid constructing the bathroom in the south direction or the toilet in the southeast, as it adversely impacts the house’s inhabitants. Additionally, ensure that bathroom is elevated above the ground level by at least one to two feet higher. Moreover, keeping the bathroom design secluded from the other parts of the house is scientifically auspicious. 

Significance of Vastu for Attached Toilet and Bathroom

Ideally, as per Hindu Traditions and Vastu Shastra, it is not recommended to have attached toilets and bathrooms in the house. However, with the crunch of space in urban homes, it has become an essential feature that provides privacy and convenience. But in doing so, one must follow guidelines for the attached toilet position as per Vastu. Also, ensure the bathroom should not share a wall with the puja room or kitchen, as it could harness negative vibes in the house.

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Essential Tips- Vastu Shastra for Toilet and Bathroom


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While constructing or renovating your bathroom, the ideal toilet direction, as per Vastu, is a northwest position in the home. Alternatively, the south of the southwest direction is also considered favourable, according to Vastu Shastra. However, never place the bathroom on the northeastern or eastern side of the room.


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The best direction for the bathroom doors is the north or east direction. Choose wooden doors over metal ones, as it fosters negativity and affects the health of the users of the home. Moreover, ensure to keep the bathroom doors closed at all times. It minimises negative energy pervading your relationships.

Toilet Seat

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Special attention must be paid to the placement of the bathroom toilet seat direction, as per Vastu. The southeast or northwest area facing north or south is favourable as it supports toxins elimination from one's body. 

Washbasins and Showers

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According to Vastu Shastra, the washbasins, showers, and other water outlets should be in the east, north or northeast. Moreover, the same holds for bathtubs/jacuzzis in the bathroom. Make sure the slope for drainage ought to be in the same direction. A bathroom with leaky inlets and outlet water setting is never favourable, as per Vastu. 

Electrical Appliances

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Bathrooms are equipped with electronic gadgets and equipment like geysers, hair dryers, etc., to make the space more efficient and desirable. 

Place them in the southeast portion of the bathroom and avoid any water spilling or splattering across the electronic switches for safety. 

Washing Machine

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The expansive washrooms in the home can accommodate a washing machine. However, the best direction for a toilet, as per Vastu, is the north or northwest place the washing machine in the south-west and northwest corner of the bathroom.


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To enhance the positive energies in your bathroom, install reflective mirrors on the northern or eastern wall of the room. These decor objects boost natural light and maximise the sense of space. As per Vastu guidelines, choose a square and rectangular mirror and place them at least 4 to 5 feet off the floor.


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Windows are the functional elements, and as per Vastu Shastra for toilets, they provide ventilation and release negative energies outside the home. Keeping the windows in the north, east, and west walls make the space open and airy. Following the Vastu guidelines for attached toilet and bathroom channelise positive vibes in the home. 

Exhaust Fan

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Another essential element is the exhaust fan to keep the positive energy flowing in the bathroom. The best tip on Vastu Shastra for attached toilet and bathroom guides is to place the exhaust fans towards the south of the bathroom. Avoid installing them on the east wall of the toilet as it might lead to Vastu Dosh. 


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Choose light, airy colours for the bathroom as per Vastu principles, including beige, cream, blues, greys, and browns. These neutral and earthy shades accentuate the space and lend a calming zone in your home. It is best to steer clear of darker shades in the bathroom that can make the room appear compact and cramped. Add a sense of freshness to your bathrooms with these appealing colours. 

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in North East Direction

Toilets in the northeast direction yield negative health effects for homeowners. The best remedy is to shift the pit to the northwest or burn camphor and scented candles to release the energies outside. Alternatively, placing white coloured flowers in a metal vase eliminates the diverse impacts facing north-east toilet Vastu remedies. Finally, ensure the toilet in the northeast direction is sleek and shining.

According to the toilet Vastu for east-facing houses, the ideal placement is in the north or northwest direction. 

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Vastu Remedies for Toilet in South Direction

As per Vastu Shastra guidelines, a toilet in the south direction is unfavourable and can result in loss of fame. Changing the position to the southwest is the remedy for toilet Vastu. On the other hand, pick a lighter colour scheme for south-direction bathrooms, such as shades of red, pink, orange, purple and violet.

A west-facing house ushers happiness and prosperity if designed according to Vastu shastra. The toilet Vastu for west facing house should be in the northwest direction, and the toilet seat direction as per Vastu must be in the southeast or northwest corner. 

General Remedies from Vastu Defects 

Below are some simple yet highly effective Vastu remedies for Bathrooms and toilets in the home. 

  • According to Toilet Vastu, place a bowl of sea salt to absorb negative energies but replace it once each week.
  • Intensify with aromatherapy, including diffusers and scented candles, to increase peace and harmony in your home. 
  • Declutter the bathrooms to harness negative energy. 
  • Invest in the Elixer pyramid that nullifies negativities emerging from the bathroom area. 
  • Avoid placing decorative statues or idols on the bathroom doors. 

In a Nutshell 

Bathrooms and toilets can transmit ill effects and negativity in houses. We hope these essential tips for bathroom and toilet direction, as per Vastu usher prosperous living for the residents. To know more about the Vastu Shastra guidelines, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    According to Vastu, the toilet should be in which direction?

    The north or northwest direction is suitable for designing bathrooms because it eliminates toxins and negativity.

    What to do if my bathroom is in the east part of the house?

    Bathrooms in the east direction are considered inauspicious, but following these Vastu remedies for toilets, like placing bamboo on the roof, adds an aesthetic vibe to the space and makes the bathroom Vastu Compliant.

    Why are toilet directions as per Vastu necessary?

    Incorrectly placed toilets and bathrooms cause major health and financial problems. Planning or designing the Vastu-compliant house ushers positive energy and peaceful vibes into the house for the homeowners.

    What are the preferred colour choices for the toilet as per Vastu?

    Choose lighter hues for the bathroom as per the Vastu Shastra, the neutral tones lend an open and airy vibe to the space. Avoid darker shades as they can attract adversity and unfavourable conditions in the home.

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