12 Simple yet Elegant Wall Mandir Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Published On: Jan 16, 2023

In India, the temple home or pooja room is a sacred space designated for prayers and meditation. The places of worship driven by devotion embody traditions and values. The incense stick's aromas and the vibrational energy of the chants radiate positivity and serenity into the homes.

Given that urban homes are shrinking with space constraints, wall-mounted mandir designs are becoming the current trend in interiors. From intricate jaali designs to modern contemporary hanging styles, wall-mounted mandirs are made to fit in compact spaces. Whether you like simple divine corners or ornate with details, decorate your home with them quite tastefully.

1. Pristine White Wall-Mounted Pooja Mandir

Source: Pinterest

Pooja rooms designed according to Vastu principles spread positive energies throughout your home. This mandir wall design for home, engraved with details and a jali pattern finished with white paint, looks elegant and divine. It features floating shelves and drawers at the bottom to store all the pooja ritual items. The white colour symbolises purity and peace, channelising a sense of spirituality in the homes. 

2. Arch-Shaped Temple Wall Design

Source: Pinterest

Mandir is the core part of Indian homes that brings serenity into the spaces. The arch-shaped wall-mounted mandir design is embedded with details that can be installed in your living room. The sacred 'OM' symbol in the background represents the holy trinity of Hindu Gods, creating a heavenly aura in the homes. Inspired by the traditional Moghuls design, this wall-hanging mandir design with LED lights elevates the interiors.

3. Wooden Wall Temple Design for Home

Source: Pinterest

If you want a traditional yet sophisticated look for the wall mandir design, choose the plywood to carve the sacred space in your home. The stand-alone pooja units can be made more appealing with wooden side panels. The elevated design with background LED lights endures an elegant vibe to the space. The storage of bottoms can store holy items safely and securely. 

4. Wall-mounted Mandir Design with Wallpaper

Source: Pinterest

The simplest wall mandir design in urban homes brings flair by adding bells and creating a designated zone to pray in peace. Choose the wallpaper as a backdrop for wall-mounted pooja units that accentuates the space. In addition, the gold accents and lighting Diyas bring a traditional vibe and completes the look. The warm tones infuse a sense of calmness into the living space. 

5. Graceful Mandir Design for the Corner Wall 

Source: Pinterest

Pooja unit designs, along with traditional staples, lend a tranquil ambience. 

A wall mandir design for the home etched in marble adds sheer elegance and looks aesthetically pleasing. The Vastu-approved white colour with shiny brass candlesticks and Diyas bring a divine aura to the space. The sleek shelving and storage unit lends a contemporary edge to the room. 

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6. Quintessential Wall Mounted Pooja Mandir

Source: Pinterest

Looking for a confided and secluded pooja room? This wall mandir design can be a welcoming choice. A mandir is a meditating space that induces a sense of peace in your soul and mind. This visually pleasing design, enamoured with diyas and flowers, depicts divine grace while bringing happiness and prosperity into the homes. 

7. Wooden Temple Wall Designs

Source: Pinterest

Today, designers face the tricky challenge of optimising limited floor space. Designating the living space into different zones creates a functional and aesthetic design. Here, the room dividers with cut-out patterns or wooden slats allow the light to stream inside while elevating the interiors. It features an engraved inlay pattern of a mandala with the sacred symbol of Om, making this enclosure a perfect space for your pooja mandir designs for walls. 

8. Foyer Wall Mounted Mandir Design

Source: Pinterest

This modern pooja wall mandir design emits vibrations of peace and tranquillity. It features luxurious marble on flooring and walls and is engraved with fish wall art. According to Vastu and Feng Shui experts, the fishes bring a positive and relaxing vibe to the living space. Here, the floating shelves hold the Lord Ganesha deity and lamps while creating an enchanting focal point. 

Enthralled by this inviting wall mandir design that vibes with aesthetic themes? Connect with Interior Company to craft your dreams into reality. 

9. Minimalist Wall-mounted Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

The puja room evokes peace and serenity in the environment, a perfect solitude space to connect with the spiritual self. It doesn't have to be filled with a lot of photo frames or decor elements. With a warm-toned colour scheme and a minimal aesthetic, this understated elegant design gives a sense of calmness and hope.  

10. Traditional Wall-mounted Temple Design

Source: Pinterest

Whether it's to start the auspicious beginnings or celebrate the festivities, the temple design is the essence of Indian homes. With limited floor space, the hanging frame is the creative idea for pooja units. We love how the different deities sit delicately in the warmth and glow of wood in this traditional wall-hanging mandir. 

A beautiful design to behold!

11. Stunning Wall Temple Design for the Home

Source: Pinterest

A temple in the home surpasses the negative vibes and radiates positivity. This unique wall-mounted mandir design with stone cladding and hanging brass bells lend a flair of simplicity and sophistication. The various decor elements consolidate to create a room that is the epitome of mindfulness. 

12. Surreal Wall-Mounted Temple Design

Source: Pinterest

Your home wall-mounted mandir design should create a space that invokes a calm and tranquil feeling. Incorporate materials and décor finishes that will echo this aesthetic vibe in the living space. As idols are heavily decorated, balance out the design with a white colour scheme for a relaxing space. Induce marble on the floors, walls, or mantle tops, adding a personalised touch to the home interiors. 

Divine Blessings in Your Home!

We hope these wall-mounted mandir design ideas adorned with refinement and subtlety inspire you to carve spiritual spaces filled with majestic aura in your homes. For more elegant home design ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    How can I decorate my temple wall design at home?

    Decorate your mandir or pooja room by placing fresh flowers or potted plants to bring in the divine ambience in homes. Accentuate the space with decor elements, including Diyas, brass lamps, bells, and incense sticks.

    Which colours are best for wall-mounted mandir design?

    Yellow, white, red, and green are the enlightened colours that ushers harmony, peace and prosperity into the homes.

    What is the ideal direction for a mandir wall design in a house?

    According to Vastu experts, the pooja room should either face the north or east direction to enhance the positive vibes.

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