Incredible Pooja Shelf Designs with Images for 2024

Published On: Jan 23, 2023

What designs are best for your Mandir? How many shells do you need? Does your Mandir require a separate space? 

There might be several questions in your mind when it comes to designing your home and especially your puja room. With the thought of keeping in mind the vastu tips and your personal requirements sometimes you might find yourself stuck. The solution to this is quite simple. One can experiment with different pooja shelf designs to properly organise all deity idols on the mandir. Create enough space in your pooja room to organise everything you need with these simple pooja cabinet designs. We have gathered some ideas for Pooja shelf designs that can come in handy when designing. 

Minimalist Wooden

Source: Pinterest

We can say that a minimalist design never fails to stun! Being the choice of modern times, this simple yet sleek pooja cabinet design adds charm to the space. The use of simple cabinetry will provide the owners with enough storage to place all their idols and Pooja accessories in one place. 

This design also consists of drawers that provide more storage. The use of teak wood in this mandir helps it become an option that is long-lasting.

Corner Mandir

Source: Pinterest

If you want to opt for something that is more practical and utilises less space then a mandir unit or pooja shelf designs for a corner mandir is a great option. This design is pretty simple to create with the use of differently-shaped planks or shelves that can be used, added designer planks for the background is a splendid idea to add character to the unit. You can choose to place the idols in front facing. Add some hanging bells and strip LED lighting that will help create a space that will be ambient enough for you to spend some happy time praying. 

In-built Prayer Unit

Source: Pinterest

Just like a TV unit, this space is primarily used for praying. A god cupboard design that not only looks good but also provides you with a separate place to devote towards your god. 

This pooja shelf design can either be placed inside a separate room or it can be set in any common area. 

The most attractive thing about this design is the lighting and the panelling that helps make this area stand out from the rest. The designer has further romanticised it by adding the brick backsplash and the floor lighting which is covered with pebbles to give a modern look. 

Pooja Shelf Designs With Backdrop Lighting

Source: Pinterest

Backdrop lighting works wonders when used in the right places and in the right amount. This pooja shelf design is cleverly utilised in a separate room to create a peaceful and calmer place for meditation and prayer. Different levels are created to place idols and candles, it also consists of a drawer at the base of the design which can be used to store all accessories. Designs like this work wonder when you are looking forward towards creating a focal point. 

Floral Backdrop

Source: Pinterest

This pooja shelf design is a good option when you want to style as well as ample storage for all the pooja samagri you might require. The floral pattern used in the backdrop helps create an atmosphere of peace and meditation along with adding a bit of creativity to your mandir area. Don’t shy away from using some bold patterns and colours in your pooja shelf design. If your home is themed in all neutral shades you can opt for colours that will simply complement the decor further. Use profile lighting to make the space ambient. 

A Pedestal

Source: Pinterest

What can be more ideal than placing your God on a pedestal? Having a space that creates a unique look for your mandir. This pooja shelf design is as unique as its backsplash, the steps created with wooden planks give a resemblance to an actual temple. As vastu Shastra suggests, Mandir should be above the floor or any seating. This design passes all the tests and therefore stands as a great competitor amongst other Pooja shelf designs.

Wall-Mounted Pooja Cabinet Design

Source: Pinterest

A simple wall-mounted shelf to create a pooja space will become as beautiful as any other design. If you are going for a simple and minimalist design style, this is an excellent idea as it won't take up too much space. Pooja shelf designs like this one are great if you are looking for something to install around your entrance. The panel behind this shelf further helps illuminate the space with backlighting. 

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Choose Your Favourite Pooja Room Shelf Design 

Pooja rooms hold a lot of importance for people and their homes. Being a place of devotion and meditation, it is really important to build something that is not only calm but also uncluttered. Planning and choosing the best shelf design for your mandir depends on how much space you are working with. We hope this myriad of pooja shelf designs came in handy for your research in finding the best fit for your home. For more assistance contact the Interior Company or log on to


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    How should one arrange their pooja shelf?

    Pooja shelves should be placed in accordance to fulfil the purpose of placing the idols in a correct manner. The shelves should be arranged in a manner that you have space for your pooja samagri and for placing diyas.

    What is the ideal size of a pooja room?

    The ideal size of a pooja room is somewhat near 5×7 feet which can fit at least 2 people in the room.

    How can I decorate my pooja room?

    Pooja room is the space where you can utilise all those traditional accessories. Use some freshly sown or artificial flower garlands to make your pooja room appear colourful and fresh. Decorate the space with some bells, and hang these inside the mandir. Make use of all diyas that you have laying around.

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