9 False Ceiling Designs to Revamp Your Bedroom Decor

Published On: Apr 29, 2022

Today, a house is often perceived as a reflection of the individual's personality and aesthetic sense. Hence, it's no surprise that people are constantly keeping up with the latest trends in home decor. Just like fashion, there are a plethora of home décor trends that also hit the design segment from time to time. One of the most discussed topics in this context of interior design is the advent of modern false ceiling designs for the bedroom. You will be pleasantly surprised by the kind of innovation that has emerged in bedroom ceiling designs that completely re-invent the look and feel of your home.

Jumping onto the bandwagon of the latest bedroom ceiling designs, let us have a look at a few of them that will come to your aid.

1. Wood-Panelled False Ceilings


If you're looking for a well-blended approach in your home décor, wooden panels are perfect for this category. These panels are simplistic in their appeal, with their natural texture that resembles ripple effect patterns. They are one of the most soothing choices you can make for your modern master bedroom.

There is also a new trend in false ceiling designs called wooden rafters. These rectangular wooden beams add a more defined shape and division to how it contours the ceiling wall. It gives your room a vintage style, with a hint of classy appeal.

2. Glass-Panelled False Ceilings


If you're looking to encapture a romantic vibe for your master bedroom, then we recommend going for a modern glass ceiling design. The beauty of this style lies in its transparency. With unique patterns and subtle lighting, the reflections cast by the glass ceiling add a mesmerising touch to your surroundings. Perfect illumination is one of the underlying benefits of a good false ceiling design.

3. False Ceilings with Wallpaper


The fad surrounding unique wallpapers for your bedroom walls has long been in vogue. But how about we let you in on a secret? This trending style will become a go-to in 2022 for bedroom ceilings too!

The choices can vary from elaborate floral wallpaper designs to wallpapers with minimal striped lines. A little pop of colour will add a vibrant charm to your modern bedroom ceiling if you balance it out with a more subtle colour palette for your walls.

4. POP False Ceiling Designs


Just as the name suggests, this POP design is an excellent way to add colours and dimensions to the aesthetics of your modern bedroom. In 2022, there are plenty of 3D-POP designs you can opt for, be it for you or your child’s bedroom.

A stroke of mustard yellow with white is a trending colour combination for these POP designs. Ensure that you have a good mix of oranges, reds and purples to give your bedroom's false ceiling a modern aesthetic. The lighting imbued in these pop-up panels will considerably enhance the look of your bedroom. As for designs, the more detailed they are, the more luxurious they look.

5. Plain Artificial False Ceilings


Sometimes, simply opting out of the elaborate false ceiling trends in favour of a simple yet classy design can end up giving you a bedroom that is just as aesthetically pleasing.

Inserting a basic tray that can hold lighting in the false ceiling of a small bedroom can help accentuate its other decorative elements. This simple ceiling design is also extremely feasible to find, instal and replace at a nominal price.

6. Metal False Ceilings


When you choose your false ceiling design for your bedroom, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. The aesthetic tops the priority list; but, the easy availability of the material, maintenance and longevity also matter.

This is where the latest trend of metal false ceiling designs comes into excellent use. This type of false ceiling is a combination of aluminium and galvanised iron, resulting in its durable nature. Maintenance is effortless, and so is the installation process. These modern false ceiling designs can enhance the surroundings of your master bedroom with their simplistic charm.

7. Suspended False Ceilings


A suspended false ceiling is one of the most elegant styles to opt for when looking for a modern ceiling design for a bedroom. Though it requires you to have a slightly higher budget, it adds more depth to your ceiling walls and home-décor.

You can go with a Victorian-style for a considerably larger bedroom. Hang some lighting or even a minimalistic chandelier – one that will catch anyone’s attention. For home décor enthusiasts, such elaborate expansions indeed lead to great home décor styles.

8. Gypsum False Ceilings for Children


Usually, while looking for a modern ceiling design for a child’s bedroom, you think of playful and innovative styles that may appeal to them. Incorporating their favourite cartoon character into an interesting ceiling design will create a unique false ceiling design. You can also opt for interesting cut-outs of clouds or elements of nature and have LED lighting inserted into the design, creating an outdoorsy vibe for your child.

9. PVC False Ceiling Designs


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) false ceiling designs are increasingly becoming every home décor enthusiast’s favourite option. This cost-effective design was previously the top choice for ceilings in the kitchen or bathroom landscape. But with its easy installation, maintenance and moisture-retaining qualities, it is now ideal for modern bedrooms too.

You can go for a more coffered-shaped PVC ceiling design, which comes in a square or box outline. This modern false ceiling design is excellent for lighting purposes as well. If you can incorporate some back-lit panels in this design, then it creates an ambience like no other. Additionally, this false ceiling has the added benefit of creating a higher headspace illusion in your bedroom.

Ceiling the Deal

There are plenty of options to select from in the context of modern false ceiling designs. However, innovation is the key. As mentioned in the beginning, a modern false ceiling design enhances the appeal and ambience of your bedroom. Depending on your requirements, whether you are looking for an apt design for your child’s bedroom or just an aesthetically pleasing home décor addition for the master bedroom, all the latest trends will help make that choice.For such design inspirations, follow the Interior Company.

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Q. What kind of false ceiling design is appropriate for a child's bedroom?

A good mix of vibrant colours and relatable designs do the trick. If your child is fond of nature or some cartoon characters, you can have them drawn up as playful caricatures on the ceiling.

Q. Which are the most affordable modern false ceiling designs available?

POP, PVC, Gypsum are a few of the most sought-after materials for modern false ceiling designs, which are very durable and easy for installation and maintenance purposes too.

Q. What is the biggest advantage of a false ceiling?

Most modern false ceilings come with a low-maintenance feature. Other than increasing the aesthetic appearance of your bedroom, they don’t need much maintenance, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.