15 Modern Bedroom Window Design Ideas

Published On: Feb 22, 2023

Windows are an escape- the ultimate gateway to the outside world. Through windows, we stand to get a glimpse of the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the outside world while remaining sheltered in our own private space. Bedroom windows are no exception; they contribute immensely in creating a calm atmosphere and portray our personal style. Be it a classic window seat, a bold patterned curtain, or a unique window treatment, bedroom windows are a perfect opportunity to add a touch of personality to our favourite retreat. Let's explore the possibilities of bedroom windows, and how they can add a special touch to any bedroom. 

1. Window Study Table

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A window study table is a type of furniture designed to provide comfort and convenience to you. Here, the window's ledge acts as a study table, ultimately saving space in your room. The window allows natural light into the room, eliminating the use of artificial light during the daytime. You can decide the width of the table allowing you to customise the workspace. Additionally, window study tables feature sleek, modern designs that add a stylish touch to any home office or study space. This type of furniture is the real deal for students, writers, and more so, for professionals working from home, as it provides a comfortable,and ergonomic workspace.

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2. Bay Window 

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We've all wanted a bay window just to cater to our urge of daydreaming at least once in our lives. The dreamy window design provides an attractive focal point, as well as additional light and ventilation. It also allows for additional seating and storage space. If you are a romantic, you would want to sit, read, relax, wish upon the shooting star or even talk to the moon. 

3. Single Hung Window 

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A single-hung window is a popular choice for bedroom windows. These windows are easy to operate and maintain, making them an ideal choice. They are also aesthetically pleasing, as the sash can be opened to allow light while still providing privacy.  Single-hung windows are also energy efficient and can help reduce energy costs.

4. Double Hung Windows

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A double-hung window in the bedroom is a great option for providing natural light and ventilation. This window style highlights convenience- a window that can be opened from either the top or the bottom. This way, it’s easy to control the amount of air that enters and exits the room. Additionally, the double-hung window has a slim profile, providing a clean and modern look to the bedroom.

5. Arched Windows 

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A white arched window in the bedroom creates a classic, timeless look that is perfect for any decor. If you have been eyeing a vintage aesthetic for some time, adding an arched window in your room is the fastest way to get here. By choosing the right colours and decor pieces for your room, you can recreate your room to resemble the sets of your favourite film or sitcom. Add curtains or blinds to your windows to add a touch of charm.

6. Wheels for Window 

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A round window in the bedroom provides a unique ambience by bringing a dramatic effect to the room. The circular window is bound to leave people gobsmacked. Once the night falls, the window frames, the stars and the moon create a spectacular view of the night sky. The round window adds a unique and beautiful element to any bedroom, providing an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity.

7. Awning Window

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Awning windows are distinctive in their design, making them a great choice for bedrooms. They are also suitable for smaller spaces, as the outward opening design does not take up any inside room. These windows add to the aesthetic, providing a unique and stylish look that can easily complement the decor of any bedroom.

8. Bow Window

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A bow window in the bedroom adds a touch of elegance and style. Bow windows are often used to craft a cosy and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom. They can also be used as a focal point in the room, as they provide a beautiful backdrop for your study or work desk. The rounded shape of the window also creates a unique and interesting look in the bedroom. Consider adding sheer curtains to your bow window for a better aesthetic 

9. Make-Shift Tent 

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A large triangle window in the bedroom is an eye-catching feature that can bring in plenty of natural light. The window is typically made of glass and is framed in either wood or metal. It can be decorated to match the designs of the bedroom. If you have a slanting roof home, go for a triangle window instead of the plain old quadrilateral. The triangular window will take you back to your camping days. Since the window is mostly installed on the upper floors, it can be used to provide privacy while still allowing plenty of sunlight to pour in.

10. Casement Windows 

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A casement window in the bedroom is a great way to bring natural light into the room and create an inviting atmosphere. Casement windows can be customised with a variety of features such as blinds, shades, and curtains to give the room a unique style and design. Casement windows also offer effective noise reduction. The best part of installing a casement window is that you can open the windows dramatically to sing Bonjour from Beauty and The Beast every morning. 

11. Floor to Ceiling Bedroom Window 

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The floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom bring lots of natural light into the room. It creates an airy and spacious feeling, making it feel bright and open. With careful consideration and planning, the installation of a floor-to-ceiling window in the bedroom can be an ideal way to bring the outdoors inside your bedroom. Installing the floor-to-ceiling length window would look the best if you live in a high-rise building or at a place where you wake up to a beautiful view every day. 

12. Storm Windows

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A storm window is a type of window that is installed over an existing window to provide an additional layer of insulation and protection. If you live in the heart of a busy city, storm windows can protect against sound, vibration and glare. In the bedroom though, they can help reduce energy costs, keep out noise, and add value to the home. To add flare to your otherwise simple windows, put up suncatchers on them. 

13. Skylight Windows 

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The skylight window in the bedroom is a beautiful addition to the room. It allows natural light to filter in, creating a serene atmosphere. At night, it provides a perfect view of the stars, so that stargazing can be ticked off your bucket list.It can also be opened during the day, allowing in natural light and fresh air. 

It’s quite cool to watch constellations from your own bed. Just putting it out there! 

 14. Picture Window 

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A picture window in the bedroom is a great idea. It is like watching different elements enter and exit a painting. Consider dressing up the window with blinds to offer privacy and control the light entering the room. Picture windows are a timeless design element that can add character and style to a bedroom with any aesthetic. 

15. Stained Glass Windows 

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The stained glass window in the bedroom is a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours. If you are confused between white or a colourful bedroom, staining your window with scenery or just a multitude of colours can instantly elevate your room.  The window is framed with dark wood, and sunlight streams through the glass, creating a rainbow of colours that dances across the walls and floor. The window is a beautiful addition to the bedroom, adding a wave of happiness to your room.

Facing the Final Curtain! 

The possibilities for bedroom windows are endless. From practical considerations such as blocking out light and sound, to decorative choices such as drapes and shutters, there will always be something that suits your style and needs. However, no matter what you choose, your bedroom windows will provide you with perspective and the freedom of letting your imagination free, and envisage the world outside- Make it count!

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    Which is the most popular style of windows?

    Double-hung windows are the most common type of window.

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    Yes! Using curtains with floor-to-ceiling windows will make your room look taller.

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