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Modern Bedroom Floor Tiles Design Ideas

Published On: Oct 26, 2022

A bedroom is more than just a room to sleep in when you come back after a long day at work. It's often the place to relax, watch movies, and spend quality time with your family or spouse. Floor tiles are a big element of any space, whether a bedroom, living room or patio. The floor is one of the most viewed spaces in the house. Bedroom floor tiles are noticeable, and it is advised to choose the bedroom floor tiles as they need to be durable because changing them can be a little heavy on your pocket. The latest technological advances allow you to take advantage of numerous creations, patterns, and finishes. 

Let’s look at some ideas to seamlessly design your home with bedroom floor tiles. 

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Wooden Finish 

Wooden Finish 

When it comes to bedroom floor tiles, wooden designs are the best choice. Warm earth tones and woody patterns create a calming environment while bringing nature into your room. Unlike natural wood, which has its issues, wood tiles are a great option to add a warm wood look and functionality to your space. 

Nature-inspired layouts have always been in demand as they bring elements of nature into the home. Use it as a bedroom floor tile or bedroom wall tile in your home to create a relaxed, cosy and comfortable atmosphere. Wood-coloured tiles can be blended with neutral shades to assemble an elegant and refined space. Depending on the shade of tile you use, it can be paired with white furniture and bedding for a fresh look or with beige furniture to dampen the space. Warm lighting creates a cosy environment, and adding houseplants can complete the look.

Marble-ous Bedroom Floor Tiles

Marble-ous Bedroom Floor Tiles

Marble stripes add a touch of luxury to your room. For this reason, marble has become popular as bedroom floor tiles. However, although natural marble looks beautiful, it has some problems. Natural marble is porous and prone to cracking and staining. It requires routine maintenance and sealing, which is difficult in everyday conditions. With the advent of marble tiles, we now have a convenient alternative to natural marble.

On the other hand, Ceramic, porcelain or vitrified marble tiles are free from all these problems. Marble tiles can be found in various colours and used for almost any interior design idea. Light colours such as white and beige are often preferred as bedroom tile ideas as they help create a calming atmosphere. Cane furniture and white lights can be added to complete the look.

Travertine Bedroom Floor Tiles 

Travertine Bedroom Floor Tiles 

Travertine is a variety of limestone marked by fascinating flowing patterns on its surface. Undoubtedly attractive, it has many drawbacks. The stone’s surface has pores, so it is easy to get dirty and absorbs a lot of water. This makes cleaning a difficult task. Regular maintenance is also required. Travertine tiles, on the other hand, are made of ceramic or vitrified materials and convey the same pattern while being durable and easy to clean. The travertine pattern has a unique beauty and can be used as a flooring or accent wall. Their subtle designs are soothing to the eye and can be fused with other tiles of your choice.

Terracotta Bedroom Floor Tiles 

Terracotta Bedroom Floor Tiles 

Historically, terracotta is an early form of ceramic tile. Unglazed reddish stone with a porous surface. Terracotta tiles are now generally fired in kilns but were originally hardened by simple sun baking. 

Terracotta Bedroom Floor Tiles 

Ceramic tiles generally have the clay core as terracotta but are given a frosty finish before firing. 

However, the permeable tiles here are not authentic terracotta but ceramic tiles designed to look like classic terracotta. The benefit is that these are less porous and last longer than real terracotta.

Mosaic Tiles 

Mosaic Tiles 

Mosaic designs were primarily favoured for bathrooms and kitchens. But with the times and alternatives changing, mosaics are also used to add an attractive and kaleidoscopic look to bedrooms. You can always use them on accent walls to sweeten the overall look of a room and add a slight pop of colour. 

Mosaics have always been appealing, but laying them can be a tedious task, as it takes a great deal of patience and effort to lay small blocks of tiles for patterns that can be bought together to create an amazing look. To save you this hassle, mosaic tiles are pre-designed with mosaic patterns and textures to make such designs easy and precise. There are ceramic and glazed options,  both of which make these tiles long-lasting and easy to maintain. A great way to incorporate mosaic tiles into your bedroom is to combine them with light-coloured floor tiles and furniture to create an inviting yet not too loud space.

In A Nutshell

As we all know that the bedroom is the most important part of the house, it is really important to pay heed to each detail. Get in touch with the interior design experts of the Interior Company to decide what will suit your bedroom floor the best that suits your personality and your house’s aesthetic.

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    What kind of tiles are the best choice for a bedroom?

    Porcelain tiles, Ceramic bedroom floor tiles and marble tiles are the best options that one can opt for.

    Is choosing wood as a flooring material a good option?

    Choosing straight wooden flooring can be expensive and go bad in a matter of time. It is suggested to opt for the flooring option, which has a mix of materials with wood which elongates the life of the floor and gives the desired shine–for Example, wooden ceramic tiles.

    Are using white tiles in the bedroom a good idea?

    White is a great choice of colour for the bedroom. White bedroom floor tiles will make the space appear larger and more ambient.

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