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12+ Iconic Brown Two-Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls 2024

Published On: Dec 27, 2022

A new colour trend is taking over all social media, described as cocooning, inviting, earthy, and grounding. Yes, we are talking about brown- the colour du jour!

As the colour of soil and earth- brown is associated with all things natural and organic. This solid hue signifies resilience, stability, and sophistication. The colour of winter, fall leaves, sun-kissed skin, zen homes, and Thanksgiving, this humble shade is found deep-rooted in our cultures and history. With a gamut of tones from cappuccino and taupe to rich caramel and chocolate, brown colour combinations for the bedroom provides different looks, nurturing, calming or elegance. 

Below, we’ve handpicked ideas and inspiration on how to decorate and style the brown colour palette for the bedroom. 

Combine Brown and White

The chocolate brown colour is enhanced when paired with crisp white. The simplicity of these neutral shades makes a classic bedroom brown colour combination create an enveloping feel. The white furnishing against the dark brown wall brings a warm and welcoming charm to the home while adding a bit of drama to the room. This brown colour combination for the bedroom suits all decor styles, from contemporary to traditional Boho and Zen themes.  

Source: Pinterest

Soften with Brown and Cream

Cream is a soothing colour that warms the bedroom space better than stark white for a more intimate feel. In comparison, the brown earth pigment shade endures cosiness in textures and furnishings for a homely and lively vibe. This brown and cream colour combination of bedrooms features wooden panelling, wall art, fabric pendant light and a beautiful blend of layers adding character to the room. 

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Source: Pinterest

Minimalist Brown and Grey

Though this grey and brown combination bedroom might sound unappealing, with clever design tricks, it can turn into an inviting and effortlessly stylish space. Pairing cool grey accents with warm brown undertones make the bedroom colour scheme cohesive. Choose grey furnishing and warm up with wooden flooring and textured wall.

Set the Scene with Brown and Olive Green

Reminiscent of lush forests, brown and green are the perfect colour combination that evokes serene vibes in the space. Decorated by natural materials, wicker and wood, this brown colour room combination lends an inviting spree into the bedrooms. Take a cue from this bedroom that is brimming with boho style and creates a striking balance with neutrals. 

Source: Pinterest

Tone on Tone Brown Colour Combination

You can find myriad shades of brown in the interior design ideas that lend a natural and earthy vibe to your room. These warm and grounding shades can exude contemporary style, making it a more immersive bedroom design scheme. Layering the tonal palette adds depth to the room while creating a harmonious look.

Source: Pinterest

Choose Brown and Blue

Give your bedroom a refreshing feel with the blue and brown colour scheme. The calming and relaxing blue hue creates a pleasing atmosphere in the bedrooms. The cool blue tones reduce the heaviness of the brown. Introducing wooden elements in the room is a great way to embrace the brown colour palette for the bedroom. Finish the cosy look with natural linen bedding, throws and tactile cushions. 

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Eccentric Brown and Magenta

From Barbiecore to Magnetaverse, pink is the colour of the year! Incorporate this vivacious hue into your brown colour bedroom to add flair and liveliness to the living space. In addition, rattan and basketweave have been trending in furnishings, rugs, and lighting fixtures, adding warmth and authentic touch to your home. These rich shades blend harmoniously together and look great in a modern setting and Scandinavian designs. 

Source: Pinterest

Inviting Brown and Orange

Orange is a unique colour that might not be the first choice for your bedroom, but it certainly can be a winning room colour combination with brown. Radiating warmth and cosiness, the burnt orange breathes life into the space. These shades perfectly complement each other and balance out the energy. Now, look at this bedroom that gives the fall-winter vibes! 

Source: Pinterest

Taupe and Soft Copper Brown

Copper is one of the hottest colours for interior design schemes found in home accessories, from furnishings to lighting and decor items. This vibrant, lively shade mixed with taupe or cream browns brightens the bedroom interiors. Something is alluring about copper accessories that can add a touch of glam to your space. This unique brown combination for bedroom walls can be incorporated into contemporary and modern homes. 

Source: Pinterest

Brown with Pop of Red 

For many years red has been snubbed in the interior design world, but now this peppy hue is back in trend. The colour is imbued with a lot of emotion and can warm up even the coldest interiors of the bedroom. Opting for a bright, rich shade like red in decor elements can create refined designs. Adding an instant character with panels on the walls and a velvet couch, this lustrous brown colour combination for the bedroom takes space from sterile to stylish.

As per the Interior Company design experts, the unexpected pop of colours alongside brown makes a bold statement. 

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How to Style Browns in Your Bedroom?

Brown is a comforting and grounding colour, reminiscent of nature, resurging in the design world. As we adopt sustainable methods to enhance the quality of life, these earthy tones are prevailing everywhere, from fashion to interiors. There is a desire for natural materials like wood, wicker, or other natural fibres to connect with the outdoors and breathe life into the indoors. 

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The experts have given their verdicts and the growing desire for brown in the interior world through textures, textiles, and lustrous materials, such as velvet, that add a luxe and calming ambience to your bedroom scheme. Layering with cushions and throws in brown colour combination ideas invites a cocooning feeling in the room. 

Source: Pinterest

Light Fixtures

Introducing brown into your lighting ideas brings a sense of glow and adds zeal to your home interiors. Intricate fabric lighting, rattan cane pendants, or hyacinth fibre lights invite an earthy rustic feel to your bedroom. These tactile materials create a calming and enduring look. 

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Implies the warmth of wood on the walls to decorate them without committing to painting shades. Wood comes in a plethora of shades of brown while adding depth and texture to the room. Wooden wall panelling brings out the natural charm and a sense of intrigue to the bedroom space. 

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Own Your Brown!

When it comes to bedroom brown colour combination ideas, this deep and complex shade creates a comforting backdrop, designing elegant and appealing interiors. From statement wall panelling ideas to rich textures, there are several ways to incorporate this natural hue in our homes. We hope the above suggestions encourage you to create a cosy, intimate bedroom space. For more information on room colour combination ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.

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    Q1. Is brown a good colour for bedrooms?

    Ans. Brown is a versatile, supportive, warm colour that brings a natural essence to your home. It’s a colour that is pleasing to the eyes and feels safe, plus it works beautifully with other room colour combinations. 

    Q2. What colour goes well with brown?

    Ans. The brown colour scheme bedroom can pair well with many other shades on the colour wheel, from neutrals, greys and creams to bold reds and pinks. Brown is a rich colour that sits well against calming hues like blue, lending a natural earthiness with a strong contemporary style. 

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