Trendy Main Hall Fall Ceiling Design Ideas for 2022

Published On: Nov 09, 2022

False ceilings are a way to add structure and they can be utilised in any part of the house- be it a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even the balcony. While the ceiling often remains overlooked, adding some main hall fall ceiling designs can be the key to unlocking the ultimate interior decor.

False ceiling designs majorly depend on your preferences! Get a Mickey Mouse false ceiling, we will not judge you! 

To provide you with some motivation for the “fifth wall”, we have put together some ideas that you might like. 

What are the Benefits of Using Fall Design for the Ceiling?

Ceilings offer an unrestrained view of any room, they are also the first thing that people notice when they enter a room or any space. Main hall fall ceiling designs are generally made using POP– Plaster of Paris and they are very buoyant. 

  • They may also survive through the years without causing any trouble or showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Helps beautify the room, providing an elegant finish to your 5th wall. 
  • Helps maintain room temperature with its insulation features. 
  • False ceiling designs for hall also help unclutter the home by enclosing all electric wiring, hiding them from eyesight. 
  • False ceilings also help regulate cooler temperatures giving your air conditioning a break and your wallets some relief.
  • False ceiling designs for the hall also help reduce unpleasant sounds that may be irritable for your ears. The extra layer of insulation on your ceiling acts like a barrier. 
  • The last and most attractive benefit of having false ceiling designs for hall is that it helps to structure well-planned lighting for your home. 

1. Main Hall Fall Ceiling Designs With Two Fans

Source: Pinterest

As per Indian needs, it is highly necessary to install two fans in the living room to keep it well-ventilated and cool during summer. There is a myriad of choices for the main hall fall ceiling design that will embrace two fans. Either create a two-layer artificial or get two circular false ceiling designs one for each fan. There is also an option for you to add a chandelier in the middle as a focal point. 

But we assure you that, after looking at the main hall fall ceiling design it will be hard to focus on a chandelier! 

2. Expose Some Wooden Beams

Source: Pinterest

Structures like this solid white timber frame the is a new style of fall ceiling design for hall.

Exposed frames establish an attractive and decorative main hall fall ceiling design for your home. 

Celebrate the long-lasting quality and earthiness of natural materials. This hall's new ceiling design showcases a traditional framework of architecture. All-white is a popular aesthetic, the cottage core look sets best with traditional black chandeliers and a hint hue to add structure and element to the space.

3. Fabrication of the Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

Using fabric as a hall new ceiling design isn't just for weddings and functions. We introduce to you this environment-friendly way of creating a focal point in your living room. This hall's new ceiling design is quite dramatic don't you agree? But we all for an element that stands out. This style is best for hotter regions, to help absorb heat and make the space cooler. 

Do you feel lost in the Arabian Nights yet? 

Choose a sturdy drapery and some hooks that not only hold the fabric but also protect it from tearing. If you don't want to invest a lot or if you live in a rented space then this is a great idea as it is easier to install and take down. Also, it is a big pocket-saver! We have your attention, don't we? 

4. Falling Skylight

Source: Pinterest

We all are fans of skylights. Installing it as a main hall fall ceiling design is great to allow rays and an architectural element to the space. The large framed windows and the high-coffered skylight help introduce the outdoors to the indoors. This living room showcases a beautiful ambient space completed with simple furniture and striking decor pieces.

5. Textured Tray Fall Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

Opting for an exemplified main hall fall ceiling design stands proof for the appearance of your living room. This living room showcases a textured wooden false ceiling model which looks like an introverted tray that has been placed right above your head. Especially, this main hall fall ceiling design will definitely bring out the decor quotient. Recessed lighting or cove lighting will help create a more aesthetic outlook. 

6. Glossy Ceiling Tiles

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You can spend hours finding the right hall ceiling models that will set suit your taste best. Everything falls in place when you add a main hall fall ceiling design like this one to your home. Using glossy tiles for your ceiling? This living room stands out from the rest. Creating an all-white look might sound very simple and boring but this one sets the mark high. The glossy modern main hall fall ceiling design creates an element of interest and an illusion of a larger space.

Pro Tip: Choose a paint colour that creates a balance in your space. If you are working with an ambient room opt for darker tones and when you have less lighting, opt for something lighter like white or yellow. 

7. Mirror Ceiling 

Source: Pinterest

We all have read a lot that mirrors are a way to create an illusion of bigger space, but the most underrated factor that makes us choose mirrors for the main hall fall ceiling designs is that they also help save some bucks. How one may ask? Because the mirror is a perfect reflectant,  it also helps reflect light in the room from its original source. A bright room changes the way we view our surroundings. The ceiling mirror in the hall's new ceiling designs also helps add the needed shimmer to your space making it even more desirable. 

8. Geometrical Ceiling 

Source: Pinterest

Honouring the designs of history with traditional architectural features is a great way to enhance the ceiling. This image showcases a geometrical plastered ceiling painted with a simple pearly white over the main hall fall ceiling design. Adding texture to the ceiling makes it much more attractive because it always comes in focus. We like to challenge these rules and believe in making each corner of a room a focal point. 

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How Can One Transform Fall Ceiling Designs? 

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If your living room lacks natural light and the ceiling is framed by dark wood or plastered with paint, add a coat of crisp white to make the space brighter.

For a more alluring look, turn to wallpaper for the main hall fall ceiling design or paint for a very colourful mark on surfaces that are often left white and plain. An easy way to make your ceiling look more attractive is to think about lighting. Many pendant and ceiling light designs add a notable decorative detail to your ceiling. 

Ceil the Deal!

Making a well-informed decision seems like a difficult choice to make! These main hall fall ceiling designs are all so fulfilling that you may want one of them in each room of your house. The ceiling is an essential element of interior design which also defines the aesthetic of a house. 

Get in touch with Interior Company and find the best-suited hall ceiling model for your home and help us create a dreamy and desired space for you and your family. 

Are false ceilings good for home?

False ceilings have more than one benefit to themselves. It also acts as the perfect space for lighting in a modern home.

Does the main hall fall ceiling design actually help reduce heat?

Gypsum; which is commonly used for making main hall fall ceiling designs comes with the properties of thermal insulation. Thai helps regulate and reduce the temperature in the space because of the air-filled gaps present between the original ceiling.

What is the best material that can be used for the main hall fall ceiling design?

For creating the main hall fall ceiling design, a variety of materials are used in the present time. The best and most popular materials are drywall or sheetrock or gypsum wallboard.

What is the average cost of a false ceiling?

Plain false ceilings in a 1 and 2 BHK apartment can cost around Rs. 40,000 and Rs.52,000 respectively.

A running patta or the side corner main hall fall ceiling design can cost somewhere around Rs. 60,000- Rs. 80,000. And a two-layer latest false ceiling design for hall costs around Rs. 80,000- Rs. 1,05,000.