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10 Stunning Kitchen Entrance Arch Design Ideas for Your Home's Kitchen and Dining Room

Published On: Jun 30, 2022

Whilst being the most bustling part of your house, a kitchen design layout must be designed as per the individual's requirements and needs. If you are someone who is inspired by the old-charm charm and classic architecture, kitchen arches can be an amazing choice for your design plan. Besides serving as an ornamental element, an arch can enliven your kitchen, function as an opulent doorway and enhance the overall aesthetic of your abode. Whether you want a French-style kitchen arch design, wish to add maximalist elements or desire a POP kitchen arch design, there is a cornucopia of options out there.

Keep reading for 10 kitchen entrance arch design ideas that will leave you spellbound.

1. Add a POP Pillar or POP Ceiling Arch Design

A simple kitchen arch design featuring a POP pillar will lend a luxe look to your kitchen interiors while giving the illusion of a bigger room. Use neutral colours for the arch to create a contemporary vibe. This architectural marvel can be painted in all white or pastel colours to make it visually alluring. You can even settle for a kitchen arch design with a POP ceiling. A wide arch complementing a POP ceiling is an incredible way to add some depth to a space.

Add a POP Pillar or POP Ceiling


2. Kitchen Arch POP Design

This arch design idea allows for a clear vision of the living/kitchen area. Apart from allowing you to create sections for your living space and achieve a sense of openness, this Indian kitchen arch design ensures that the flow between the spaces stays intact. Get all your walls and the ceiling painted in similar colours to create a sense of uniformity in your interior decor.

Get an Arch for Your Open Kitchen


3. Traditional Arch DesignCreate Geometric Chemistry

We can't overlook this design when it comes to kitchen arch ideas that spark unusual interest. Use a good mix of variegated geometric shapes to create this arch. If you own a traditional arch, you can blend in geometric details with a unique symmetrical shape to give the overall design a dramatic twist. Complete the geometric arch with a spindle-legged dining table. Just make sure to keep the colours and textures neutral for your walls to drive attention towards those geometric cut-outs.

Create Geometric Chemistry


4. Add a Royal Flair to Your Kitchen Arch Design

Want to add some royalty to your kitchen arch design? Settle for an Indian-style arch featuring POP arches and decorative pillars. This kitchen arch design offers room for improvisation while adding a touch of luxury to your space. Get the right colours like grey and white for your kitchen arch and complement it with marble flooring. To enhance the aesthetic of the space, place decorative elements like vintage mirrors, giant photo frames, fabrics and wooden furniture in the vicinity.


Add a Royal Flair


5. Kitchen Entrance Arch Design

A brilliant design idea to elevate your kitchen is opting for a decorative arch. Try figurine-style arches to create a spectacular entry to the kitchen. Ask your interior designer or construction professionals to complete this kitchen arch design with a gorgeous statue. Complement it with indoor planters to bring in a little greenery and enhance the interiors. This will boost the visual appeal of your connected dining area or living room.

Follow the Decorative Route


6. Arch Design For Home Entrance

A remarkable feature of your kitchen can be an arched French-style double-door entrance. Rather than settling for an arched glass doorway, get a frosted glass to add some drama to the room. A translucent glass will allow for more natural light during the day and enhance privacy. You can also make a good mix of mirrors to create an illusion of a spacious kitchen. If your kitchen adjoins your dining or living area, this kitchen design idea is sure to strike the eye at first glance.

Get a Double-Door French-Style Arch


7. Create a Window Arch Design

A window arch makes for a stunning visual entry point in your kitchen and looks decorative. With an open kitchen where the living room is connected to the kitchen walls, an open window in the kitchen seems more functional. You can lounge in your living space and enjoy piping hot meals coming straight from the countertop through a window arch. Go for a French-inspired window arch with minimalistic detailing. 

Create a Window Arch


8. Opt for a Brick Arch Design

A brick wall usually offers a rustic farmhouse look, but it can also appear sophisticated when paired with elegant arches. If you want to add a rustic touch, install a distressed or whitewashed brick wall in an arch form to make a separate entry to the kitchen. Want to stay on the contemporary side? Consider red brick walls and beautiful arches for a graceful appeal. You can also set up a fireplace, hang chandeliers and use dark crockery for a more refined appearance.

Opt for a Brick Wall Arch


9.  Choose Asymmetry over Symmetry

An asymmetric arch design can create a dramatic look for your mundane kitchen. To bring a new layout, use asymmetric architectural elements with clean lines. This will help balance the tonality of the surroundings while emphasising the architectural structure.

For a  statement design, curate a gallery wall featuring symmetrical frames. Vary the size of each frame for a striking effect. You can even use strategically placed fixtures and symmetrical wallpaper as a backdrop or set up a kitchen island to counteract the asymmetrical arches.

Choose Asymmetry over Symmetry


10.  Segmental Kitchen Entrance Arch Design

A segmental kitchen arch design above your countertop sparks interest while offering a contemporary look. A stunning granite or marble countertop surrounded by a decorative arch design on the top will instantly lift the mood. This is an excellent idea for homeowners with a small kitchen where a complete arch can't be constructed. You can also create a small opening between your kitchen and adjoining dining room to create the illusion of more space.

Design a Segmental Arch over the Countertop


The Bottom Line

With plenty of kitchen arch design ideas out there, it's good to pick one that tunes in with your needs and style. You can opt for a French-style double-door arch design, add a rustic touch to your kitchen with a brick wall arch or create sections with a window arch. No matter what kind of design you fancy, we recommend consulting Interior Company for prominent awe-inspiring kitchen arch designs to deck up your home interiors.

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Q. What are the best small kitchen arch design ideas?

A segmented arch design over the countertop is the best option for low kitchen passages to create a sense of openness.

Q. What are some modern kitchen arch designs in India?

There are tons of arch designs for your Indian kitchen. Go for a simple arch with a POP ceiling or a French-style arch. You can also add some royal flair with giant pillars.

Q. What are ideal arch designs for an open kitchen?

If you have an open layout kitchen, a figurine-style kitchen arch design is sure to make your space stand out.

Q. Can I get my kitchen arch designed in wood?

You can add wooden pillars and beams if your dining area adjoins your kitchen. Complement the pillars with all-white walls and light fixtures to boost the aesthetic of the room.

Q. Is a brick wall arch an ideal option for contemporary homes?

If you want to stay on the contemporary side, red brick walls accompanied by elegant arches will lend a graceful appeal to your kitchen area. Complement your kitchen arch design with decorative chandeliers, fancy rugs and a French-style fireplace for a more modern touch.


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