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11 Brilliant Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen Pantry Space 2024

Published On: Mar 23, 2022

Your home may have a modern and sophisticated kitchen adorned with luxurious counter tops and appliances, but no kitchen is truly complete without a dedicated pantry. The kitchen pantry space is an integral part, and hence, careful planning and thought should go into designing one for your dream home.

A well-designed pantry will allow you to store all your dry food and staples in dedicated spaces, thus creating a well-organised kitchen that is easy to keep neat and a pleasure to be used. If you are simply re-organising your space, renovating your kitchen or even designing and building a new one from scratch, you should never have a problem with storage where the pantry is concerned.

Here are a few kitchen pantry ideas to inspire you.

1. Victorian Cabinets

Whether you have a modern kitchen or a classic design, a Victorian cabinet is an excellent idea for your kitchen pantry space. Pick out a cabinet that has various dedicated sections for your crockery or utensils as well as other items.

If you plan on trying out a fusion theme between classic and modern furniture for your pantry, then the colour scheme plays a vital role in making your kitchen pantry stand out. Try a combination of blue and white for a serene look. Alternatively, beige and shades of grey are ideal for small pantry designs.

Victorian Cabinets

2. Wooden Floating Shelves

The easiest way to enhance or add to your existing kitchen pantry space is to install floating shelves. If you have a unique collection of crockery that you want to showcase, this is the way to go. It is the perfect pantry design idea for those who want to make sure that everything is organised at all times while giving off an aesthetic vibe.

The one downside to these shelves is dust accumulation, so it would be best to place only those items that are used regularly. Do keep in mind to buy the appropriate hardware that can support the weight of the things you intend on putting on these shelves.

Wooden Floating Shelves

3. Glass Cabinets

If you love showcasing your extensive crockery collection but have a fear of things falling from the open shelves or hate the idea of dust settling on everything, glass cabinets are the way forward for you. Everything can be tucked away safely. Glass cabinets can be further enhanced by having inbuilt lighting that will add a touch of sophistication to your new kitchen pantry space.

If you love the look of glass cabinets but do not favour having everything stored in the cabinets visible, you could also experiment with frosted glass. There are a ton of designs and patterns available in the market that can complement your modern kitchen pantry space.

Glass Cabinets

4. Monochrome Cabinets

If you don't have a lot of space in your kitchen or a dedicated pantry, it makes sense to utilise all the available space and convert it into storage. Try giving monochrome colours a shot if you feel that this may make your kitchen and pantry look drab.

If you have a small kitchen or your pantry lacks a lot of natural lighting, then white will brighten up the room and make the area appear more spacious. Matte colours paired with complementary hardware and architectural fittings will give your small pantry that exotic look, making it a pantry to be envied.

Monochrome Cabinets

5. Wooden Racks

Wooden racks go well with modern as well as Bohemian interiors. They are a great way to add a rustic look to the kitchen pantry’s design. Be sure to choose a suitable wood that compliments your current décor and colour scheme. You can also spice the space up by adding artefacts as well as some plants or succulents. We recommend investing in a matching set of jars or storage containers to make this space look even more appealing.

Wooden Racks

6. Kitchen Hooks

If you are low on space, adding hooks to your kitchen pantry is a great way to increase storage and utilise the area under your wall-mounted cabinets or even your kitchen walls. Be sure to choose a shade of metal that complements your kitchen, and you can have a neat set of your ceramics, spatulas and pans within reach and looking good while freeing up space in your cabinet to store more essentials.

Kitchen Hooks

7. Modular Pantry

If you are not a fan of having all your crockery, utensils and other cooking essentials out on display but prefer a sleek and decluttered look for your kitchen and pantry, a seamless modular kitchen cabinet is what you need. Just like with modular kitchens, you have a host of materials to choose from, like veneers or laminates for the exteriors.

This modular kitchen pantry design can also be integrated with smart storage solutions, utilising every inch of space available in your kitchen.

Modular Pantry

8. Walk-in Pantry

If a lack of space is not a matter of concern, then a walk-in pantry is the 'cré¨me de la cré¨me' of kitchen pantries. Essentially functioning as a small room in or adjacent to a kitchen, pantries provide an immense amount of space that can be a boon for homes with large families.

Even homeowners with small families can opt for this type of design because the layout of a walk-in pantry can make it easier to organise everything you would ever need in your kitchen.

Walk-in Pantry

9. Butler's Pantry

While staying on the topic of space not being a constraint, another type of pantry design you could consider while designing your dream kitchen pantry is a Butler’s Pantry. As the name suggests, these pantries offer space where food could be prepared and stored by butlers, out of one’s line of sight.

Even if you don’t have a butler, the same concept can still be incorporated into your kitchen, offering the same benefits as before, additional cabinet space and a lot more countertop area to help with food preparation.

Butler's Pantry

This type of pantry design would suit you well if you are into entertaining regularly or have frequent family get-togethers at your home where food has to be prepared for many people. Even if this is not the case, it would never hurt to have all that additional space that is unique and adds to the character of your kitchen.

10. Slide-out Pantry

Slide-out pantries are valuable when it comes to making the most out of limited space in your kitchen. These pantries can be easily incorporated into your existing kitchen cabinetry and come with a host of space-saving and organising options. For example, sliding shelves, rotating doors, bottle racks, spice racks and so on.

What you need to be careful about when designing these pantries is to make sure that the shelves are not too deep. A deep shelf will lead to items at the very back of the shelf being forgotten or inconvenient to take out. You have to strike the right balance between utilising as much space as possible while ensuring that you don’t end up with shelves that are way too deep.

Slide-out Pantry

11. Free-standing Pantry

A free-standing pantry is an excellent option to add storage space without having a built-in feature or a dedicated room to serve as a pantry. These can also serve as an accent piece of furniture in your dream kitchen. Apart from the obvious benefit of additional space, they also give you the flexibility of placement choice within your kitchen.

These types of pantries can be designed to blend in with your existing cabinetry or can do the opposite and add a pop of colour to brighten up your room. They can be configured in multiple ways to best suit your kitchen pantry space.

Free-standing Pantry

The Bottom Line

Regardless of which type of design you choose for your pantry, it will add functionality to your kitchen. If space is not a concern, a walk-in kitchen pantry space will solve all your storage needs. But if that is not an option, you can also use a combination of the above ideas to best use every inch of space available to you. A pantry is the best way to make your kitchen as user-friendly and space-efficient as possible. Follow the Interior Company to learn about more stunning kitchen interior decor ideas.

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    What is the recommended depth for the pullout cabinets in the pantry?

    If you have the space, then 16 to 20 inches is recommended. Anything more than 20 inches will make it difficult to get the things placed at the back.

    Which would be the best location for the pantry in a small kitchen?

    In a small kitchen space, try to keep the pantry as far away as possible from the cook top. That way, the cooler temperatures will increase the shelf life of your products.

    Which materials are best suited for a kitchen and pantry?

    Laminates are a good choice to finish your kitchen and pantry. They come in a host of colours and patterns and are pretty hardwearing.

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