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14 Colourful Kitchen Ideas to Brighten Up Your Cooking Arena

Published On: Feb 1, 2023

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is one of the busiest hubs of any house. Hence, when designing the cooking space, it is important to factor in the colour scheme best suited to your aesthetic. Creating a colourful modular kitchen design isn’t always an expensive job. Make your kitchen a space that evokes a sense of calmness and also looks good at the same time. Whether you are building your kitchen from scratch or refurbishing it, this blog will give you a raw idea of what a colourful kitchen looks like. Keep reading to know more.

1. Pink for Serenity

Pink for Serenity
Nurture your kitchen with nostalgic pink

This Spanish pink colour kitchen is an amazing way to make your home appear more fascinating. Light and neutral colour combinations give the kitchen decor an elegant touch. The wooden floor enhances the overall space. It is recommended to use similar coloured utensils as furniture, as it goes well with the idea of decoration. The white coloured chimney and wardrobe sync well with the pink colour. Lighting also plays an integral role in decorating modern colourful kitchens. The warm-toned suspended lights look mesmerising, focusing on a particular kitchen area.

2. Add Sweetness with Chocolate Brown

Add Sweetness with Chocolate Brown
Brown for the sense of strength and stability

Colourful kitchen ideas don't always have to be in lines of vibrancy. You can also choose this decor idea with a combination of white and dark brown colours. Here, pastel brown and white are applied on the walls. The kitchen features a wooden floor and furniture, including drawers and cabinets. The hexagonal wooden shelf enhances the overall decor. Live plants are kept peculiarly, adding a splash of verdant beauty. A pineapple painting is attached to the wall to reduce blank spaces.

3. Multicolour Geometrical Design

Multicolour Geometrical Design
Let your kitchen vibe with the vibrant

 This is one of the bright, colourful kitchen ideas featuring multiple vibrant colours. The blue, white, pink and grey colour is applied on the walls in geometrical shapes. All the colours are high and neutral-toned, which doesn't overpower the other colours. Like the wall, kitchen cabinets are also colourful, syncing with the overall decor. Beige-coloured vitrified is used for flooring that doesn't hinder the overall decor. 

4. Colourful Bohemian Kitchen

Colourful Bohemian Kitchen
Create a relaxing yet elegant kitchen

This colourful Bohemian kitchen features blue and beige colours on the walls and furniture. The walls are most exposed with beige, and blue is used as an accent colour. The wooden panels are also incorporated into the walls. The wooden floor compliments the beige-coloured walls and enhances the overall decor. The ceiling features multiple ceiling lights that draw attention towards the kitchen and dining area. The furniture has the same colours as the surrounding, complementing the kitchen decor.

5. Tiled Design

Tiled Design
Well-constructed tiles are synonymous with durability and superiority

This colourful modern kitchen design is one of the best ideas to make your kitchen decor last longer. Instead of applying colour to the walls, the design feature gloss blue coloured tiles on the walls. Similarly, the floor also features brown coloured tiles, which complement the wooden drawers and wardrobe. A stainless steel chimney is also incorporated, which enhances the kitchen decor. Potted plants lend the kitchen an essence of freshness. The kitchen also features a bright suspended light.

6. Dual Tone Effect

Dual Tone Effect
Create a contrasting effect with a dual-tone design

This exclusive modern kitchen idea looks astonishing even with minimal effort. White colours are applied to the walls and ceiling. Red-coloured laminates are applied to the fixtures and furniture. The ceiling is equipped with multiple lights. Stainless steel panels are installed on the bottom of the cooking station and wardrobe. The flooring consists of a wooden finish which compliments the overall decor.

7. Dark Blue for Versatility

Dark Blue for Versatility
The dark that lights up

This is one of the coolest colourful kitchen ideas featuring dark blue colour. The walls of the kitchen feature two colour tones, dark blue and white. The wooden drawers and wardrobes are pearl white which gives a contrasting feel to the kitchen. The beige kitchen slab and floor tile blend perfectly, enhancing the kitchen decor. Black-coloured suspended lights give the kitchen an exotic look.

8. Different Shades of Green

Different Shades of Green
Let your kitchen decor grow up

This turquoise green-coloured kitchen idea is ideal for those who like spicing things up. White colour is applied on the walls and ceiling of this kitchen. Turquoise green colour the wood of the drawers and the wardrobes of this kitchen. Around the cooking station, multiple ceiling lights are focusing directly on the kitchen slab. The dining table and pearl white chair in the dining area match the white-coloured tile around the kitchen slab.

9. Evoke Ideas of Purity with White

Evoke Ideas of Purity with White
Give your kitchen a refreshing look with white colour.

This all-solid white-coloured kitchen looks stunning even with minimal effect. You don't always need to spend extra capital and effort to make your kitchen decor stand out. This kitchen features a simple design with a single-colour application. However, you need to stick to the plan in interior decor with a single tone. Pay extra attention to other elements that have to be in the same colour tone so it doesn't hinder your decoration idea. In this design, the floor-to-ceiling and even the suspended light are white. 

10. Black and White: Combination of the Darkest and the Lightest

Black and White Combination of the Darkest and the Lightest
Give your kitchen a retro touch with black and white colour

If you like creating contrasting effects, this is probably one of the best kitchen design ideas. This stunning kitchen features a combination of black and white colours. All the walls, including the ceiling, feature a light white colour, and the laminates on the drawer and wardrobe feature a dark matte black colour. Moreover, the electric appliances are black. Light colour woods are used for furniture and flooring to complement the kitchen decor. 

11. Red that Grabs Attention

Red that Grabs Attention
Intensify your kitchen decor with red colour

This one is a classic; red is the colour that draws attention and is capable of making a space more engaging. This kitchen design features white colour all the walls, including the ceiling. A gloss red colour is applied on the drawers and wardrobe, giving a lustrous effect to the kitchen. However, as red is the highest intensity, the floor features a muted tone of brown that somehow creates a balancing effect in terms of interior decor. The cooking arena slab is of pearl white colours so that the kitchen doesn't get overexposed with red.

12. Colourful but Simple Kitchen Design

Colourful but Simple Kitchen Design
This is what playing with colour smartly looks like

This is a unique kitchen colour design idea. Black and off-white colours can be seen from floor to ceiling. However, the cooking area features a vibrant array of colours, such as shades of green, blue, violet, red, orange and yellow. The inclusion of this colour around the kitchen area enhances the kitchen decor. To maintain the simplicity of the kitchen, the wardrobe and dining table, along with chairs, feature black and white colour.

13. Zero Toxicity with Neutral Colours

Zero Toxicity with Neutral Colours
Neutral Tones for Soothing Experience

You can create a non-toxic environment that soothes your soul with neutral tones. This unique kitchen design idea features only white colour and other elements covered with wood, giving your kitchen a natural look. The ceiling and cooking area wall are white, even on the slab. The sidewall and floor consist of light-coloured wood. To spice things up just a little bit, dark black and brown colour suspend lights and stools are situated respectively.

14. Bonus: Let the Lights Dominate!

Bonus Let the Lights Dominate
Light it up with dramatic lights

This colourful modern kitchen design is one of the awe-inspiring decor ideas. This design signifies that light can also help you create a unique yet amazing look kitchen that grabs everyone's attention. The white walls feature are complimented by an attached wooden finish wardrobe. The drawers feature purple colour that induces vibrancy. The major decor item of this kitchen is the three suspended lights with frost-white film applied to them. Around the cooking station, purple rope life is hidden efficiently, which creates a soothing aura around the kitchen.

Kitchen Decor Made Simple!

We hope you like the colourful kitchen ideas and get inspired to reinvent and renovate. All of the kitchen-mentioned design ideas can be done with minimal effort. For bespoke kitchen decor and inspirations, contact the experts at Interior Company. 

**Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Q1. Do we need expensive interior decoration to make our kitchen vibrant?

    Ans. No, multiple colourful kitchen ideas will assist you in making your kitchen vibrant with minimal effort. Just play with the colours, as they can are the most affordable way to make your kitchen look more attractive.

    Q2. Which is more attractive, single-tone or dual-tone colour in the kitchen?

    Ans. Well, this is a subject choice depending on your liking. However, a dual-tone option can create a contrasting effect in your kitchen that will look more attractive.

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