Exquisite PVC False Ceiling Designs for Living Room

Published On: Dec 1, 2022

Ceilings are rarely given attention to, but some tricks can make them the most alluring focal point in this house. In the race to embellish the living room interior design, the one trend the designers swear by is the utilsation of PVC ceiling design. This style has been groundbreaking as it renders your space effortlessly.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is widely used as a cladding material for commercial and residential buildings. A strong lightweight plastic, PVC is factory manufactured into different panels of various sizes, colours, and lengths. Each panel has a shiny, smooth surface that results in the charming appearance of the ceiling. 

PVC Panel Ceiling Designs

These trendy PVC design for ceiling will help you reach the sky!

Panelled PVC False Ceiling Design

Panelled PVC ceiling design for home is a brilliant option to create a luxurious living room. Opting for bold colours will help you make a style statement. The price of a PVC ceiling design is lower than other conventional ceiling designs, which makes it one of the most affordable options to style your living room. Keep your budget intact and design quotient up a notch. 

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Plastic Ceiling Design with Recessed Lighting

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Using recessed lighting for the PVC design serves more purposes than one. Not only does it illuminate the area with beautiful lighting but also renders the space with a stylish look. Another option is to choose the backlit PVC ceiling design that would work wonders in accentuating the ambience of the living room. Blend in wooden tones for a more classic aesthetic. 

Plus Minus PVC False Ceiling

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Also known as the 'Sheetrock' ceiling, a plus-minus PVC design for ceiling is built using thin plastic strips connected to metal supports. These strips are then dissected in different lengths to go along the metal supports and develop a pattern that mimics the demeanour of a sheetrock. This hall PVC ceiling design has a painted surface and serves both utilitarian and embellishment purposes, for instance, hanging temporary walls. 

Double Layered PVC Pop Design

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A double-layered PVC ceiling can be classified as a category of false ceiling that comprises two layers of PVC sheets. This is usually utilised most commonly in commercial constructions since they are very robust and require little maintenance. However, owing to their versatility and ability to adapt to the surroundings, they can also be used for residential properties.

Track Light PVC Panel Ceiling Design

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There are numerous ways to use PVC false ceiling design for the hall. The most common way is to install track light ceilings to ensure that your space is well-lit. This holds true especially for empty attic spaces and high ceilings as they can easily be lowered along the tracks. 

Geometrical PVC Design

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The consistency and repetition of this PVC false ceiling design make it best suited for a study room or an office space but can also enhance a living room. The clean-cut lines and crisp design of the geometrical false ceiling add to the aesthetic value of the interiors. The most eye-catching detail is how it manages to remain cohesive with the rest of the room while also effectively disrupting the monotony in design. 

Coffered PVC False Ceiling

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This PVC ceiling design is made using coffered panels or coffers. These are sunken panels that are installed on a suspended grid in order to create a new ceiling depth. The unique shape is styled to pique architectural interest. They are most commonly used for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. 

Minimalist PVC Design for Ceiling

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For spaces that are small and where ceilings are not visible much, the minimalist PVC designs take the front foot. So, if you have a compact living room and if your ceilings don't stand out in a particular space, this design is your knight in shining armour.

Benefits of PVC Ceiling Designs

The number of pros of a PVC panel ceiling design exceeds the cons, making it a popular choice among homemakers. 

Light Weight

PVC ceiling panels are one of the lightest materials that can be used to adorn the ceiling. They are extremely easy to handle, transport, and install at the respected site. 

Low Maintenance

Quite easily the best aspect about the PVC panels is that they require little to no maintenance, there is no need for a routine paint job or varnishing. All you need to do is a quick wipe with a cloth and some household cleaning liquids at regular intervals for them to retain their look.

Damp Resistant

The PVC materials of these ceiling panels ensure that they do not absorb any water and thus exhibit a waterproof characteristic. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any dampness or formation of mildew or mould. 


The robust nature of PVC ceilings means that they have a higher lifespan as compared to other ceiling options. Resistant to the wear and tear of time, they do not bend or distort throughout the years. The durable construction of these false ceiling designs means that they are easier to handle and install as compared to gypsum or POP alternatives. 

Pocket Friendly

They prove to be an affordable alternative to other more expensive Gypsum or POP false ceiling options.


Since these panels can be easily trimmed and cut to form the desired design, the installation of the panels is seemingly hassle-free. Also, they do not discharge any dust or resin during the cutting process, making it easier to clean the installation site as well.

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Variables Affecting the Construction Cost

  • The more complicated the design, the more expensive it is to construct and install.
  • The availability of materials directly affects the construction cost of a PVC ceiling design. If the materials are close at hand, logistics and transportation expenses are reduced by a stark number. 
  • The cost of the PVC false ceiling design for all spaces is inversely related to the size of the surface area of the ceiling to be covered.
  • Higher quality products cost more, but last longer and require minimum upkeep.
  • Variables like lighting, surface coatings, accent pieces, fittings, and other factors are added to the labour and material costs. 

Seal the Deal! 

You are just a PVC ceiling design away from adorning your living room with a dramatic vibe and vibrant personality. The PVC designs are the most efficient way to transform a dull look into a chic one. The plethora of designs, colours, shapes, and affordability and durability factors make it one of the most appealing styles to make your bet on. Contact Interior Company for more interior decor ideas!


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    Q1. What is the latest trend in false ceiling design?

    Ans. The ceilings with wooden battens in between are one of the most trending PVC false ceiling designs for living room. 

    Q2. Is a PVC ceiling good for the living room?

    Ans. PVC ceiling designs are a great option for any living room as they are easy to maintain and durable. 

    Q3. Which is the best PVC or false ceiling?

    Ans. PVC ceiling panels are very durable and sturdy. The PVC pop designs can last for years without bending or warping. PVC ceiling panels are also quite robust and are less prone to breakage and damage while handling. They are the most suitable alternative for gypsum ceiling panels or POP.