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17 Living Room Color Palettes You've Never Tried

Published On: Dec 26, 2022

Bored of being bombarded with the same hues to design your place of sanctity on different social media platforms, or in real life? It’s time you let bygones be bygones and consider these living room color palettes for a fresh vibe!

But, before you dive deep into the world of fascinating mood boards, it’s important to be aware of the colour schemes that match your personality. These shades will make your room cosier, inviting and also influence the aesthetic of your space. Have a look at the trendiest living room paint color palettes for your next transformation!

1. Canary Yellow and Indigo



Source: Pinterest

If you are looking to experiment with your everyday colour schemes, then the Indigo pastel color palette should be your calling. Make the audacious canary yellow a focal colour in your living room. Pair it with the calming indigo which will balance out this powerful hue while also making the space look alluring. Add a texture or pattern with a throw pillow or blanket for that extra oomph. 

2. Olive Green and Cream



Source: Pinterest

This beige color palette is derived from the hues of nature. A relaxing color combination for living rooms, the olive green color is organic and subtle. Cream white walls are a perfect accompaniment to this shade, lingering in the background and complementing the green's yellow undertones. Incorporate hints of black for a sophisticated demeanour. 


3. Off White and Wood



Source: Pinterest

Off-white and pastels form a smooth base as living room color palettes. This neutral space can be made more interesting by incorporating textures and hints of colors like navy blue. The wooden accent can be achieved from the furniture, shelves, and linings. The navy blue accent will bring a personality to the space. 

4. Turquoise and Cool Grey



Source: Pinterest

This is one of the coolest color palette ideas for living room. Turquoise and blue hues help achieve a balanced coastal scheme. If you are looking to take things up a notch then add hints of colors like yellow or hot pink that will add character to the room. Stick to the coastal theme by choosing the subtle beachy accents and matching furniture for added panache. 

5. Sage and Crimson



Source: Pinterest

Earthy tones have a soothing effect in the room while also sparking a jolt of energy. So throwing in shades of crimson and sage will create a contrast that will be pleasing to the eye. This living room paint color palettes create a happy balance in the space, especially when there are textures and patterns involved. Keep the walls light and airy and anchor the floor in a bolder color so that the room does not feel too busy. 

6. Grass Green and Tangerine



Source: Pinterest

Accentuate the brilliance of the grass green hue by pairing it up with the likes of tangerine and blue. This bright color palette will resonate with a tropical getaway, making the space look enlightened. Throw in some traditional pieces of furniture to create a perfect contrast between a modern and classic blend. 

7. Goldenrod and Coral



Source: Pinterest

Playful finishes and fabric can enhance the look of stimulating colors like coral, navy, and goldenrod. This makes the room look eclectic, stylish, and not stuffy. You can try and use the same colors throughout the living room and only accents in between for a beautiful, less chaotic, and more cohesive look. 

8. Periwinkle and Fuchsia



Source: Pinterest

A pink and purple palette will bring a unique grace to the all-white space. The soothing periwinkle is dominated by the bright fuchsia which pops to make the space refined and yet energetic. 

9. Emerald and Cantaloupe



Source: Pinterest

Orange and pale yellow can sometimes get lost in a room until you give them life by using luscious emerald as a daring backdrop. This orange color palette is especially perfect for a living room as it renders certain energy to the sitting area and helps exude creativity. 

10. Black and Bubble Gum



Source: Pinterest

A white wall is an ideal way of giving a makeover to the precious pink bubble gum. The stage is now set for both black and bubblegum tones to take over. Mix this energy with eccentric patterns that make the room feel exotic and playful. 

11. Granite and Green



Source: Pinterest

The green color palette when paired with granite creates a cosy environment without creating noise for the eyes. The hues would make a handsome duo ideal for a lodge or a reading nook. 

12. Light Aquamarine and Coral 



Source: Pinterest

A blue-green living room material color palette when drawn out throughout the room creates a soothing effect in the space. Throw in furniture like ottomans and accent chairs for a more cohesive space. Leave the background color white to induce a peaceful, and quiet vibe. 

13. Sunny Yellow and Eggplant



Source: Pinterest

A warm color palette can be achieved with a sunny yellow, which would also render a delightful ambience to the space. The color yellow also gives an instant lift to the room's demeanour. But, you do not want yellow to take over the aesthetic. Balance it out with cooler hues like purple or blue for a perfect contrast. Indulge in posh furniture to add these pops of colors. 

14. Taupe and Navy



Source: Pinterest

A large-scale room can be muted with neutrals that create a soothing ambience. Hints of navy are the perfect complement to this hue. An important point to keep in mind is that the monochromatic base of neutrals needed to be uplifted with textures and shapes. So use the taupe as the base color and then add hints of navy and other hues for a harmonious balance. 

15. Wisteria Purple and Linen Beige



Source: Pinterest

A neutral color palette is a brilliant way of staying on top of the trend game. color the space in neutrals and then throw in elements that take things up a notch. Rugs, throw blankets or throw pillows are the perfect accessories through which different shades can be included in the scene. Also add warm tones in the form of furniture, wicker baskets, or a coffee table top. 

16. Ecru and Yellow



Source: Pinterest

A blend of warm tones and neutrals is the most ideal way of adding elegance and class to a living room. Soft ecru renders a glow to the space while a tone like gray calms things down. Match this dominant color with yellow in pillows etc. to bring out the yellow undertones in the ecru. 

17. Nickel Gray and Golden Yellow



Source: Pinterest

Metallic neutrals are the new way of adorning your room. Balanced and liberating, nickel gray hue subtly encapsulates the entire space in beautiful harmony. Incorporate golden yellow on the furniture or the windows and doors to bring out the essence. Also, bringing out the color in the rest of the space is an intelligent way of executing the decor. 

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

It's time to get started and roll out your creativity to pair up the hues from different color palettes that match your personal style. The above-enumerated living room color palettes will be your inspiration to create a perfect mood board. Do not forget to experiment and play around with different shades to achieve the look you desire. 

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What living room colors are in for 2024?

    Beiges and warm whites are the trendiest living room paint color palettes for 2024.

    How many colors should you have in a living room?

    According to the 60-30-10 rule, you should only use 3 colors in a living room.

    Is gray still popular for 2024?

    Yes, the color gray has been in the limelight for some years now and its trend is likely to continue throughout the current year.

    What colors make a room look bigger and brighter?

    Using soft tones and neutral color palettes like blues, off-whites, and greens can make the living room look brighter and bigger.

    What colors are in for 2024 for the house?

    Earthy tones, grey-green, citron, and warm neutral tones are the trendiest paint palettes for the year 2024.

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