Trendy POP False Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

Published On: Mar 27, 2022

The ceiling of your bedroom is the first thing your eyes see in the morning and the last thing you gaze at in the night. Don’t you think it deserves some creative thought? It is that fifth wall that has some impact on how your day starts and ends. The transformation of your master bedroom ceiling doesn't have to be stressful. You can give your bedroom a modern makeover by just incorporating a few creative designs using POP. To make it even easier for you, we have curated a list containing some of the trendiest POP False Ceiling design Ideas here. So let's get started!

What Is a POP Ceiling?

Commonly known as Plaster of Paris, POP is a dehydrated form of gypsum. Mix this dry powder with water to make a paste, and mould it to create the latest false ceiling design for your ultra-modern bedroom.

What Are the Advantages of POP Ceilings?

There is a reason why these ceilings are not made of any other material. POP has various benefits, including:
  • Easy installation and light-weight material
  • Provides a smooth finish making it ready for other designs and colouring schemes
  • Can be used to create unique shapes and creative structures
  • Provides acoustic protection
  • Saves energy
  • Adds a great touch to the interior decor of the property

Latest POP False Ceiling Design Ideas for the Modern Bedroom

POP designs need not always be elaborate fixtures. A vast array of textures and geometric patterns can lend your bedroom an aesthetic appeal without being over-the-top. 

1. Coffered POP Ceiling Design

Coffered POP Ceiling Design

It is a design with recesses on the surface or a series of indentations. These ceilings are not smooth and create an illusion of height. They usually have a criss-cross pattern or a grid-like structure. If your master bedroom looks congested, this modern POP design can provide a spacious high-end look.

2. Circular Ceiling Design

Circular Ceiling Design

These ceilings are characterised by a circular hollow space that is well-suited to place fans or lighting-based décor pieces. This false ceiling design frames the bed and accentuates the walls, giving your master bedroom an ethereal ambience.

Another option to style your bedroom is by adding multiple hollow spaces and filling them with various lights to give your bedroom a romantic and dreamy vibe.

3. Suspended Ceiling Design

Suspended Ceiling Design

A suspended designer ceiling is the best when you want to highlight an area. This floating chunk is installed above your bed. This ceiling is usually suspended, creating a gap with the actual ceiling, which can be used to hide any unsightly insulation material.

These ceilings come in multiple shapes, the most common being square. This floating ceiling design lends a futuristic look to your bedroom area.

 4. Vaulted Ceiling Design

Vaulted Ceiling Design

A vault is created in these ceilings, making it seem higher than a regular, flat ceiling. The arch constructed is self-supporting and can either be dome-shaped or conical.

Vaulted ceilings are ideal for standalone houses as they utilise the space for a roof which is wasted otherwise. In traditional bedrooms, vaulted ceiling designs add a rustic touch, while in modern bedrooms, they are created to make a bold statement.

The Role of a Colour Palette in the Latest POP Designs for the Modern Bedroom

After the design selection is made, the next most prominent question is the colour. Which is the best shade for your modern bedroom’s false ceiling? You don’t have to worry. Listed below are some excellent colour combinations that will elevate your home decor.

  • The first option is plain white; you can never go wrong with this one. It complements every colour and lends an elegant look to your false ceiling design.
  • You can also opt for the darker shade of the colours used for your bedroom walls.
  • Pastel tones like pink, blue, grey or green are in vogue too.
  • If your bedroom has a wooden theme, a wood-toned touch to the ceiling is a fail-proof idea.

Simple POP False Ceiling Design Ideas

A minimalist theme for home decor is in vogue these days, and bedroom interior design is not immune to it. A modern master bedroom does not demand excessive architecture. On the contrary, it admires the latest false ceiling designs.

A simple design could be a false tray ceiling or a floating ceiling design. Create a great vibe with cove lighting in your bedroom, and refrain from chandeliers or pendant lights.

Restrain your colour palette and choose light-toned colours to provide an illusion of increased light and space. For Indian homes, POP ceilings are the best go-to option. A layered POP designer ceiling goes well with the installation of a fan in the bedroom.

Simple POP False Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling Designs for Small Bedrooms

Whether big or small, your bedroom deserves a well-designed ceiling. In a small bedroom, your aim should be to make it look roomier. This can be done by placing mirrors on your false ceiling as a part of its décor.

Instaling appropriate lights also create an illusion of more space in the room.

POP Ceiling Designs for the Children’s Bedroom

Unique POP false ceiling designs are best used in children's rooms. They reflect the creative and fun personalities of the inhabitants. A splash of colour on the ceiling helps break the monotony of the room and gives it a playful vibe.

The quirky false ceiling designs can reflect the blue sky or a starry night, depending on your choice. A wavy sea ceiling design also appeals to older kids. A smiling sun POP ceiling is all you need to lift the mood of your little one at any time of the day.

Floral ceiling designs match the innocent playfulness of your child. Have flower designs of their favourite colour in the bedroom and transform their little den!

In Conclusion

Choices are abundant when it comes to bedroom ceilings. The most popular options include tray ceilings and floating work ceilings. You can give your master bedroom an elegant feel by restricting your colour palette and choosing shades wisely. 

Children love designer ceilings. Be more creative and innovative while designing them. Refrain from standard shapes and designs. Some great ideas for them are stars, sun, clouds, rainbow, etc.

A creative ceiling design is a sure way of making your bedroom the star of your house. Make it stand out with some modern art. The variety of designs is beyond limits, and their results are beyond imagination!

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Q. Is there any particular ceiling design I should choose?

There is no one design as such. The options are limitless. You can play around with your imagination with respect to the theme, design, colours and feel of your bedroom.

Q. What are some other modern ceiling designs I can go with?

An extended panel design behind your bed that reaches the ceiling is an excellent way of giving your room a focal point. You can also consider some geometric designs like squares of different sizes. These are some out-of-the-box options you can try for a slightly different appeal for your bedroom ceiling.