Dreamy Bedroom Ideas To Amp Up The Cozy Quotient

Published On: Jan 17, 2022

Dream a little, a little more - after all, it’s your bedroom, the first and the last place you see and where most of the cosy memories are created. It is a personal and special place in every individual’s life. It is a place that requires absolute tranquillity and stillness- and it can be achieved with the right combination of paint colours, furniture, decorative accessories, and other elements. Today, in this article, we are talking about cosy small Dreamy Bedroom Ideas you would love to gaze at every day.

It is important to take a little time to design your perfect space. Be it a minimalist theme, a room filled with prints and patterns, a traditional theme with plenty of antiques or contemporary decor with sleek interiors, you can always give your boudoir a refreshing twist with some great inspiration. 

1. The Pastel Panache 

The Pastel Panache 

Pastels have been and are going to be in trend for a long. Decorate your cosy cocoon with the panache of pastel hues that are pleasing to the eye and bring in luxury appeal. Style your room with a leveled bed done up with bedsheets and cushions. Place a chair in the corner designed with powder pink upholstery and include some fresh room plants, and some hanging lights to gift your room a sleek, subtle, and sophisticated appeal.

2. The Window Game

The Window Game

Windows in themselves are dreamy..aren't they? Remember those trips to hills and beaches where you would love to delight in the views from the room's windows. Bring the same vibe to your home with a bedroom with a huge window that shows the beautiful outdoors. Keep the theme of the room grey – the subtle grey walls and bedding in prints and patterns in the same colour. Pair the colour well with whites and browns to achieve a rich minimalist look in your space.

3. Warm and Welcoming

Warm and Welcoming

Contemporary homes do not always have to be done up with bold and bright colours. Warm and subtle colours can do the trick right. Play around with light colours such as beige, whites, light greys, and powder blues. Rustic wooden flooring coupled with hanging lights, sheer window curtains, and an area rug in velvet finish is just perfect to invite cosy vibes within the decor.

4. Homey Small Room

Homey Small Room

This bedrooms' appeal is infused with natural light because of floor-to-ceiling windows, adding an element of warmth and comfort. The wooden side table with a table lamp complements the overall appeal. A textured floor rug on the wooden floor further accentuates the room, completing the somber look and feel.

5. As Fresh As Daisy 

As Fresh As Daisy

Neutrals undoubtedly have a peaceful vibe that looks great in almost all decors. Give your bedroom a cosy yet classic flair with an all-neutral look. Make a tasteful combination of white, cream, and beige and throw it all across the room that speaks of peace and serenity. This works as one of the best cosy dreamy bedroom ideas for small spaces. Install a hanging mirror in copper finish and display other accessories in the same design. Complete the look of this soothing decor with some fresh plants and soft throws.

6. The Blue Romance 

The Blue Romance 

No other colour speaks dreamily as the colour blue. Bring an immaculate sea vibe within your bedroom space with a rich combination of blue and white. Paint the walls in a dual shade of blue and white and keep the bedding white with sky blue blankets and throws. Style up the window wall with white sheer drapes and lay an area rug with a print in the same colour combination. Sleek hanging lights and some fresh plants in subtle blue pots will match the aura for your small and dreamy bedroom design ideas.

7. Bohemian is the Way to a Happy Home

Bohemian is the Way to a Happy Home

Bohemian decors have been long adopted in the world of interior design and still grabs the attention of home decorators. The colour, patterns, accessories, and furniture styled in a bohemian decor with radiant glee, welcome positivity and peace and have proved to be one of the best cosy dreamy bedroom ideas for small rooms. Reflect your hippie side through your bedroom decor with white walls and pillows, cushions, bedsheets, and decor accessories in a combination of different shades of brown. Place a wicker chair and decorate some fresh plants to complete the look of this cheerful decor.

8. A Mix of Minimalism and Buoyant

A Mix of Minimalism and Buoyant

Do you like to keep it simple yet sassy in your personal space? Here is what you have been looking for. Make an amalgamation of bohemian and minimalism with cream walls, a handcrafted hammock, and some quirky paintings in monochrome colour, making it the center of attraction. This is one of the best comfy small dreamy bedroom ideas. Style with raw textured storage benches and some fresh plants to heighten the aura of your bedroom space and make it reflect your personality.

9. Olives are a New Trend

Olives are a New Trend

Olive green has become the favourite shade of green in fashion as well as the interior world. So why should you stay behind? Throw the splashes of olive in your boudoir and match it up with the existing neutral decor to create a combination that displays wonder. Olive green elongated drapes, dark green throw blankets, and a rattan chair and rattan chandelier combine beautifully to create a cheerful decor in this room design. Lay a woven rug and display some fresh plants to add to the playfulness of this decor.

10. Infusing Grandeur 

Infusing Grandeur 

High on serenity, this beautiful room is decked up with all the luxuries one can imagine. The ceiling is illuminated with a crystal light chandelier. The back wall is decorated with classic art with nostalgic mirrors and complimenting white table lamps. The chairs make for a great addition to the decor.

11. The Colour Glamour 

The Colour Glamour

Play the colour romance in your bedroom decor with a mix and match of soft yet vivacious colours. Keep the base colour white and festoon it up with pink, grey, and orange to create a decor that catches the eyes in a jiffy. Silver wall painting and copper decorative accessories along with a touch of gold can bring that glitz and glam to this minimalist decor. A sleek hanging light will do the trick to infuse a bit of old-fashion within this contemporary decor.

12. Wooden Wonders

Wooden Wonders

Adding touches of wood to your small bedroom can provide much-needed warmth and coziness. If you cannot incorporate real wood on the walls you can also go for faux wooden wallpapers. Wooden accents and furnishings will also do the trick.

13. Vintage Valour

Vintage Valour

Get lost in the furry pool of cozy and warm neutral aesthetics. This subtle bedroom design has a fireplace inbuilt as well, which adds a nice vintage appeal. This comfy small bedroom idea is apt for those who want a mix of both vintage and chic.

14. Rustic Modernity

Rustic Modernity

Pine hunt boards from the early 90s are highlighted with a ceramic stool and breathtaking views of nature; an idyllic small cozy bedroom design. Along with nesting tables at the foot, the whole room forms a symmetric picture with the monotone use of rustic colours.

15. Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Throwing in various sources of light is an appropriate choice if you want to create an intimate mood. Soft bedside lamps render a romantic vibe whereas overhead lighting, or light fixtures provide a sense of drama. While these tricks will do the needful, keep in mind that nothing beats natural light.

16. Fascinating Flowers

Fascinating Flowers

A cozy small bedroom design decor is to beautify the interiors with fresh flowers. This trick will cover up for not using overpowering patterns and accents, providing a calming atmosphere. It results in a vibrant life in the neutral space without overwhelming it.

17. Leather Accents

Leather Accents

Leather accessories can bring warmth and grandeur to any room. You can incorporate this decor style in the form of cushions, curtains, chairs, or even the headboard of a bed.

18. Darker Hues

Darker Hues

Neutrals and pastels are the guidebooks to a cozy vibe. The dark colours create a sense of dramatic coziness in the air, which renders comfort and solace in the decor. Pair it up with relaxing tones of lighter hues to strike a harmonious balance.

19. Pristine Whites

Pristine Whites

Tranquillity comes alive with a crisp white bedroom finished with a pendant light in the center. The wall is furnished with a creative painting as focal wall decor. The blend of blues and blacks makes for a cozy small bedroom idea.

20. Personalise for Effect

Personalise for Effect

The best way to make any space feel like home is to add your memories to it. You can do that by framing photographs or trinkets related to your personal experiences/travel. A little effort can be rewarding in many ways, it can not only personalize the bedroom to your personality but also add an air of calm and comfort.

21. Modern Spectacle

Modern Spectacle

A clean approach to interior decor gives this bedroom the space to blend in cohesively. Windows lined on the dado level, pristine walls, and a balanced amalgamation of white, grey, and black shades give this bedroom a modern and futuristic look.

22. Glorious in Grey

Glorious in Grey

This small and cozy bedroom design works on the classic blacks and greys, a combination you can never go wrong with. The addition of accented accessories and wall decor lifts the entire appeal of the bedroom, an exposed brick wall provides your eyes with a decor breakdown to fall upon. 

Get Started on Your Dream Bedroom! 

There is a myriad of small cozy and dreamy bedroom ideas available online and elsewhere. The trick to choosing your dreamy bedroom is to adopt the one which best suits your personality and requirement. A minimalistic approach is the right way of looking at the task at hand. Decluttering your space and designing it in a balanced way could also help make the bedroom of your dreams. For more design inspiration visit the Interior Company.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can I beautify my bedroom?

If you are seeking ways to give your cosy bedroom space a fresh look that doesn't cost you much, you can think of antiques, wall art, colourful throw blankets and drapes, and patterned rugs and carpets to incorporate into your room.

Q. Can I use simple things to decorate my bedroom?

Of course, you can! Decorating a home doesn't always require extra-ordinary elements. You can work around simple things for a bedroom makeover, but you have to be smart while incorporating elements. Consider designing your bedroom with materials like bamboo and wood, colourful curtains, fairy lights, fresh potted plants, and textured rugs to bring in a simple and artistic flair. 

Q. Will I be able to cheaply decorate my bedroom?

Incorporate elements like green plants, mirrors, and handmade cushions, and throw some trending colours within the decor to decorate your bedroom without spending too much.

Q. How can I make my small bedroom look nice?

There are several ways to make a small bedroom look appealing. You can use elements like throw blankets, rugs, benches, fairy lights, and fresh plants. 

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