14 Corner Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Published On: Dec 9, 2022

Do you have an empty corner in your bedroom that glares at you whenever you walk past it? Are you confused about how to best utilise it? A corner wardrobe is the most attractive solution for this predicament. A modern wardrobe will help you instil storage and style in the bedroom. These corner wardrobe designs can be used anywhere, from overhead nooks and slanted ceilings to freestanding walls. 

This article enumerates some of the most trending corner wardrobe designs that can be your inspirational mood board. So, let's make your free space fabulous as well as functional! 

L-shape Corner Wardrobe

Corner Wardrobe design L-shaped

An L-shaped or two-way corner wardrobe is one of the most modern ways of utilising an empty corner. It is symmetrical on either side, creating a sense of balance and an attractive alternative to heavy-duty storage. It is a combination of style and function and also guarantees that the room remains clutter-free. This design is usually crafted in full-sized wardrobes or a combination of shelves and cabinets. 

Freestanding Corner Wardrobe

Corner Wardrobe Freestanding design

A custom corner wall offers ample built-in storage while blending seamlessly with the background without making it look imposing. A functional storage area can be curated with a freestanding wall. One corner of the room can be embellished with this design, and the room’s entire look can be accentuated. 

Sloping Corner Wardrobe

Corner Wardrobe Sloping design

If your room has a slanted ceiling, build a sloping wardrobe with the appropriate compartments at various heights. The wardrobe can be of different heights according to the design of your space. This is also one of the best ways to increase storage in your master bedroom. This all-white bedroom creates a pristine ambience while also being functional. 

Sliding Corner Almirah

Sliding Corner Almirah design

If you have a small space, a sliding corner wardrobe is your option for the design rescue. This corner wardrobe design can be a bit expensive in comparison to other types, but it provides the advantage of ample storage space. It easily amalgamates with the existing interior designs and acts like a statement piece in the room. You can also customise the designated unit as per your requirement and taste. 

Window Seat Extensions

Window Seat Extensions design

Create extra storage and seating by extending the windows to the end of the room. The window seat has a large space, making up for an aesthetic corner almirah design. This open design offers a lot of cabinets for both ornamental and storage purposes. The natural light also illuminates the space making the space look bigger and brighter. This design also embellishes an empty corner of the wall.

Floor to Ceiling Unit

Floor to Ceiling Unit design

A tall and corner cupboard design is the perfect aesthetic addition to your space and can augment the storage space. You can add drawers at the bottom of the unit for various designs. Ensure that you paint the unit the same colour as your walls so that its outlines are blurred. This is a great trick to ensure that your cupboard does not make your room look smaller and does not interfere with the decor. 

The beige cupboard in the corner looks stunning and accentuates the room’s overall look. The ambient lighting illuminates the area and the floor-to-ceiling cabinet. 

Wardrobe Alcove

Wardrobe Alcove design idea

A series of wall-mounted wardrobes will help increase and will also help curate a cosy corner in the room. This modern corner wardrobe design is ideal for a teen's room and a living room. It is also known for its intelligent use of both ends of the room's wall. 

Classic Armoire 

Classic Armoire design idea

In this design, a tried and tested vintage style, and you can convert a neglected corner of your room to create a stunning statement. This design will result in a very tasteful decor of the room. This corner wardrobe design is ideal for a master bedroom because of the mixture of sophistication and added storage. This armoire adds a certain aesthetic to the room, which is both traditional and modern. 

Extension of the Window

Extension of the Window design idea

The window seat can be extended entirely towards the corner of the room, creating extra seating space and storage. So, if you have an unused corner of the room's wall, you can opt for this bedroom corner design. 

Floating Wardrobes

Floating Wardrobes design ideas

The floating wardrobes are wall-mounted, which creates occasional storage and renders the space a subtle aesthetic. If you design them cleverly with the nightstand, you will be able to create a uniform look that will not intrude on your bedroom space. If you want a minimalist theme in your bedroom, then floating wardrobes are the right choice. 

Tall Wardrobes in Corner

Tall Wardrobes in Corner design

This design is the epitome of how to make excellent use of a corner space that was otherwise a dead wall. This long wardrobe design can accommodate different types of accessories as well as clothes. This increases the overall storage space within the bedroom and inculcates an aesthetically pleasing ambience. 

T-corner Wardrobe Design 

Wardrobe Design ideas T-corner

This design is in the shape of a T, and its versatility ensures that it can be accommodated even in the smallest rooms. This is also ideal for a spacious master bedroom as well. The space in the wardrobe can store the stuff that is occasionally used, like woollens, suitcases, and quilts inside the closet’s top half. 

Window Corner Wardrobe

Window Corner Wardrobe design

This modern corner wardrobe design is positioned in the corner of the window wall. Here, the wardrobe is placed between two large windows accentuating the space. This effectively curates a functional storage space between a tiny and spacious master bedroom.

Cabinet Corner Wardrobe

Cabinet Corner Wardrobe design

A child's or adult’s bedroom requires a lot of storage space. In this case, you can design an l-shaped corner wardrobe with the right combination of functionality, style, and practicality. This can create a place to store stuff like toys and other stuff not used daily. 

Wardrobe, But Make it Fashion!

Choosing the right kind of wardrobe can completely alter how your room looks. A corner wardrobe design will help you accentuate the space's demeanour without having to spend much effort or money. These modern corner wardrobe ideas will help you shortlist the designs that suit your interior's aesthetics.

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    Do corner wardrobes save space?

    A corner wardrobe design is a functional solution for that space. Corner wardrobes cover the vacant space and transform it into a primary storage space.

    Where should the wardrobes be in a bedroom?

    Wardrobes, cupboards, or cabinets should ideally be placed in the South-West direction. The North-West direction is the other preferable location for wardrobes.

    Which type of wardrobe is best for the bedroom?

    Sliding wardrobes are the best cupboard design for a bedroom. You can also make a corner almirah in the sliding design.

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