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Stylish POP Border Designs that Enhance the Corners of Your Home

Published On: Jan 2, 2023

Crown moulding or ceiling trims are decorative features that create a smooth transition between walls and ceilings and accessorise your home. Originally designed to elevate a room’s functionality and aesthetics, these often overlooked elements have come a long way. From classic ornate designs to sleek contemporary styles, they upscale your space. 

Its versatility and durability allow POP to be moulded into any pattern or design. Below we have handpicked different POP border design ideas that can bring tasteful home interiors.   

1. Ornated POP Ceiling Corner Design

Source: Pinterest

Crown mouldings are the architectural features of the room that create a distinctive transition between the walls and the ceilings. Look at this exquisite living room that gives an art-deco vibe. The ornate POP ceiling border design accented with antique gold scones and mirrors brings the old-world charm. The cleverly crafted POP border designs boosts spaciousness in the room. 

2. Contemporary POP Side Border Design

Source: Pinterest

This modern bedroom features ceiling trim painted in a cool grey shade, exuding an elegant vibe. The POP border design enhances the feeling of ceiling height in the room and conceals the ductwork while lending a seamless look to the space. Moreover, the minimalist design and the neutral colour scheme create a sense of spaciousness in the room. 

Looking for personalised bedroom space? Get in touch with the experts at Interior Company, creating designs suiting your style and taste. 

3. Attractive POP Border Colour

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your bedroom decor, adding colour to the ceiling trims, skirting boards, and wall fixtures can lend a unique and vibrant look to the room. The right shade for the POP border design colour can accentuate a bedroom area and bring a personality to the room. Instead of choosing white for the POP corner design, opt for a contrasting hue that attracts the eye upwards. 

4. Intricate Carvings

Source: Pinterest

Don't be afraid to choose an eccentric design for your POP corner design ideas. The over-the-top intricate designs add flair to the traditional and contemporary spaces. It's a welcoming choice to infuse timeless visual beauty and an amalgamation of different designs, styles, and techniques. This intricate POP ceiling corner design becomes the eye-catching focal point in the space while adding lustrous touch to the bathroom. 

5. Go Bold with POP Border Design Colour

Source: Pinterest

Black colour never lets your down for adding a stylish edge to your living space. Enhance your crown mouldings with colours to create a beautiful contrast and stand out a statement in the room. Adding colour and textures to POP ceiling border design ideas, brings out a unique decorative element without overwhelming the space. The monochromatic look appears enticing and blends well with the modern interiors. 

6. Wooden POP Border Design

Source: Pinterest

Crown mouldings are decorative features of traditional homes. However, they blend well with the modern rustic interiors with a splash of wood on the POP ceiling border design. These embellished trims on your ceiling add natural warmth and can bring character to your room. POP wooden ceilings look magnificent, with a timeless and inviting appeal to the bedroom interiors. 

Want to embrace this eclectic ceiling design? Contact the experts at Interior Company for bespoke home decor ideas. 

7. Matching POP Border Design for Hall 

Source: Pinterest

Want to add drama and illusion to your living space? Choose a bold shade for ceiling paint colour ideas that work as a clever design trick for low ceilings. Using one colour from the baseboard to the POP ceiling corner design creates a visual impression and seamless flow in the room. Look how this hall ceiling design idea makes a powerful statement!

8. Avant-Garde POP Border Design 

Source: Pinterest

With false ceiling designs upscaling the interior trends, several innovative ways exist to create a unique POP border design for the wall. Making a transitional separation between the wall and ceiling with the floating line LED lights provides illusion and infuses amber glow. This out-of-the-box idea uses translucent films and hidden LEDs strips that evenly distribute the light flux, magnifying the room’s appeal. 

9. Simple POP Border Design

Source: Pinterest

As intriguing and unique as the above-mentioned POP corner border designs were, sometimes keeping things plain and simple makes an excellent choice. This pristine white bedroom featuring the sleek POP border design accentuates the modern, minimalist living space. Moreover, the linear cornice design adds a subtle element of texture and flair to the plain ceiling. 

Advantages of POP Ceiling Designs 

POP ceilings are moldable and add a luxurious element to your fifth wall within a budget. These one-of-a-kind ceilings can be sculpted or curved as per the design requirement, providing a seamless finish to the room. Below are the advantages of POP false ceilings to transform your home interiors. 

Appearance– POP False ceilings are lightweight and can be made to any design or pattern while enhancing the home’s appeal. They highlight any distinctive elements of the room and lend an enduring vibe to the space. 

Thermal Insulation– These ceilings have high insulating properties and regulate the room temperature, thus relieving your wallets. 

Acoustics– POP False ceilings work as an acoustic barrier and absorb sound and noise. 

Repairs- These false ceilings do not shrink while setting and can be repaired and remodelled easily. 

Striking Crown Ceiling

There's no rule stating how to design the POP moulding corners, from intricate styles to bright border colours; we hope these creative ceiling border ideas suit all your spaces and bring distinctiveness to your home. Enrich the ceiling trims that complement your design to create a cohesive look and add a personalised touch. Contact our specialists at Interior Company for more distinctive designs and decor ideas.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Does adding crown moulding increase the home value?

    Yes, crown moulding is a timeless architectural feature that brings a touch of elegance to your room and enhances the design scheme.

    Which kind of POP ceiling is best for the bedrooms?

    An inverted tray ceiling or a floating island ceiling are the trending choices for simple false ceiling designs for bedrooms. The use of LED recessed and stuccoed lights in the ceiling design creates an alluring ambience in the room.

    How to select the best POP ceiling design for your Living Room?

    Considering the size of your living space, the ceiling height, lighting position and preferable colours, and the ability to manoeuvre service lines can help your select your desired ceiling design.

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