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2021 False Ceiling Designs for Bedroom | Ceiling Designs Bedroom | POP False Ceiling

Published On: Sep 21, 2021
False Ceiling is a design element of home interiors that is now widely used to give an aesthetic appeal to your house. It is the suspended ceiling hung a few inches below the main ceiling by wooden or metal frames and gives an illusion of a lower ceiling. It serves many purposes like hiding wires & pipes, providing insulation from heat, making the room noise-proof, acoustic improvement, and conserving saving electricity. Materials like wood, POP, Gypsum, glass, and PVC are popular for false ceilings and can last very long. False ceilings are available in a wide array of shapes, styles, and designs. Here are some of the false ceiling designs categorised into simple and modern designs that can enhance the look and make your abode even more beautiful.
  • Simple false ceiling designs

  • Tray false ceiling for bedroom

If you want to keep it simple and yet effective, you can opt for a simple POP false ceiling design with lower outer edges that look like inverted trays. They have a recessed rectangular centre and support accent lighting methods like cove lighting. It is fairly easy to install and makes the room look large and classy. 
  • Floating bedroom false ceiling

This kind of false ceiling is used to highlight a particular area of the room; for e,g, and it is used in the bedroom to highlight the bed. The floating island can be of many shapes and is suspended from the actual ceiling at a considerable gap and appears to float. It provides a stylish and futuristic look to the room, especially when used with some backlight.
  • Vaulted false ceiling

This type of false ceiling is used to give extra height to the room and make it look more spacious. These are elevated ceilings that have a self-supporting arch that can be dome-shaped or conical.
  • Coffered false ceiling

This is a preferred false ceiling design for the living room, also used in bedrooms and kitchens. Unlike tray ceilings, this has a lot of recesses or sunken panels on the surface of false ceilings called coffers. Attractive designs are made by changing the depth and shape of the coffers. Beams are used to form grid-like patterns. POP, Gypsum, and wood are often used for coffered false ceilings. It gives a historical look to the rooms.   
  • Wooden false ceilings

Nothing beats wood for warmth and luxury. Grid effects can be created using wooden planks or beams. Wood can be painted, polished or covered with good quality veneer matching the décor of the room. It also provides a rustic charm to the décor and supports all types of accent lighting, including chandeliers and pendant lighting.
  • Circular False Ceiling

To adjust a fan or a chandelier, opt for a circular cut out in the middle of the false ceiling. There can be multiples circular cutouts with lights installed for a modern or a spectacular effect.
  • Modern False Ceiling Designs

  • Panel false ceiling designs for bedroom

For a modern and elegant décor, opt for an extended panel of the false ceiling running vertically behind the bed in symmetry with that of the headboard.   
  • False ceiling with mirrors

Mirror ceilings are a new trend in interior design. It not only hides the unevenness of the ceiling but also expands the space.
  • Geometrical false ceiling

Experiment with different geometrical shapes on the false ceiling to add charm and panache to the room. Patterns can be created using suspended panels with recessed cove lighting.
  • Zoned false ceiling

For bigger rooms, a zoned false ceiling is used to break the room. Like in a bedroom, the bed area can be separated from the seating or work area by changing the lighting and the height of the false ceiling. The idea of a fifth wall in the rooms is increasingly becoming popular amongst interior designers to give a perfect finishing touch to your home. 


The choice is limitless when it comes to false ceiling designs for bedrooms. It sure will freshen up your space.
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