24 Wall Décor Designs to Highlight Your Home Interiors

Published On: Sep 08, 2022

Are you searching for exquisite wall decor designs idea to refresh those bare walls into stylish centrepieces? You will find the most stunning ideas here to jazz up your walls that can be customised according to your style, preference, and what you love. A blank wall can be a fresh beginning and you can delve into many ideas for wall decoration for the bedroom to match your style.

Apply these ideas, especially when the room is full of statement furniture, printed floor coverings, and lots of things. 

Exquisite Wall Decoration Ideas to Add Luxury to Your Home Interiors

1. A Gallery Wall

Nothing adds more personality and colour than the walls of a gallery. You can view your collection of artwork and photos, and add wall hangings and other ephemerals. Choose a simple and cohesive frame, or shake things up with lots of clever variations!

You can also extend the walls of the gallery to the ceiling to give your living room or bedroom an illusion of a larger space. 

A Gallery Wall

2. Console Decoration 

A versatile console looks spectacular in front of the entrance, living room wall decor ideas, bedroom, or blank wall. Instead of leaving it empty, liven up your space with gorgeous lanterns and pretty planters. The console can create "moments" that are eye-catching and attractive. 

Console Decoration 

3. Accent Walls

Display objects on the wall, decorate them and experiment with bright and bold colours to create accented walls or incorporate patterns with wallpaper, stencils, or other wall decors for living room and colouring techniques.

Additionally, you can transform the ceiling too which can make an impressive impact in a small space. 

Accent Walls

4. Wall Stickers and Murals 

From a neutral and minimalist look to a bold and graphic statement piece, the wall decoration ideas with paper accentuate the void. Bold graphics, biocompatible landscapes, contemporary geometric patterns, subdued prints, and delicate floral wallpapers add generous texture and dimensions to the walls.

Murals are undergoing a resurgence, from archived intricate frescoes and abstract art to plaster sculpture, thanks to their heritage charm.

Wall Stickers and Murals

5. Wrap Your Walls in Fabric

Tapestries and fabric wall hangings can add a touch of colour, pattern, and suppleness to a neutral wall. You can frame vintage scarves and other textiles to make them look royal and luxurious. 

Wrap Your Walls in Fabric

6. Wall Frame Mouldings and Designs

Mouldings and decorations can add layers of personality and fine detail to the wall decor for the living room and its exposed walls. From skirting board profiles to picture frame mouldings, mouldings feature a streamlined traditional design without the addition of frills. The fluted walls are a seasonal element, creating a dreamy undulating silhouette that captivates the light.

Wall Frame Mouldings and Designs

7. Suspended Mirrors 

Mirrors reflect light and make small rooms look bigger and brighter. Hang an oversized mirror or display some small salon-style pieces.

Suspended Mirrors

8. Painted Wall 

They are super shiny. They are the charm of royalty caught in your exuding luxury and charming your guests! Dark shades look large and traditional, but the intense blue and green create a magical admiration on the surface of the painted walls. The soft pastels add softness and warmth to the room.

Painted Wall 

9. Sturdy and Rugged Walls

Weaves, knots, and knotted rugs are ideal wall art materials due to their gorgeous textures, intricate patterns, and bright colours. In addition, the floor decorations on the walls will surely attract and impress guests. Similarly, indigenous or ancient tapestries that tell stories can be a good catalyst for conversation. High-quality silk carpets are also very popular as drapes. You can give it a bohemian touch with patchwork quilts and quirky tassels.

Sturdy and Rugged Walls

10. Cover the Wall with a Bookshelf

Move your collection of books to the wall and install a floating shelf to display hardcovers, small engravings, and other ends.

Cover the Wall with a Bookshelf

11. Lively Tiles 

Bring a little colour and pattern to the wall from the abundant titles available. The humble tile-designed walls and the painting design for room walls have revived and are a trendsetter for drawing room wall design. These are an attractive option for adding soft, old-fashioned charisma to your home decor.

You can tweak the layout to further customise the wall. Bricklaying is an orderly and reliable pattern, giving your interiors an unexpected fashion opportunity. 

Lively Tiles 

12. Hang Plates or Crockery on the Walls

Show off your gorgeous collection of plate hangers, dishes, and platters as artwork on the walls of your home, especially for living room wall decor ideas, dining room, or the kitchen. This looks aesthetic and adds a cultural touch to your interior wall design for the living room. 

Hang Plates or Crockery on the Walls

13. Display the Sculptured Scones

The wall-mounted scones add an extra light source without occupying floor space or side tables. Choose an eye-catching drawing room wall design that brings light and style. 

Display the Sculptured Scones

14. Greenery

Implant a solid or a huge green tree on the wall as a creeper that depicts sustainability and your love for nature. Put magnolias and birds of paradise in the pot and the stunning beauty will make your home look brand new! Thick and luxurious leafy plants are also elegant wall decoration ideas at home. 


15. Eco-Friendly Walls

Try hanging or wall-mounted planters to add a little green to the space and add nature to the wall. If you're not a water lover, you can opt for high-quality herbs as a magnificent wall panelling design for the bedroom.

Eco-Friendly Walls

16. A Wall with a Bar

Stick a small scalar bar on the bare wall to spice it up and fill it up with the best wine giving it the extravagant touch. With the touch of Bengal marble and quartz countertops, bars on the walls, and lively cabinets, can convert the place into a flashy bistro! 

A Wall with a Bar

17. Wall Art 

The aesthetic wall art, wall painting designs for living rooms, or hangings from the 70s are back in a big way. The weave adds texture and warms the exposed walls. 

Wall Art 

18. Add a Ladder

Attaching an extension ladder to a floor-to-ceiling gives your space a modern bedroom wall design and an airy wall frame. You can keep your decorative,s pictures, or just use them as an aesthetic and trending wall piece which gives a different view of the room.

Add a Ladder

19. The Beaded Wall Art 

This tapestry is generally made in the minimalist black and white design with stunning pieces handcrafted using colourful glass beads. 

The Beaded Wall Art

20. Convert Your Wall into a Pot Store

Are you an avid cook who would love to flaunt the shiny copper pot or expensive appliances? This lets you free up more space in or around your kitchen, and makes them stand out as a work of art in your show! Rugged and strategic hanging racks and rails or shelves are wall-mounted to display cookware. One way to make your display look good is to make sure your composition is well lit. 

Convert Your Wall into a Pot Store

21. Set the Tone with a Huge Whiteboard or Blackboard 

The large board is the perfect addition to your office, playroom, or even kitchen. Blackboards add a rustic feel to any room, while whiteboards are a more modern choice. You can also wall paint ideas for the bedroom to create a smooth surface. 

Set the Tone with a Huge Whiteboard or Blackboard

22. Contrasting Wall Colours 

The walls of an apartment in wild wallpapers and unique frames, hanging art, and objects replace the plain background with something a little more elaborate. 

Contrasting Wall Colours 

23. Wall Lighting

Brighten your home and enliven your home interior decor through lighting. Add some decorative wall lights, allowing you to instantly add sparkle to a plain wall. 

Wall Lighting

24. Go Minimalistic

Sometimes leaving the walls bare in a soothing colour, without adding any creatives to it, can make your space look bigger, more sophisticated, and quite neat.

Go Minimalistic


The bedroom wall decor ideas that you can contemplate to decorate your home walls are unlimited. Bring new life to your bare walls using the above-mentioned creative ideas that will help you reflect your style and create a cost-effective, beautiful, and attractive signature look that fits your budget. Get in touch with us at Interior Company today.

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How can you decorate a wall with Textured Wall Art?

You can use a combination of textures to add more dimension and impact to your wall art. Consider DIY art from pieces of fabric, textiles, and cane material in a square wood and plexiglass frame. 

How to handle small space wall decorations?

Make sure the small space does not get in the way of your decoration. Fill the walls with floating shelves or frames and clean patterns of ceramic. Using contrast can make the space look bigger and brighter.

How should you decorate the walls of your children's room?

Frame your child’s artwork to add a childish whimsical feel to any room in your home. Hanging things in a busy area makes children feel special. To make it easier for your artwork to blend in with your surroundings, choose a traditional gallery-inspired frame. 

How do you decorate your wall with attention-grabbing Art?

Focus on unique accessories with oversized works of art. Taking advantage of modern typography trends, gigantic prints catch the eye of modern transparent consoles. Add industrial sconces on the sides to secure and intentionally keep the placement. 

How should the artwork be hung on the wall?

Hang the artwork at eye level. It is important to think of grouping as a single whole.