Creative Wall Art Ideas for Your Kid's Room

Published On: Dec 12, 2022

While designing the kid's room, the right wall decor ideas can make a difference in their cognitive development. Find a style that suits your child's interest and curate a charming, playful and inspiring space. Embrace the whimsical design for your toddlers and slowly graduate to thematic interiors for teens. From space to jungle, floral to educational, pick the best wall designs for children's bedrooms to spruce up the interiors. Take a look at these amazingly designed ideas and get inspired. 

Artsy Kids Room Wall Decor

Room Wall Decor ideas for Artsy Kids

In a kid’s room wall decor, colourful and peppy wallpapers can elevate and bring life to the otherwise mundane space. While designing the kid’s room, choose a bold design and bright hues that can add appeal and vibrance to the home interiors. Quirky kid’s room wallpapers create a lively vibe. 

From seeking adventures of the sea to exploring the stars, the choices are immense to create a leisurely and amusing space. Keep the interiors understated for the kid’s room wall sticker to shine as a showstopper. 

Animal Wall Art Design

Animal Wall Art Design ideas for kids room

Wall murals for the kid's room serve as an enticing focal point and reflect your style. The kids’ room wall painting ideas spark their imagination and stimulate their sense of creativity. Choose the furniture that compliments the space and add a personalised touch to their room.

This animal graffiti wall art grants a carefree vibe in the room with a playful edge. The soothing pastel colour scheme with streamlined furniture lends a serene and calm bedroom space for a child. 

Cool Kids Wall Art

Wall Art decor ideas for Cool Kids

Of all the rooms in houses, decorating the bedroom for your kids is indeed amusing, especially if you have a theme to work on that reflects their energy and personality. For die-hard car lovers, design a kid’s room wall decor with a cool wallpaper exhibiting vehicles of different colours and styles that shows his admiration for cars and trucks while adding a lively and innocent vibe to the room. 

Pick furniture and furnishings designed around the same theme to create a vibrant environment. Deck up the wooden shelves with their favourite books that offer storage and double as a display unit. 

Textured Wall Design for Children's Bedroom

Textured Wall Design for kids room

Kids have specific visions of how they want to decorate their personal space, and these unique ideas are also often inspired by their favourite characters, fairy tale backdrops, or simply their prefered colour choices. Perk up kid’s room wall decor with patterns and textures to create a visually appealing space. 

The white brick pattern in the kid’s room design adds depth and character to the space. The star wall decals and hand-drawn paintings give a personalised touch to the decor. In this gorgeous design layout, the subtle white and bold pink colours blend beautifully, enhancing the interiors. Paired with lush pillows and a rug gives a cosy vibe. Moreover, open shelving units and baskets are used as smart storage solutions for children’s room wall design ideas. 


Space-themed Kids Wall Design

Space-themed Wall Design for kids room

The universe and astronomical wonders filled with asteroids and strange planets never cease to fascinate kids. What better way to celebrate this immersive world than implementing a space-themed kid’s room wall decor idea?

Make a statement wall with rockets, planets, spaceships, and space suits to nurture your little astronaut's creative brain. This adorable space-themed nursery offers a whimsical view of the stars and galaxy, creating a distinct vibe while maintaining a modern appeal.

Dreamy Kids Room Wall

Dreamy Kids Room Wall decor ideas

Kids delight in living in their little fantasy worlds and that's why decorating with unicorns or rainbows in bright colours creates a magical vibe. These designs set a cheerful mood and lend an alluring atmosphere to the home. There are many ways to approach this theme, either picking the wall paintings or using the stuffed unicorn head used as wall art and the colourful rainbow tassel design.

This rainbow-themed decor for girl room wall art serves as a focal point and uplifts the interiors. Adding these beautiful pastel colours of the rainbow to the boring wall makes the room lively and fresh. 

DIY Kids Wall Decor

DIY Kids Wall Decor ideas

The kid’s room wall decor ideas are a fun and engaging way to spruce up the space according to their interests. Give your kids a dedicated wall to doodle to their heart's content and run their wild imaginations.These chalkboard walls make refreshing wall art and are easy to maintain and boost their creativity. It compliments well with white walls and light-coloured furniture to let the chalkboard stand out.

Moreover, you can also get a peg board and place it on the wall to hang their hand-drawn paintings or make a collage of their pictures into a true-blue artistic gallery. The kid's feel accomplished and get inspired to further master their artistic skills. You can even set up shelves to deck up with trinkets and other decorative items. 

Creative Height Chart Kids Wall Decor

There are numerous functional and creative kid’s wall art ideas that can be used in any thematic room. Keep the decor sheer and minimal to provide more space to play and create a neutral canvas that can be upgraded as the kids grow. 

Further, a growth height chart on a kid’s wall design is a quirky way to add decor and is indeed eye-catching. You can buy a themed height chart and mark the dates of their height measurements to check their development. For this, a wooden ruler height chart is a classic choice, while giraffe and animal-themed designs are the most popular preferences for toddler room wall art ideas.

To Art and beyond!

We hope our children’s room wall design ideas help you create a stylish and fun interior that inspires the new generation of our little adventurers. Space is not a void; it's a blank canvas to run wild with imagination and creativity. From nature-inspired designs, vehicles and transportation to space-friendly, 3D, and acrylic versions, there are diverse options for kid’s room wall painting ideas. Choose a wall design that stimulates their minds and boosts their productivity. Create warm and vibrant living space for your little one to sleep, study, and play. 

Looking for more ideas to spruce up your walls? Contact the experts at Interior Company for bespoke home decor. 


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    How can I decorate my kid's wall room?

    Kids’ bedroom wall design needs to be versatile and flexible, so they can accommodate their changing needs from childhood to adolescence. Play around with colour, pattern and fun touches through lighting, quirky wall artwork and accessories.

    Which themes are good for kid’s room wall decor?

    Choose a theme that displays their hobbies, colours, or favourite cartoon character. The most popular themes for kid’s rooms are jungles, castles, pirate ships, magic, space and dinosaurs. Involve your child in the design process of their living spaces that bring a positive and encouraging environment in shaping their personality.

    Which Colour is good for the kid's room?

    The kid’s room wall colours should be soft and bright that stimulate their minds, spreading cheerfulness and enhancing the appeal. Choose two colours to create contrast and interest in the room, while adding dimension to the living space.

    How do you make a kids' bedroom special?

    Create colourful and creative spaces to strike a balance between functional and adorable designs that excites them and nurtures them into strong individuals.

    How do I make my kid's room feel cosy?

    Whether you’re designing a small room or an expansive space, make it cosy and comfortable with plenty of throws and cushions. You can also choose to invest in a canopy bed or hang a fabric canopy. Add earthy tones and warm lights to create a cocooning effect.

    Where should furniture be placed in a kid's room?

    When it comes to buying furniture for your kid’s room design ideas, choose items that are functional, practical, and durable. Keep in mind that the kid’s choices change quickly, so invest in decor elements that can be customised as they grow. Think clever storage solutions, bespoke shelving or cupboards and under-bed storage ideas that keep things organised.

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