PVC Wall Panels: A Modular Archetype For Your Bedroom

Updated On: Jun 14, 2024

Gone were the days when PVC was used only by raincoat manufacturers and plumbers, confined to the hidden spaces under your washbasin. With the advent of modern design styles in our homes, PVC has also evolved, now finding its place in the sleek and modular designs of your bedroom ceilings and TV panels.

PVC panels, initially introduced in the interior design industry for making 3D false ceilings, have gained popularity due to the wide range of usage, strength, and variety of characteristics this polymer possesses.

Since then, PVC has become a chameleon for interior designers. It has a vast universe of possibilities hidden inside, from being used in 3D postmodern and space-age decor to creating wood-like rustic wall panels.

As you learn more about the qualities and variety of designs this material can create, you will be inclined to choose PVC wall panels for your bedroom decor.

What are PVC Panels?

PVC is a durable and lightweight plastic produced in factories. Many modern homes include PVC Wall panels in their bedrooms. Each panel has a smooth, glossy exterior and a hollow inside. Their waterproofing quality makes them an excellent alternative to mineral fibre ceilings such as gypsum and POP. PVC wall panels are available in various styles, colours, and patterns. For instance, you can choose from sleek, monochromatic panels for a minimalist look or opt for panels with intricate designs and vibrant colours to add a pop of personality to your bedroom décor. 

Now, let’s see why this material, once used for plumbing, is, nowadays, so popular in bedroom interior designs.

Advantages Of PVC Wall Panels In Your Bedroom

Lightweight and Durable- – One of the biggest reasons why PVC wall panels are used for bedroom designs is its lightweight & durability. It’s easy to carry and portable enough to be changed easily. The sturdiness is an add-on & hence makes it long-lasting.

Pocket Friendly- They are much cheaper than glass panels, as they don’t come at the cost of the whole interior of a small bedroom, and are much more durable than wallpapers. They don’t tear their mouth off every now and then, & are not at all demanding, unlike those tantrum-throwing wooden panels.

Prevents Water Retention- Their impermeability ensures no rainwater or internal leakage, which leads you to stand in the middle of the night looking up at the ceiling with sleepy eyes.

Easy to Decorate-PVC wall panels are neither egoistic like glass nor have the tantrums of those macho wooden panels. They also have the flexibility to fit and accommodate a wide range of designs.

Let’s see how artistic & creative PVC Wall panel designs can be for your bedroom.

PVC Wall Panel Designs For Your Bedroom

Discover the endless possibilities with PVC wall panel designs for your bedroom. From sleek modern styles to rustic wood imitations, these panels offer a versatile solution for your unique design vision.

Modernism In Sleek Sheets

Modern Sleek PVC Wall Panel Design for Bedroom


Experience the practicality of modernism with sleek PVC sheets. When placed between vertical PVC grids, these lightweight panels create seamless joints interlocked to prevent water infiltration, ensuring style and functionality for your bedroom walls.

This interesting assembly makes your wall look clean & perfect. If placed on a light-coloured wall, the neat geometric lines of these PVC panels amplify the wall’s visibility and give a relaxed, modern vibe to the whole room. Sleek panels are the most used PVC wall panel designs in the bedroom due to their suitability with the eventual need of the panel and the modern refinement and luxury it adds to the look of the room.

The Rustic Old Wood'¦ Imitated!

Rustic PVC Room Design

If you are an old lover of those countryside wooden houses, these PVC wall panels are the best bet for your bedroom decor. These panels come in many different patterns, imitating the formation of wood. They are durable enough to last a long time and realistic enough that one can't easily tell the difference from a distance.

These panels do not just imitate wood and are not at all a substitute for the old wooden panels; they are just more efficient ones with a look and feel of their own.

The Post Modern 3D Decor

3D PVC Design for Bedroom

It's one of the most exclusive looks PVC wall panels can give a bedroom. Thanks to their malleability and playful reaction to light, PVC wall panels provide a three-dimensional look that is hard to imitate.

The non-rigid characteristic of PVC helps it be moulded in different three-dimensional designs. When complemented with the perfect lighting, it gives a sense of depth to the whole wall it has been placed on. It takes you away from the boring, generic aesthetics and provides a space-age or postmodern brutalist look to the whole space.

The Game of Light & PVC

PVC Panel Design for Bedroom with Lights

Again, the way PVC reacts to light is completely different from any other, but if you place lights in a PVC wall panel for your bedroom, it gives the whole room a brutalist warm vibe, the kind you see in sci-fi films.

If you want to mix things up, get a rustic wooden-textured PVC wall panel for your bedroom and place lights in and around it so the light gets soft and reflects through the panel, amplifying and showcasing its texture and colours.

Take Over Gypsum & POP

Master Bedroom PVC Wall Panels for Bedroom

POP & Gypsum have been on the top of the game for a long time, but now PVC wall panels have taken over.PVC ceiling panels have been extensively utilised as cladding for bedroom ceilings. A bedroom PVC panel design is strong and long-lasting. It may survive for many years without warping or bending. Unlike gypsum and POP, the PVC panel design for ceilings is less brittle and, hence, less prone to damage while being handled. A modern PVC design for bedroom ceilings is simple to install since the panels are easily cut and trimmed.

Your Room is an Entertainment Hub!

Modern LED PVC Panel Design for Bedroom

Got a big LED? Get a PVC backdrop & contrast it with the colour of your television. It will enhance the look of your bedroom while keeping your television in the spotlight'¦ after all, it needs some attention, too! These panels combine usefulness with modern style, transforming your room into a stylish entertainment hub.

Panel It In A Box!

Box Design PVC Wall Panel for Bedroom

Box the ornamental elements you’ve collected over time in a PVC wall panel, and contrast the backdrop with diverse forms and complementary hues. This will give your bedroom a trendy appearance while allowing you to show off your collection. The box panelling design creates built-in shelves for displaying accessories, while the base consists of high-quality, water-resistant PVC wall panels.

Dual the Tone

Double Shade PVC Wall Panel Design for Bedroom

Design the walls of your room with contrasting colours juxtaposed against each other to give your bedroom a tonality and character. The interplay of dual tones adds depth to the room, making it look more spacious while providing it with a dynamic look. You can separate the colours in many ways- vertically & horizontally, on two adjacent walls or even add a third colour if you are a fan of a happening vibrant environment. The use of contrasting colours is a powerful tool to inspire the character of your room. You can use dual-tone PVC panelling as per your own needs; you want the room to be meditative and relaxing or a bit more happening place. As we said, using PVC wall panels in the bedroom gives you enough space to play.

Avant-garde Geometric Designs

Geometric PVC Sheet Design for Bedroom

Use different shapes by combining symmetries and asymmetries to create avant-garde geometric designs like the ones in Picasso's paintings. You can even use colours to customise this effect Go for vibrant colours and make a bold statement out of your bedroom, or use subtle colours and complementing shapes to give an interestingly creative classic look.

How To Choose The Best PVC Panel Design?

Room Style- It is your bedroom, after all! Decide what style you want in there, what vibe you want out of it, and what it should look like. Then, go on to decide what type of panels you could choose from.

Colour Scheme- Bedroom is where you relax after your hectic day and colours play a very important role in creating a specific feel of a room. So think about how you want to spend the time after a long day. And then you can decide the vibe and feel of the room and choose the colours accordingly.

Add Textures- Textures provide uniqueness to PVC panels and you might have to precisely decide what textures you want, keeping in mind things like walls, furniture, and wallpapers of your bedroom.

Found yourself inclining too?

PVC panels do not claim to be affordable alternatives to traditional wood and glass panels. Instead, they are efficient and have a distinct appearance. PVC wall panels are one of the greatest solutions available due to its durability, light weight, and low cost without sacrificing quality.

PVC panels are a flexible option that may meet a variety of bedroom requirements. They provide insulation to safeguard your valuable bed sets from rainwater and leaks, all while adding a touch of dynamism and character to your bedroom.

But choosing the right PVC wall panel for your bedroom is a challenging and precise task because an unfit combination of colour or texture might take away its capability as an aesthetic piece, so check with the experts and interior designers at Interior Company to keep your aesthetic authentic and efficient at the same time.

*Images used are for representational purposes only. Unless explicitly mentioned, Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images. *


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    Can PVC wall panels be used for ceilings in the bedroom?

    Yes, PVC panels are appropriate for bedroom ceilings, as they are weather resistant, durable, and versatile in design. PVC false ceilings offer a variety of decor, improving both appearance and utility. They come in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns, letting homeowners to select solutions that compliment their bedroom décor while also delivering practical benefits like sound insulation and thermal efficiency.

    Can PVC Panels really imitate wooden panelling?

    As mentioned in the blog, PVC panels do give a good imitation of a wooden panel, but they cannot be used to fake the wooden panels. They have a different kind of texture & provide a different kind of look, which in itself is beautiful.

    Can PVC Panels be used in bathrooms?

    Yes, even before being used as interior items, they were used exclusively in bathrooms due to their water-resistant quality. And if you add a designer, stylish look to the panel,… you’ll have an extravagant shower experience!

    Can PVC Panels overtake Wallpapers?

    Wallpapers have a different kind of quality, it provides a texture within the wall itself without bulging out, though PVC panels can be used in place of a wallpaper & have more utility. You have to understand that while decorating a house you need to mix up many different materials for a dynamic look of a house.

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