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8 Unique Green Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Published On: Nov 2, 2022

Are you in a conundrum regarding choosing your bedroom wall colour? Are you confused between a bold theme, a regular neutral palette or a striking white? Well, how does a green colour combination sound? It might sound unusual, but the green colour combination is highly versatile and soothing. You can pair tones of green with both warm and cool colours, as well as dramatic and delicate tones.

The colour green has a relaxing effect that infuses any living or working area with peace. This is supported by basic science. Cool colours are those that have short wavelengths. The adaptation process for our eyes to these wavelengths is simpler. We associate cooler colours like green with cheerfulness, tranquillity, and an affable attitude due to the absence of struggle. Because it fosters a sense of oneness with Mother Nature, any room painted green offers a happy home.

The colour blends flawlessly with various hues to illuminate homes and workplaces. Green colour combinations will ensure that a place remains fashionable and welcoming for many years to come.

Let’s look at some of the top green colour combinations for bedrooms.

Why Select Green Colour for Bedroom Walls?

Closer to home, the colour green is royal, and elegant yet radiates a positive vibe. The green colour palette has earthy, bright, and subtle tones that act as an ideal accent wall for any room. You might contemplate before choosing a green colour combination. However, this is one of the trending colours to imbue your interiors. The reasons to choose green colour combinations are –

  • The vibrant green complements a variety of different hues and is an exceptionally versatile colour. It is a representation of nature and is one of the best colour choices for a bedroom.
  • The colour represents peace, serenity, growth, fertility, and good health. Your home’s interiors will undoubtedly emanate a cheerful spirit when they are adorned with green.
  • Green interiors exude a serene atmosphere and guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bottle Green Colour Combination

Bottle Green Colour Inspiration 

Green radiates serenity and creates a laid-back atmosphere. When used effectively, green colour combinations can provide a calm and peaceful statement to any space and it isn’t just solely for the landscape. A bedroom painted in bottle green will seem calming, energising, cosy, and refreshing. This picture demonstrates how the colour green gives this bedroom a calming atmosphere. It adds a contemporary touch as the wall panelling merges in the same colour as the wall. When paired with a simple wooden bed, white nightstands and tropical wall art, it gives the space a fresh and bright look.

Beige and Forest Green Colour Combination

Beige and Forest Green 

The colours beige and forest green are part of nature's colour palette. It is an instant mood changer especially when it is your bedroom. A forest green accent wall highlights the adjacent beige walls keeping it simple and not overbearing. Adding neutral and dark-toned elements such as an iron black standing shelf or a grey chest drawer balances the colours in the room. 

White and Pista Green Colour Combination

White and Pista Green

Warmer shades with yellow and olive undertones, like Pista Green, has a calming impact on the mind and balance the energy of the space. A bedroom wall in white and Pista Green colour combination acts as a highlight complementing the white furniture and ceilings. One can also add soothing hues like pink, and blue pastels, or a dark shade like maroon, which when applied, melts away all of your stress.

To add a modern look to your bedroom, a black and Pista Green colour combination or black decorative elements will accentuate the dominant green colour further. 

Teal Green and Orange Colour Combination for your Bedroom

Teal Green and Orange Colour Inspiration for your Bedroom

This green colour combination can be addressed in two moods – Bohemian and Contemporary. Teal and orange reflect a strong personality, especially for a bedroom. Two contrasting bold colours with tropical elements and a dark fabric holstered bed add an aesthetic to the space. 

Light Green Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Light Green Bedroom Walls

What works with a light green colour combination? The safest choice would be white and beige, adhering to a minimalist theme. Combining white accessories and furniture pieces or even plush white rugs creates an overall room design that is fresh and bright. The light tone of different colours such as light grey, baby blue, pastel pink, and lemon yellow induces a sense of vivacity in the bedroom.

Green and Pink Combination Bedroom

Dark Green and Pink Colour Play

A play of pink with a dark green colour combination for a bedroom reflects nurture, balance, and compassion. The dark green offsets with every shade of pink, be it pastel or bold. Adding pink elements like side tables, cushions, and bedcover stands out in an all dark green colour bedroom. Brass wall lamps exude a contemporary style, keeping them stylish yet minimal.

Lime Green Colour Combination – A Vibrant Tone

Lime Green - A Vibrant Tone

The natural background shade that one puts their hands on is cream or white. This shade of colour fits perfectly with green. It looks great when the cream or white is combined with a sparkling lime green because of its striking uniformity. To render this look more effective, you can paint the entire room cream and save lime green for an accent wall. The wall behind the bed is a wise choice as it accentuates the furniture pieces you choose. 

The lime green wall needs an abundance of natural light to reflect this green colour combination. For people who prefer their intimate settings to be lively, this lime green colour combination is ideal. Additionally, it creates a stunning colour scheme for vacation homes by the sea.

Mint Green Colour Combination – Soft and Subtle

Mint Green - Soft and Subtle

Looking at this picture, the colours emphasise calmness and a serene state of mind. Mint green as a green colour combination reflects coolness. Adding black and white accents such as a headboard, wall mirrors, plush cushion chairs, and patterned rugs exudes a contemporary minimalist style. Mint green works well with bolder colours like cerulean blue, burnt orange and dark red. 

Final Thoughts

We think the finest option for your bedroom would be the colour scheme and design that best reflect your individuality. To sum up our overview of the green colour combinations for bedrooms, it should be noted that interior designers all over the world suggest combining these green colour combinations for bedrooms for a serene vibe. If you require any guidance regarding design concepts for your home, get in touch with our professionals at Interior Company.


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    Which colours go with green walls in the bedroom?

    Green colour complements a wide range of hues, including different shades of yellow, blue, pink, and other colours, as well as neutrals like brown and grey.

    Are green walls good for the bedroom?

    The colour green helps to design a peaceful, calm sleeping environment. Additionally, it has a wide range of colours that will complement various styles and trends and induce various moods.

    Do the colours green and grey go together?

    When coupled with a pop of colour, grey is the ideal neutral and can freshen up a space, especially with a vibrant green. This energising colour, which is linked to nature, can spruce up any shade of grey, from mild lilac tones to darker charcoal shades.

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