15 Amazing Orange Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Published On: Dec 29, 2022

Why not make your bedroom stand out with an orange-inspired colour scheme? You will love how this fun and happy wall colour combination with orange brings the tropical vibe into your most personal space, and it is sure to add warmth, excitement, and celebration to any room! You should, however, use orange with care.

Shades of orange require a deft touch and should be paired with the right combinations. Choosing the right orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls is the first step towards achieving a perfect décor.

Adding two colours enhances the space’s elegance and visual contrast to the room. 

Here are some orange two-colour combinations for bedroom walls that you will love so much that you will want to bookmark them and add them to your gorgeous bedroom design lookbook! 

1. Yellow and Orange Combination Walls for Your Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

You can create a striking and vibrant bedroom with yellow and orange combination walls. For a cheerful two-colour combination for bedroom walls, paint one wall yellow and the other orange. This two-colour combination will add a fresh appeal and lend a dramatic effect enhancing the overall beauty of the bedroom.

2. Orange and Green Wall Combination for the Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

The green colour of your bedroom walls will blend perfectly with the orange of your walls, whether they are dark or light. It is easy to add a touch of warmth and create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom with the nature-inspired green and orange combination wall paint. Bedrooms with green and orange walls contribute to a harmonious interior as green is an excellent colour and orange is a warm colour. 

3. Blue and Orange Combination Wall Paint

Source: Pinterest 

It makes a bold statement when orange and navy blue are combined. A bedroom like this one is for people who enjoy being stimulated by colours with strong personalities. You can choose navy blue as the primary colour for this bedroom.

Choose an orange tone that is not too dark to offset the dreamy effect of navy blue. Allow natural light to flow into the bedroom to show off the true beauty of the blue and orange combination wall paint.

4. Elegant Orange and Grey Bedroom Walls

Source: Pinterest 

Orange colour rooms with grey shades look stylish, modern, and industrial. Choose a vibrant fiery shade of orange to tone it down and balance it out with light grey walls. This orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls is both sophisticated and playful. 

5. Orange and Cream Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

The cream and orange colour combination for the walls makes the space look sophisticated and appealing without overwhelming. The soft, subtle, and neutral shade of cream highlights the captivating feature of orange. 

6. Orange and Light Beige Wall Colour Combination for Kid’s Bedroom Walls

Source: Pinterest

An orange bedroom is an ideal choice for kids who are full of energy and enthusiasm. Make the room airy by pairing orange with light beige. The light beige will balance the bold orange to make the right backdrop for a child’s room.

7. Peach and Orange Wall Colour Combo

Source: Pinterest

To add a bit of colour to your home decor without overwhelming it, consider mixing beige tones with soft and pale shades of orange with beige, brown, or tan undertones. This colour combination with the orange wall will allow you to harness the calming qualities of peach against the richness of orange. 

8. Classic White and Orange Wall Paint Combination

Source: Pinterest

Combining orange with classic white gives a master bedroom a classy and sophisticated feel. This is the quintessential choice for a large master bedroom. An orange bedroom paired with white is ideal if you are looking for a Scandinavian-style effect for the interior. 


9. Royal Black and Orange Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Source: Pinterest

Combine a dark shade of orange with a stark colour like black for a truly eye-catching combination. These two are perfect for couples who love stimulating colours. Accentuate your bedroom with orange paint, preferably behind your bed. The rest of the room should then be painted black. Make sure you have plenty of natural light for this orange combination colour for the wall.

10. Orange and Charcoal Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls 

Source: Pinterest

The use of burnt orange and grey will enhance the visual and aesthetic appeal of the bedroom. A contemporary master bedroom in the home would benefit from this neutral colour scheme.

11. Pink and Orange Combination Wall Paint

Source: Pinterest

You can make your bedroom look fun and bright with the pink and orange colour combination wall. The combination of pink and orange looks adorable on a kid’s bedroom wall.

12. Orange and Red Wall Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Red is one of the easiest colours to pair with an orange colour bedroom. Red is also a vibrant and dramatic warm colour shade that goes great with another bright shade of orange! Adding orange and soft red furnishings, such as pillows and rugs respectively, will add a warm tone to the bedroom. Wooden floors can give the space a more rustic charm. 

13. Lilac and Orange Wall Paint Combination for Kid’s Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

Lilac, a softer tone of bold purple, pairs well with orange to create the most attractive bedroom for a young adult. An orange bedroom wall with lilac, lavender or other shades of purple can stimulate one’s creativity and enhance the room’s energy. 

14. Orange and Copper Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls 

Source: Pinterest

This bold orange colour bedroom look can be achieved by adding bright saturated orange along with a striking copper touch to create a memorable effect. The orange tones are tempered with black and white to keep the bedroom from looking overwhelming. 

15. Orange and Gold Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls 

Source: Pinterest

This is an uncommon choice of orange colour combination wall, but it is very unique and luxurious in its own way. Two accent walls can be placed opposite each other in your home – one gold and one orange. Due to the boldness of this combination, you must be very specific about the shade of orange that best complements gold.

Source: Pinterest

In Conclusion

Orange hues can make any room bright, warm, energetic, and vibrant, especially when used in two-colour combinations on bedroom walls. The right colour combination for an orange wall is essential to creating a restful bedroom.

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    Is orange a good colour for the bedroom?

    Yes. Bedrooms are a suitable place to use orange. As a warm, stimulating colour, orange makes a suitable choice for a bedroom. 

    What does an orange colour mean, according to the Vastu Shastra?

    A house painted orange attracts prosperity and wealth to its occupants. Orange colour signifies warmth, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, energy, and refreshing vibes when included in the interior walls of a bedroom. 

    What colour goes with the orange wall?

    Orange walls look best with creams, browns, greys, greens, and blues. Burnt orange paint also looks captivating with various other colours such as teal, navy blue, greys, rich browns, cream and beige, and black.

    Which is the best neutral orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls?

    Beige or cream colour in an orange bedroom is one of the best neutral orange two-colour combinations for bedroom walls.

    How would you combine orange with a complementary colour to create contrasting walls in your home?

    There is no better combination of colours for the interior with contrasting themed walls than dark green and orange. 

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