Large Wall Art Designs Ideas and Inspiration for Living Rooms

Published On: May 2, 2022

Living room wall decor items are an essential when putting together your dream home. Nowadays, it is important to install the mark art pieces in one home. The title is self-explanatory, a living room is a place where the family comes together to spend quality leisure time. The beauty of installing art in your home lies in the vast range of materials, mediums and environments that are used to create that notion challenging artwork. Living rooms are expected to look very poised and clean, an area to catch your breath and relax with a cup of your favourite coffee. There are several options to elevate any room with wall art designs such as–photo gallery, boho wall hangings, traditional rugs and wall displays, mirror decor which is very popular nowadays, wall paintings and much more. Proper usage of wall art drawings would lead to a marvellous framework around which you would definitely be able to plan out the rest of the space.

Why Do You Need Wall Art?

Wall art is an important part of the decoration in any home. Interior design also focuses on the use of wall art designs to modify the look of your home and make it warm and a place of your own sanity. Wall art paintings were largely neglected and rarely used in the past. They used to be amongst the last choice after everything else put together. But in recent times, interior designers and architects have understood the assistance of living room wall paintings puts an artiste touch and supports becoming a breathtaking design opportunity. If you are still sceptical about giving a treat to the walls by using wall art designs, kindly go through the following content to get an idea of how exactly wall art can make a difference in your home by upscaling the home’s decoration stuff.

Amp Up Your Ordinary Walls 


Aren’t we all used to seeing the dull-bare wall? The wall paintings or wall hangings would be a great way of adding flair to a room. Definitely, with the appropriate kind of wall art designs, the living room can be transformed into a unique and lively place instead of those chalky white walls. artwork is a great way to add flair to the living room. With the appropriate kind of skill, your living room can be transformed into something more energetic and unique instead of making it dull and lifeless.

Add an Element of Beauty


The wall paintings or the hangings which are for the room’s décor add incredible hues. The aesthetic art pieces which you display on the living room’s wall can easily become a wonderful topic to be discussed with your guests in your home. There’s a chance that the guests could be hugely impressed by those amazing living room décor stuff and therefore, can have a solid impact on the people coming to your home.

Exhibition of Your Style


A suitable piece of wall art can definitely help you out in displaying your personality & lifestyle. If you want the world to know how you are as a person and what you like, what you are passionate about, what you adore and also what stuff matters in your life, wall craftwork is amongst the most helpful methods of showcasing your love. Wall art designs is one thing that speaks most without words. It utters so much about the one living in that home. If you visit someplace and see Football paintings on the wall, you will know passionate sports lover rooms there. If you find hand paintings or caricatures around, you will surely get an idea that it is the home of a person who is an aspiring artist who focuses on details.

Incorporate Some Texture


The texture is hugely significant for the walls as it showcases the interiors of the living room more inspirationally, which enhances the aesthetics of the room to a totally different level. It ropes in class and closeness, while other textures can also make the room more graceful and decent. For example, the paintings which are 3D shaped add some depth & brightness to the living room space.

Perfect Finishing to the Room


A well-portrayed wall provides a marvellous finish to the living room space. It helps to connect the story and completes the space. That is why some renowned interior designers are now emphasizing increasing the usage of wall art to highlight the feel and look of the home.

We’ve put together a list of options that you can take up to design the home of your dreams:

Include Paintings


Installing paintings inside your home is the most common choice to opt for. You can find 3 out of 5 people who’d prefer decorating their home with posters and paintings because they are easy to hang and remove as well. Living room wall paintings are not only good for the walls but also great because Painting might be a happy or a sad portrayal of the artist but they boost self-esteem and inspire people to reach new heights. Installing art also makes you more observant and good at problem-solving.

Mirror Decor 


Mirror art has become so much popular and trendy this year. Different shapes and sizes of mirrors look great on any wall. They not only make a wall look chic and regal but they can also make any space look bigger. Incorporating mirrors in your decor can actually help elevate any small room and make it look much grander, much more balanced and energetic. There are several different options these days from vintage to asymmetrical and lattice styled mirrors.

Plant Hangings


It is always good to have plants inside your home. Plants fill up dead space, not only great to be placed on your coffee tables and floors but great to replenish walls as well.  If you don’t want to go over the board with decorating with different materials and objects, put your plants in beautiful hangers and planters. Add the touch of contrast colour without competing with others.

Photo Gallery


Nothing else adds personality and shades like a gallery wall. Put a collection of big artistic photographs, or maybe add some wall posters and other ephemera. Choose simple and cohesive frames, try variations! Display some of your best clicks in your personal gallery exhibition for people to appreciate. 

Pro Tip: Extend the gallery to the room’s ceiling to illustrate an illusion of a pretty large space.

Traditional Hangings and Rugs


A go-to for bedroom wall art for your dorm room. Hang up a traditional and earthy printed sheet in your living room or bedroom wall. Incorporating rug hangings will bring a very homely and relaxed vibe to any wall.

Boho Wall Hangings 


Hang a lovely bohemian cotton yarm wall hanging which is a great option for any wall in your home. They bring an aesthetically pleasing aura in the home and can be a great piece to install in your living room.



Add an aesthetic large vintage map on the walls, it’s a great way of marking your travels around the world and also shows your wanderlust spirit.

Metal Artwork


Metal artwork is another common way to add texture and third-dimensional 3D effect to your living room.

Hobby Wall


Don’t have too much space in your home to put your bicycle inside? You can hang it on the wall as an accessory. This idea will save you so much space and also be a unique decor piece that you will be able to take down from time to time. 


Love your surfboard too much to hide it away in the garage? Style it as the centrepiece as your living room wall decor.

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Final thoughts

The way our home looks determines the mood and vibe of our family. Home décor surely expresses your lifestyle. A nicely decorated home can make you feel better and get rid of any sort of anxiety. The different types of home décor make every room more appealing and appealing. The living room is supposed to be the soul of the house, it is a place where one should always feel at ease. It is one such room where friends reside, family is set together, and memories are set to be created. Therefore, your attitude towards the room determines your vision. Keeping all the above points in mind helps in making the place look warm, happy and cosy; the perfect feeling you need at the end of the day! Discover the world of home decor with the Interior Company today! 

Why should you decorate your home with plants?

Adding plants as your decor pieces not only calms the tones but also your mood. They are a great source of oxygen and act as natural air purifiers.

Does decorating your space help mental health?

There are real psychological effects of the decor in your home, decorating your space can bring a calming effect on your mind and make you more productive than before because it made you feel your own.

How can I create a boho look in my living room?

One can create a boho looking living room with some incorporations in your home like adding wall hangings and plants.