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Grey Master Bedroom Ideas - Can Grey Be an Ideal Colour?

Published On: Oct 22, 2022

It would be a shame if you looked at a majestic grey bedroom and didn't appreciate the soared popularity, elegant neutrality and, of course, the colour palette. Grey is not here for a season. While the mood board has sustained itself within the walls of numerous interior decor layouts, let us go through some grey bedroom ideas that would brush up your bedroom's aesthetics and characteristic appeal. 

Can Grey Be an Ideal Colour?

Before you bombard yourself with questions like how, why and what, let us pave the way to make the best out of the shades of grey, before you choose any shade, make sure you analyse the direction of your room, the time of the day you would be residing in the house, the weather and the colour palette you are going to sublimate. 

Why is Grey One of the Best Colours To Opt For? 

Why is Grey One of the Best Colours To Opt For? 

While grey is a trend that is being painted around on walls, this colour signifies the emotion of calm. One can introduce personal touches and elements to create a restful and soothing space. Grey can be cold, and it becomes essential for one to consider the flow of natural light seeping into the room being decorated. However, if you want warmth in your modern grey bedroom, you can zone the interior planning towards the north and choose colours like Lilac, Pink etc. If you focus on a cool undertone, you can pick options like green and blue. Be it any theme, greys can amp up the layout of any bedroom, so paint your walls while it’s still trending. 

What Colour Combinations Can One Use With Grey?

What Colour Combinations Can One Use With Grey?

While grey is one of the most popular muses of contemporary, modern, and minimalistic interior styles, bringing out an optimistic colour palette can be a versatile option. If used the right way, grey can be used with any colour and can just be there complementing it. 

One of the best ways to understand a grey mood board would begin by pinning your chosen grey’s undertone, followed by picking up colours with a similar undertone. This will not only make your interior story look cohesive but also natural and emphasising. After you are through with figuring out the undertones, move on to the aesthetic you are aiming for. Different aesthetics come in different colours, characteristics, elements, lighting and finishings. 

For example, A modern grey bedroom, when nurtured with a pink undertone, gives you a feeling of warmth and cosiness. When used with white, the ivory of icy pastels, the room resonates a soothing, calm and peaceful vibe.  

Soothing and Sophisticated Modern Grey Bedroom Ideas: 

Soothing and Sophisticated Modern Grey Bedroom Ideas: 

When painting large bedrooms, it is ideal for turning to neutral shades. While white might be too bright for you, using grey calls in for a subtle colour palette. Use grey as a backdrop or the base colour, and then you can punctuate it with tinctures of different colours. Adding a statement-making shade brings more character and personality to the area.  

Many experts talk about colour stories and the juxtaposition of warm shades with grey in a way that they blend in without a patch. If you ask us, what should be done? Using grey with blue and green undertones would do wonders on your grey bedroom walls. 

Keeping it Pristine On The Other Side: 

Keeping it Pristine On The Other Side: 

There is nothing that compares to the relationship between white and grey. White and grey add to a minimalistic, contemporary and bohemian theme when used along with hints of beiges, off-whites, ivories, browns, ochres, etc.  

Opting for neutrals has become one of the 'safe plays', with that comes the palette of grey, white and beige. Grey carries the efficiency of blurring out the sharpness of the white while beautifully melting into other textures and fabrics. An eminent play of contrasting grey tints can also underline the concept of grey room ideas. You can use a light grey on the walls, complementing it by using a darker shade, creating a visible hierarchy of shades just by making a colour palette. 

Add Colours: 

Add Colours: 

Opting for grey walls doesn't mean you have to stay around in walls when throwing colours on the canvas. While grey now becomes the base, you can use pops of colours as punctuation while making a statement and changing the overall mood of the theme. 

Engage in different and contrasting colours if you do not want your room to appear dull. When you use these pieces of hues correctly, you can create a perfect modern grey bedroom that just comes to life with the sewed-up colour combinations

Keep a note that pale and mid greys can subdue the eclectic tones like yellow, orange, etc. So, you can add these as well to create a calming yet exciting balance to your interior story. Greys take no time blending in with soft turquoise, purples, reflective fabrics, etc. So, from mild to natural and fun to eclectic, you can get everything in this 'grey platter.' 

Final Touches

Final Touches

Start by interplaying contemporary pieces and elegant finishings camouflaged with a palette of hues inspired by calming interiors and fine details. Adding the final touches is driven by the theme or aesthetic you aim for. You can achieve a focussed yet balanced modern grey bedroom with the correct installation of elements and finishings. 

If you are fixated on a neutral colour scheme, you can use tones of pebbles and earthy colours like chalk, sand, and stone mixed on your focal wall. Materials such as pale wood and linen create a much more calming, relaxing and laid-back feel. 

In this sophisticated space, any subtly textured fabrics, along with that extra touch of artwork, painting or craft, can create a scheme that people won’t stop looking at. Hand-turned brass against ash grey walls is one of the fads in the era of grey bedroom ideas. 

If you are in it for luxury and opulence, you can add metallic textures as the final touches to add that lux oomph to your interior story. Gold never misses it! 

How Do You Make a Grey Bedroom Feel Warm? 

How Do You Make a Grey Bedroom Feel Warm? 

While grey lies in the category of cool undertones, one must understand the process of adding warmth to a grey aesthetic room. The initial approach to achieve this would be weaving in eclectic colours and hues that can immediately excite your interior colour story. But, it is also essential to understand that sometimes these colours might just feel a little flat or basic than what you expect. 

So, apart from picking a colour palette, one must also think about the type of lighting, the interior lux and the lighting position. From the undertone of grey used in the decor to the position of the windows, the orientation of artificial lighting and some green foliage, you can find yourself standing in a warm modern grey bedroom. 

Even when experimenting with textures, fabrics and colour schemes, you might get what you have been looking for. Explore multiple options as you slide down colour palettes and schemes, establishing your own grey bedroom ideas.


Now that you have a conclusive idea of the grey room aesthetic, you can undoubtedly seek more inspiration, consult a professional and paint the same aesthetic on your bedroom walls. Make sure you abide by the colour palette but don’t shy away from bold contrasts. Remember, what stands out stays on the focal frame and needs to be precise and captivating. For more design-related inspirations and advice, you may reach out to the experienced team of the Interior Company. 


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    What colour goes well with grey bedroom furniture?

    Colours like light blue, turquoise blue, white, pastels, etc., really bring out the grey hue and leave a positive impact on your bedroom interior.

    How do you brighten up a grey room?

    You can use contrast dark grey colours along with pops of bright colours in between. This can make your bedroom interior stand out.

    How do you make a grey bedroom feel warm?

    To induce warmth in a grey bedroom, you can induce warm colours like red, yellow, orange and neutrals as accents.

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