Noticeable Pink Two-Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Published On: Jan 21, 2023

Let these chic pink bedroom colour combinations inspire you to go bold with Fuschia pink or be subtle with dusky. 

Pink has outgrown gender stereotypes and is coveted in bedrooms for inducing warmth and liveliness. When decorating the pink bedroom colour combinations, this versatile hue can be suited to any style, be it contemporary, eclectic, or Scandinavian. From Viva Magenta- the 2024 Pantone COY that encourages compassion, to millennial rose pink adding allure. Pink is a brilliant colour that brings an individual touch to calmer blues and greys or creates a striking contrast with red and orange. 

Keep browsing below to delve into the pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls and pick your favourite look. 

Understated Pink Bedroom Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

The pink hue in home designs has evolved, trading its sweet reputation for a more muted and pared-back look. Embrace the dusty shade of pink with natural wooden hues to add a sense of calm to your bedroom. Team up with warmer neutrals and browns to lend an airy and cosy vibe. The natural wooden flooring and furniture channel the earthy vibe in a pink colour combination for bedroom walls.

Modern Pink and Blue Combination Room

Source: Pinterest

A colour scheme that can invigorate your bedroom is pink and blue. Use the blue hues in the right tone to bring a refreshing vibe to your pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls. Choose pale shades, from millennial pink to dusky and pair it with dark navy to lend an exquisite look. In addition, play with patterns in accessories and fill the space with light for an amicable design. 

Sensuous Pink and Purple Combination Room

Source: Pinterest

Give a romantic twist to your pink bedroom colour combination with a plum shade. Pink and purple hues complement each other and can lend a sophisticated or moody vibe to the room, depending on how your approach the design. Here, the muted ceiling and the darker shade walls bring a dramatic touch to the space. Layer the room with patterns and textures for a designer look. 

Try Coral Peach and Pink Room Colour Combination

Layering similar pink tones give a more mature vibe to the room. Take the peachy pink across the architectural details and blend it with the decor elements to create a welcoming and coherent design. Coral exudes warmth and dynamic appeal when paired with a pink colour combination for bedroom walls. Ensure to add some neutrality to uplift the scheme and create a subtle contrast. 

Style Raspberry Pink Room Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

How about adding a vibrant raspberry shade of pink in your bedroom that brings a distinctive style to your space? Pair it with neutrals and slate grey to create balance and a more welcoming vibe. Choose grey as a base colour and add a pink accent wall or in detail to make a striking statement. Crisp white walls and grey bedding with layers of patterns bring out a refreshing vibe without overwhelming the space. 

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Boho Room Colour Pink Combination

Source: Pinterest

Pink is a soothing colour with welcoming connotations, making it an apt choice for the room. Accessorise it with elegant wooden furniture, patterned throws, macrame, and weaves to channel the bohemian warmth in your pink and cream colour combination for the bedroom. Here, the charming nook adds vibrance and packs a punch of personality to the space. 

Source: Pinterest

With Valentino's fall Winter 2022 collection, Fuschia is hot in the fashion and decor game. Incorporate this electrifying shade into your bedroom’s pink colour combination to add flair and liveliness to the living space. Dress up this hue in accent chairs, furnishings, rugs, and lighting fixtures to accentuate your bedroom scheme.

Suave Pink Bedroom Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Black and pink is a beautiful blend of sophistication and drama that creates a cosy yet modern vibe in the room. The panelling makes a statement with digital wall art in this pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls. The large patterns are in vogue, which induces depth and character to the design. This bedroom decor defines style and class that is hard to miss!

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Pair Burnt Orange and Pink Two-Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Orange and pink are vivid shades beside each other on the colour wheel and are perfect for a charming bedroom scheme. Choose moody shades of pink like dusty rose or carnation hue with burnt orange that creates a retro yet elegantly contemporary look. Bring on patterns in accessories and metallic finishes to add the wow factor to the room. 

Pink and Grey Combination Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

Looking for a matching pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls? Choose grey as the neutral colour for the children's and adults’ rooms. From eclectic to laid-back style, a pink and grey combination bedroom is the goal, so make the most of it! Add grey to furniture and accessories that make the hue prominent and spruce up the living space.

Source: Pinterest

Are you also following the #barbiecore trend that is turning the world pink? This hottest hue became the latest craze in fashion and design since the stills of Margot Robbie were unveiled on the internet. Look at this eclectic bedroom bursting with personality, featuring a layer of patterns. The pink furniture catches the eye and injects a dose of drama and vibrance into the room. 

Heavenly Pink and Green Combination Room

Source: Pinterest

Pink and green have become trending colour combinations in modern interior schemes. If you desire a bedroom that enriches your style, choose these flexible shades that have a flair for balancing out each other. The emotive powers of these hues infuse passion and vibrance in the bedroom pink colour combination. Take inspiration from this bedroom, which makes a striking contrast, along with the decor elements in gold-finish, lending a contemporary style to the living space. 

Let's Go Pink!

There is no denying that pink is the colour of the moment and is enjoying its glory in the interior world. Embrace this versatile hue conjuring up sophistication and vividness at the same time, and can adapt to suit and style. Bedroom colours facilitate a good night’s sleep, so pick a shade that lends a tranquil vibe and aesthetics to the room. For more relevant trends on bedroom colour combination ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company. 

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    What are the best pink bedroom colour combinations?

    When choosing the combinations for pink bedrooms, there are endless options. The most on-trend looks right now are sage green and dusty pink and navy blue and rose pink. As these shades sit on the opposite side of the colour wheel, they create a good contrast and lend an enduring style to the room.

    What colours go with pink bedroom walls?

    Complementary colours like blue, green and grey blend well with a pink colour combination for bedroom walls. These shades create a cohesive design and a sense of balance in the room.

    What colour contrasts with the pink colour combination for bedroom walls?

    Colours like greige, white, peach, blue, green, and lavender make a good contrast and can adapt to suit any style.

    Which colour of curtains matches the pink walls in your bedroom?

    Depending on the décor, you can opt for various curtains colours such as white, beige, brown, and grey to complement pink walls. Also, you can choose a different tone of pink for the curtains.

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