15+Top Wall Mural Ideas to Elevate Your Interior Design Game

Updated On: May 31, 2024

Maximalists rejoice as the big lush prints and wall murals are the new craze. Unlike paints and wallpapers, which feature repeated designs and motifs, wall murals are larger-scale artworks or patterns that create a more striking look in the interiors. From blousy floral designs to muted landscapes, whimsical nature-inspired themes or contemporary abstract art, the beauty of a mural design will have you gazing at it for hours. Whether you're looking for DIY simple mural design ideas or digital options or hire a professional for a custom-designed one, there's a wall mural for every taste and style. Read on to find our best mural wall ideas curated by our design experts and transform your space with a little imagination, creativity and flair.

Abstract And Geometric Wall Mural Art Ideas

Abstract And Geometric - Wall Mural Design

The juxtaposition of abstract art and geometric shapes looks grooving in this dining space, creating a dynamic visual appeal. These designs can range from the simplicity of monochrome styles to vibrant colour splashes, offering a playful yet elegant vibe. Pair them with minimalist decor for a harmonious look.

Natural Nook Pop Mural Design

Natural Nook Pop - Mural Art Designs

We see a mountain mural art design that transforms a hallway into a serene sanctuary. The hallway entrance allures the greens and browns of nature, inviting calmness and balance into your home. Who needs to hang artwork when you can paint wall murals? Pair with wooden furniture to enhance the organic vibe in your living space.

Whimsical Wonder Mural Art Designs

Whimsical Wonder - Design Wall Mural

Discover fantastical wall mural designs, from whimsical landscapes to abstract, dreamy patterns, bringing a touch of magic and creativity to the space. They are a well-liked choice in children’s bedrooms and home studios! Choose the covet colour scheme to set a tone of playful inspiration.

Custom Landscape Mural Wall Painting Ideas

Custom Landscape - Mural Wall Painting Designs

Personalise your space with custom landscape murals if you want a one-of-a-kind wallcovering. Whether it's an urban skyline of any city, a dream destination or a favourite local scenery, these high-quality wall mural designs can modify your room into a retreat, infusing mood and personality.

Boho-Style Beauty Wall Mural Decor

Boho Style Beauty - Wallpaper Mural Ideas

The Boho style celebrates culture, pattern, colour and artistic expression. This mural wall idea is adorned with vivid hues, including pink, red, and orange shades, infusing life and energy into any space. The burnt orange rug ties the whole look together, creating a laid-back, eclectic vibe.

A quick tip: Mix and match textures in your decor to echo the boho spirit of your wall mural in your home.

Subtly Leafy Design Wall Mural

Subtly Leafy  - Mural Wall Ideas

If you are a fan of artistic design but lean towards a more subtle and minimalist look, choose a grey-and-white mural painting idea that adds elegance to this living space. The small leafy prints complement the decor, creating a soothing backdrop. Introduce soft, natural lighting to accentuate the details and elevate the atmosphere.

Black And White Pattern Wall Mural Decor

Black And White Pattern - Mural Wall Painting Ideas

Black and white murals always look timeless and add a modern flair to the room. From simple geometric designs to elegant prints, these mural design ideas take your plain white bare walls to the next level, fusing style and creativity. In addition, art mural ideas bring a sophisticated contrast and visual interest to the space.

Channel Marble Ideas For Painting A Wall Mural

Channel Marble Ideas For Painting - Room Mural Ideas

More than illustrative and graphic designs, digitally printed wall murals are hailing in the interior designs. You can create an impactful feature wall and choose from different materials or patterns like the elegance of marble that brings a natural sheen to the space and enhances the beauty.

Into The Jungle Kids Mural Art Designs

Into The Jungle Kids - Art Mural Ideas

Thanks to a jungle mural, you can transform your child’s bedroom into a wonderland of adventure. Adorn the wall with exotic jungle prints, and lush floral patterns for a lively and energetic vibe. Add plush animal toys and a similar colour scheme in bedding to bring the whole scene to life.

Wall Mural Design Of A Mountain

Wall Mural Design Of A Mountain

Bring the majestic tranquillity of mountains into your living space, which can create a peaceful and awe-inspiring look. Choose soft hues that give the home a sense of openness and an airy feel. For those who are nature lovers, it’s a sight to behold!

Underwater Sea Theme Wall Mural Decor

Underwater Sea Theme - Mural Painting Ideas

Unravel the magical world of the sea in your home or office with captivating underwater-themed murals. Set the stage with vibrant blues, lush greens, and colourful coral reefs that bring the room to life. This enchanting wall mural decor captures the integrated beauty of the ocean, evoking an awe-inspiring look in the space.

Mural Of Modern Art

Mural Of Modern Art - Painted Wall Mural Ideas

A statement wall mural design is a great way to alter the mood and the room's vibe. Think abstract prints, bold colour blocks, geometric shapes or even a graffiti-style mural for an edgy, modern look. This style suits spaces like hallways, living rooms, dining and home offices, adding creativity and artistic flair.

A Quick Tip: Keep the rest of the room's decor minimal to let the mural take centre stage.

Romantic Garden

Romantic Garden - Ideas For Painting A Wall Mural

Want to bring the outdoor beauty inside your home interiors? Go for floral prints that give the space a romantic and elegant vibe. Embrace the similar colours of the design in the surroundings so that the wall mural art idea is the show-stopper in the room.

Graffiti Style Art Mural Ideas

Graffiti Style - Mural Design Ideas

If you’re a fan of urban and street art, go for an edgy graffiti wall mural design that makes a bold statement of personality and contemporary flair in the home. With vibrant tones and shades, this background mural art design can transform the mood of any room, showcasing your fine taste and preferences while lending a dynamic and exciting vibe to the space.

Big Lush Prints

Big Lush Prints - Wall Mural Decor

If you’re looking for an eye-catching art mural design, go for big prints with a moment in the interior world. The key is to choose one hue from painted wall mural ideas, like burgundy from here, and use it as a base colour and in furniture for a cohesive and bold look.

Decor Delights!

Unlike canvas art, wall mural ideas change the environment while bringing personality and character to the room. From different patterns and styles to choose from, art murals are dynamic and add an impeccable look to the space. Whether you want to make a contemporary statement or incite a fresh vibe to the space, choose a design that suits your aesthetic style and nail the look.

Looking for more wall decor ideas? Connect to our experts at Interior Company, curating designs with on-trend ideas that suit your taste and space.

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    What are the different kinds of wall mural designs?

    Art murals come in various designs, from abstract patterns to custom designs, nature images, and edgy prints. With advances in art and digital technology, there are endless choices, including fresco, mosaic and graffiti styles.

    How can I choose the ideal mural art design for my room?

    Consider your room’s overall space and theme before selecting a mural. Choose a design that matches your current decor for a cohesive look or create a mural and then decorate the space accordingly, opting for one of the colours in the surroundings.

    Do wall mural art ideas look good at the home?

    Yes, murals are back in the interior game as designers are embracing bold colours and patterns. If you want to create a dramatic design feature wall, then art mural ideas might be the design solution for you. From hallways to bathrooms or kid’s rooms, they work in every space.

    What is the difference between wallpaper and wall murals?

    While murals are a single large-scale image, wallpapers include patterns, motifs, geometric forms, and textured surfaces. Wall murals display a particular piece of art or favourite scenery on a wall, like a cityscape, abstract design or landscape painting.

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