12 Trendy Wall Panelling Ideas for Every Type of Room Space

Updated On: May 17, 2024
Indian interior design experts have always historically focused on the basics, that is, namely, paint colour, furniture and flooring etc. In recent years, however, designers and customers have taken inspiration from the western concept of wall panelling. Simply put, wall panelling is a cover or a panel of material placed over a wall as an additional layer of design and insulation.

 If you’re new to the wall panelling craze, however, it can be hard to decide upon a style, colour and design for your space. 

To get you started, we have created a list of 12 trending wall panel design ideas for every kind of room and budget in the sections below.

1. Use Shiplap to Add Some Beachy Flair

Source: Pinterest 

If you’re looking for an answer on what wall panelling is, the first result you’ll probably see is shiplap. Shiplap is a classic wall panelling style with a long history of use in seaside cottages and other punishing climates like snowy mountains.

You can use distressed earthy interior design wall panels in a shiplap style to add some beachy and cabin flair to your bedroom.

When you pair this design with coastal accessories like shells, surfboards, striped rugs or cabin favourites like antlers and thick rugs, it will instantly remind you of the seaside.

As seen in the image above, you can opt for modern wall panelling ideas if you do not prefer the earthy decoration style. Adding metallic shine or accessories on shiplap walls is another way to stylise this wall panelling style. 

2. Create a Statement Bathroom With Wood Panelling

Statement Bathroom With Wood Panelling design
Create a polished bathroom space with a wall panelled accent wall

While people do not generally consider wood panelling in the bathroom, it is a highly interesting choice.

This is because adding interior design wall panels in wood in your bathroom helps create a spa-like space that is perfect for winding down.

Pair light wood panels with cement accents like in the picture above, or envelop the entire room in wood panels for a wood sauna-like vibe. Ensure your sink, faucet, and other accessories don’t clash with wood panelling and avoid visual overload.

Consult our Interior Company experts today for in-depth panelling suggestions that will transform your space today!

3. Highlight an Accent Wall by Incorporating Wallpaper Panelling

Source: Pinterest

Wall panelling is an excellent way to create a totally unique space. And pairing wallpapers with luxury wall panels takes it one step further.

For modern bedroom interior design setups you can use wallpaper panelling to highlight a seating area in the room while keeping the remainder of the bedroom walls more simply designed.

You can use the wall panels as a frame for a custom wallpaper design or use wallpaper above panelling to create a finished wall.

When it comes to wall panels and wallpaper, look beyond the obvious colours and prints and think of mixing textures to create a sensory wall with a 3D look.

Like the look of this wall panel but need some extra inspiration? Check out Interior Company today for more modern wall panelling ideas and consult with experts to make your choice.

4. Use Fiber Wall Panels to Create an Opulent Drawing Room Space

Source: Pinterest

The drawing room is the public space of your home. It’s where guests congregate and the first room people see when they visit your home. It only stands to reason that the drawing room of your house should be as grand as possible.

You can opt for luxury wall panels to create a statement in your living room. Fibre or 3D wall panels add depth and dimension to a space and come in various styles and colours.

For a more masculine drawing room, you can use geometric fiber wall panels. And for a more elegant feminine living room, try out fibre panels with a floral marble look like in the picture above.

5. Envelop the Bedroom in Wood Panelling to Create a Cosy Space

Source: Pinterest

Wall panelling is not just a design choice as carefully placed wall panelling can be used to hide construction issues, wall stains and even wiring.

This also makes wooden decorative wall panels an excellent choice for bedrooms that need to be quiet spaces with minimal visual disturbance.

The picture above is the perfect example of a contemporary wall panelling design juxtaposed with minimal furniture and an absence of clutter. 

6. Mix and Match Different Panelling Styles to Highlight Areas of One Space

Source: Pinterest

Experimenting with different wall panelling styles is a great way to inject some creative flair into your space. In fact, modern wall panelling design usually combines different panelling types to create a bespoke room.

For instance, you can combine horizontal wall panelling with vertical wall panelling to create interest on one wall or contrast-rich fabric wall panelling with rustic wood panelling in the same space for some creative contrast.

The possibilities are endless.  The above picture is an example of complementary wall panelling details in different materials and sizes coming together to create a cohesive statement wall. 

Do you want something like this for your home but don’t know where to start? Check out Interior Company, where our expert designers can help create custom wall panelling details for your home

7. Use Wainscoting for More Classic European Style Interiors

Source: Pinterest

Whenever you doubt your wall panels, you should opt for the Wainscoting wall lining design style.It is a popular classic wall panelling style that has grown in popularity due to the many period shows running on TV these days.

For example, you can create a more modern wall panelling design with wainscoting by incorporating paintings within the wainscoting and using the wainscoting as a kind of frame.

You can also add a 3D design feature like the protruding bird in the picture above inside the wainscoting for a whimsical touch. Let your imagination guide you.

8. Create a Cocoon-Like Space With Fabric Panelling

Source: Pinterest

Fabric modern wall panelling additionally creates texture on the wall and helps to create a soft, tranquil vibe.

You can use fabric wall panelling in the bedroom to create a cocoon-like vibe and pair it with rich fabrics like silk to complete the look.

The above picture is the perfect example of soft fabric panelling combined with a feminine bed and lamps to create a tranquil ambience.

9. Add a Rustic Cottage Touch to a Home Office with Wood Panelling

Source: Pinterest

The best use of wall panelling in a home aside from the bedroom is in the study. Interior panelling in rich dark wood provides excellent soundproofing, creating a focused space for work.

If comprehensive wall panelling doesn’t align with your abode, you can opt for the other experimental wall panel design ideas .

For instance, you could add wood panelling on one study wall or focus the panelling on just the roof for an unexpected touch.

You could also add recessed lighting peeking through the wooden panels to make the room look like a vintage parlour, if you are interested in vintage set pieces.

Though panelling work can be a time-consuming process, the results however are pretty exceptional.

At Interior Company our interior designers will take out the guesswork from any panelling work you need to get done. You can enjoy stunning results with none of the hassle. Contact today!

10. Create Contemporary Art on a Wall With Wall Panelling

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to wall panelling, don’t go for the most obvious interior wall panelling design ideas. For example, while wood is a classic panelling choice, you could instead use decorative wall panels to create a kind of modern art on the walls.

In this above example, an oversized wall panelling in a star-like shape covers part of the wall.

The remainder of the space is finished in earthy cement. Not only does this mix of materials create a bespoke space, but it also reduces the cost of all-around wall panelling. 

11. Make a Space Look Bigger With Mirror Wall Panelling

Source: Pinterest

Modern decorative wall panels come in a variety of styles. These panels are examples of fabric, metal, and 3D fibre glass. However, mirror wall panels have an advantage over the others.

Mirror wall panels expand a space and make it look much larger. They also reflect light and help create a romantic ambience. You can use mirror wall panels on one side of the room to reflect greens on the other side or reflect lamp lights from across the room. 

For a more unexpected choice, mirror panels can also be used on the roof, or the mantelpiece-the effect remains the space, but you get an additional wow factor.

12. Create a Modern Bar Room with Brick Wall Panelling

Source: Pinterest 

Wall panelling might seem like an extravagant choice for some people whereas in fact, wall panelling can help give your space the look of more expensive stones.

For instance, some popular interior wall panelling design ideas involve wall panelling in a brick or marble finish.

You could use interior panelling in a brick finish in your bar or dining room to give it a bistro-like feel. The picture above is a perfect example of brick-finished wall panelling.

Pair with luxe accessories like leather ottomans and decorative glasses to complete the look. 

In Conclusion

You can always design a home on your own. But for bespoke solutions like wall lining design, getting the experts involved will save you time and money and reduce the chances of construction disasters.

Wall panelling meets different needs, and an expert will make it easy for you to make the right decision.

At Interior Company, our team of expert designers can help you design wall panelling for a new home or create a wall panelling design to update your existing space. Contact today to learn more!

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.***


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    Wall Panelling is not a 100% soundproofing solution. However, wall panels do help reduce background noise significantly. The exact reduction in sound depends on the material used in the panelling.

    What Materials Are Used for Wall Panelling?

    The exact material used for wall panelling really depends on your interior style. Some common wall panelling materials include wood, MDF, upholstery material, PVC and glass.

    Does Panelling Make a Room Smaller?

    The kind of wall panelling and the colour determines the effect it has on a room’s size. For example, vertically placed shiplap panels help elongate a space giving the effect of a high ceiling and a larger room.

    They also make a space look airier. By contrast, vertical wood panels and fabric panels create a cocoon-like cosier space. 

    What Is the Cheapest Wall Panelling Material?

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