Decorating Your Space: 7 Creative Things to Hang on the Wall

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

Ever wondered what you can hang on a wall to breathe life into your room? Walls, like a blank canvas, offer endless possibilities for transforming your space. Whether you’re an avid plant collector, a music enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls showcase individuality. Do not limit yourself to art pieces and prints; there is so much more you can do for your wall.

We've curated 7 unexpected ideas to turn your walls from bland to bomb in a jiffy:

Hang A Rug

Rug- Item That You Can Hang on A Wall

Some rugs are simply too stunning to be limited to the floor. If you come across a rug that steals your heart, why not elevate it to wall art status? This bold and brilliant twist on traditional home decor can completely transform your space. Rugs bring a layer of texture, colour, and character to the room. The vibrant hand-woven details and intricate craftsmanship create a luxurious backdrop for your living room. These decor pieces are more than just conversation starters; they're magic for your space.

Display A Jute Basket Wall

Jute Basket Wall- Home Decor Item That You Can Hang on A Wall

Want a creative twist on your wall decor? Introduce jute and wicker baskets as a wall hanging idea to lend the space a unique pattern and rustic charm. These baskets bring an organic touch to the space with a homely vibe. Arrange baskets of different sizes above the couch in a living room or dining space to infuse a splash of artisanal beauty in your home.

Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors- Decor Item That You Can Hang on A Wall

Mirrors have more benefits than checking your outfits. These versatile design elements make a room feel larger and more open, creating an illusion of space. One of the easiest and trendy ideas to hang on a wall is an assortment of mirrors. Place a group of mirrors opposite a window in your room to bounce natural light, adding functionality and aesthetics. Choose from an array of shapes, designs, and frame details to create an exciting and interesting look.

Curate Your Children’s Artwork

Children's Artwork- Home Decor Item That You Can Hang on A Wall

Beyond traditional painting, the walls of your home should serve personal expression, displaying family pictures, drawings, and objects that tell a unique story. And nothing warms the heart quite like showcasing the art made by little hands. It is a wonderful way to add their creativity and imagination, fostering a sense of pride and adding a personalised touch to the room. Use modern, sleek frames in a classic floor-to-ceiling grid for a charming, contemporary setting.

Wall Decor Plate- Item That You Can Hang on A Wall

For an unconventional and modern take on gallery wall ideas, flaunt a unique collection of heirloom plates or exquisite china dishes on your kitchen or dining room wall. Pick wall plates with the same theme but distinct designs to infuse your walls with colour, pattern, and texture. Experiment with different shapes, round and oval, big and small, to lend an eccentric touch to your space.

The Art of Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves- Decor Item That You Can Hang on A Wall

Breathe new life into your living room walls with humble floating shelves. These sleek, minimalist platforms are practical for modern interior design and express your style and creativity. Arrange a set of floating shelves at varying heights to lend a dynamic and layered look. Adorn it with your favourite books, trinkets, photo frames, or planters for a visual spectacle. The beauty of floating shelves is that they fuse with any decor style and are an appealing choice for wall hangings.

Spark of Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces- Item That You Can Hang on A Wall

Sconces add extra light and style to your home without taking up any floor space. These sculptural fixtures add depth, warmth and dramatic flair to your home. From modern designs to classic looks, spotlight your wall space to create a dynamic visual experience. Choose a tasteful design that provides a soft gleam to the room, evoking a cosy and comfortable ambience.

Tips For Hanging Things on the Wall

Tips For Hanging Things on the Wall
  • Before using fasteners, identify the wall material. If a pushpin goes in easily, it's likely drywall. Use suitable anchors and screws designed for drywall to ensure hanging items are secure.
  • Screws are better than nails as they generally provide more support and securely hold heavy objects without risking any damage.
  • Look for studs in your wall for bulky objects, like heavier frames, shelves, and cabinets. In most homes, studs are vertical wooden boards or steel beams located 16 or 24 inches apart.
  • When hanging your wall decor item, ensure it is straight and well-positioned. Use painter's tape to hang multiple items.
  • For lighter wall-hanging objects, such as small frames or decor, choose adhesive strips, such as Command strips, that are easy to remove and provide a good hold.
  • Lastly, always check the weight capacity of hanging strips, hooks, or nails to avoid damage to your walls.

In A Nutshell

Let your home reflect your personality, speaking volumes of style and grace. Embrace extraordinary and unconventional ideas to elevate your space with uniqueness. Whether it's an assortment of mirrors, a gallery of personalised artwork, or a beautiful rug, get your creative juices flowing and take your pick to lend an inviting feel to your home.

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    What are wall hangings, and how can you style them in the living room?

    Wall hangings are the decorative items that breathe life into the space. Paintings, floating shelves, wall plates, photo frames, mirrors, scones etc. are a few types of wall hangings. They become the focal point in the room while tying all the elements together. Choose your wall hanging carefully that makes an impact and add a cherished feel to the room.

    What are some budget-friendly ideas for unique and creative wall hangings?

    There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to wall hanging ideas, from personalised displays with printed photos or artworks to fabric tapestry, murals or macramé plant hangers, and much more. You can also repurpose old baskets or decorative plates as wall hangings.

    What are some interesting DIY wall-hanging ideas?

    Some of the creative DIY wall decor ideas include- decorative mirrors, display of vintage items, macrame or beaded wall art and chalkboard design. to make a style statement. Whether you want to go colourful or subdued, you can liven up any negative space and spark visual interest in the room.

    How can I choose the right wall hanging for my bedroom's decor?

    Start by considering the colour scheme and style of your room. Look for pieces that complement or subtly contrast with your existing decor. The possibilities are endless and unexpected, whether it’s modern wall art, vintage music records, or eclectic wall sconces. Choose the one that suits your taste to make a striking home interior.

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