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11 Trending Chalkboard Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Wall Decor

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

It's fairly easy to say that chalkboard wall paints are having a moment in the interiors! Versatile and creative to use, they have become a desirable feature in modern and contemporary homes, creating a dynamic appeal with a contrasting colour palette. Beyond the traditional designs, we've uncovered imaginative paint ideas, from kitchen statement chalkboard walls to accenting a single section in your office room or painting the door and garden walls- the possibilities are endless.

So, whether you're looking for a handy space to jot down reminders or want to display your artistic flair, here are the best chalkboard wall ideas to get you inspired and start with your wall decor project.

Make a Feature Chalkboard Wall

Make a Feature Chalkboard Wall - Chalkboard Design Ideas

Chalkboard paint has made a comeback and is implemented creatively, reflecting different aesthetics. It’s ideal for a family dining space to create a fun focal point in the room. It’s a great place to showcase an expression of personality, by putting up the upcoming menu, a quote or a seasonal greeting.

Creative Bespoke Storage Unit

Creative Bespoke Storage Unit - Chalkboard Paint Colors

This one is surprisingly interesting to create a bespoke kitchen shelving unit. Paint one shutter with chalkboard paint as a unique element to decorate the surface. From doodle boards to shopping lists or family planners, the possibilities are endless, creating a dynamic and colourful display in your cooking space.

Hallway Chalkboard Wall Design Ideas

Hallway Chalkboard Wall Design Ideas - How To Make A Chalkboard

Revitalise your foyer console table into a central hub of activity with creative chalkboard paint on a wall. This small space can serve many functions, providing the perfect backdrop for a chalkboard idea to act as a daily reminder of tasks, welcoming messages, to-do lists or whimsical drawings. It creates stunning impressions, adding both functionality and personality to your home.

Artistic Living Spaces

Artistic Living Spaces - Chalkboard Wall

The trend for dark and bold colours shows how deep hues are leading the way in interiors right now. Embrace the boldness and curate a blackboard wall in a hallway or living room that opens up a world of artistic possibilities. It’s a practical choice for high-traffic areas and gives the desired statement look. Whether it's a whimsical scene, abstract art or welcoming notes, the chalkboard wall becomes a focal point of the room.

Chalkboard Wall Accent In Kid’s Room

Chalkboard Wall Accent In Kid's Room - Chalk Paint On A Wall

Small kids tend to write on furniture or walls, making this idea all the more fun and educational, add a chalkboard wall. It provides a blank canvas for drawing, practising writing, daily task reminders, and much more. It offers flexibility to change the design and themes, encouraging their creativity and imaginative skills. Add the trims to tape out the outer edges of the area you wish to paint, and Voila! You have a fun chalkboard wall ready.

Crafty Nooks with Chalkboard Wall

Crafty Nooks with Chalkboard Wall - Chalk Board Wall Paint

Lack of limited creative space? What If we can tell you to transform a small nook or closet into a vibrant and practical space with chalkboard paint? Installing a chalkboard wall makes the space come alive and gives you an enclosed environment to spark creativity and imagination. Bonus points, you can jot down your thoughts and write a memo list. Here, the black chalkboard wall beautifully contrasts with white desks and shelves, making the space pop with personality.

Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Chalkboard Wall Calendar - Chalk Wall Paint Colors

Need to get organised? Add a chalkboard wall calendar in your home office or kitchen to provide a dedicated space for your family to add their events, and it can be updated monthly. It’s a brilliant idea to use the chalkboard wall paint. Mix black and white paint to get the desired tones of grey that can lend an eye-catching effect. Use colourful chalk to highlight important dates or events.

Chalkboard the Door

Chalkboard the Door - Best Chalkboard Paint For Walls

No free walls? Try a chalkboard door that serves a double purpose, infusing functionality and flair to the space. You can paint such doors for your kitchen, mudroom or children’s room. In this chic kitchen design, the black paint merges with the rest of the decor and provides extra space to jot down important events, shopping lists and more before heading out the door.

Add Fun with Chalkboard Wall Paint in Basements


Another great place where you can introduce chalkboard wall paint is your basements. Spice up the wall decor with the chalkboard paint to keep the activities score or draw whimsical art. Whether you're covering an entire wall or a portion of the space, these DIY chalkboard design ideas can impress friends and family with minimal effort.

Chalkboard Wall In Kitchen Decoration

Chalkboard Wall In Kitchen Decoration - Chalkboard Paint Colors

Chalkboard wall ideas are pretty practical and decorative and come in handy in kitchen design. They serve more than a feature wall- you can pin up the blackboard with hooks and a shelf and keep track of invitations, menus or shopping lists-ideal for families. Plus, you can add artwork or photographs for an interactive and incredible space.

Outdoor Chalkboard Walls

Outdoor Chalkboard Walls - How To Make A Chalkboard

What could be more fun to take up your creative skills within your garden space? Chalkboard walls can define the zones and offer a space for artistic expression, ideal for kids and adults. It's an excellent garden wall decor idea to make a statement and add a playful element to your green space.

Final Words

Chalkboard walls are a new take on the mural ideas, providing a bespoke look to the space. You can opt for shades of black, white, and grey to add dimension and pack a punch of personality to the room. From compact spaces to larger, more communal designs, chalkboard wall ideas encourage flexibility and versatility, reflecting the evolving tastes and needs of the users.

Looking for more wall decor ideas, Connect to our experts at Interior Company, curating designs with on-trend ideas that suit your taste and space.

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    What is the difference between chalkboard paint and chalk paint?

    Chalk paint is a decorative paint with a chalky, matte finish and flat colour. However, chalkboard paint is specially composed to create a chalkboard on any surface.

    Is chalkboard paint colours good for walls?

    Yes, chalkboard paints are functional and decorative elements, bringing a unique touch to the space. However, chalk dust can create a mess on the floors or other nearby furniture, so you’ll want to keep this in mind.

    Is chalkboard paint removable?

    Yes, chalkboard paints are easily removable, use a solution of equal parts water and vinegar to the painted area and after settling up, wipe it off with a damp cloth. Otherwise, you can choose a paint remover designed for chalkboards.

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