16 Creative DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Empty Walls

Updated On: May 31, 2024

Spruce up any room with high-impact DIY wall decor ideas that reflect your style.

Decorating a wall doesn't have to bust your budget. With creativity, a little imagination and crafting supplies, you can create a custom DIY piece of art to display on the wall. Plus, you can repurpose old items creatively to make sustainable choices in our daily lives. With the rise of social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, showcasing unique and creative home decor ideas, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) has become more than just a trend—it's a lifestyle choice! So, roll up your sleeves, because we've found tons of clever and affordable DIY wall decor ideas, from floating shelves to wreaths, wall hangings, and panelling to fill your space with functionality and finesse.

DIY Bedroom Wall Decor- Panelling

DIY Bedroom Wall Decor - Panelling

Try a simple painting project or discover DIY wall decor ideas that will become the focal point in the living space. A contrasting wall panel is a functional and aesthetic choice to infuse an architectural shape into featureless rooms while also offering added wall protection. This homemade wall decor idea creates a bespoke look and can be found at DIY retailers in the form of paint or easy-to-apply wall panels. Moreover, they create a cocooning environment in your bedroom design, adding a distinct vibe.

Paint a Mural

Paint a Mural - Diy Wall Decor

Painting a mural is not limited to kid’s room design, it suits spaces like hallways, living rooms, dining and home offices, adding a statement look to the space. Set the stage with impactful vibrant, lush colours that can create an impactful feature wall, infusing style and modern creativity in the living space.

Trendy Wallpaper

Trendy Wallpaper - Diy Wall Decor Ideas

Looking for easy DIY wall decor ideas to spruce up your living room design? Wallpapers are budget-savvy decor options that transform the look and elevate home interiors. Using simple geometric patterns or abstract art, add style and colour without going over the top. Look at this stunning wall design that packs all the necessary impact and accentuates a space.

Fabric Wall Hanging

Fabric Wall Hanging - Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

Gone are the days of boring walls! Fabric wall hangings are a beautiful and easy DIY wall decor to add texture, colour, and personality to any room. The beauty of fabric as a medium is its versatility. From intricate tapestries to simple, chic patterns, choose a fabric that resonates with your style. You can even take this a step further by repurposing vintage rugs or quilts, giving them a new lease on life as part of your home decor. All you need is to choose a fabric, attach it to a wooden dowel or frame, and voila! You have an instant eye-catcher.

Frame Children's Art

Frame Children's Art - Diy Wall Design Ideas

Nothing warms the heart quite like displaying the art made by little hands. It is a wonderful way to add their creativity and imagination while inciting a personalised touch to the room. Use modern, sleek frames in a classic floor-to-ceiling grid for a charming, contemporary setting.

Pegboard DIY Wall

Pegboard - Simple Handmade Wall Decoration

The pegboard DIY wall is a blend of functionality and style. Ideal for living spaces, including hallways, kid’s rooms and kitchens that need to serve multiple purposes, a pegboard wall acts as a piece of art, storage and display. Paint your pegboard in a colour that complements your room for an added visual impact.

Hang Some Plants

Hang Some Plants - Wall Design Diy

We know a vase of fresh flowers can spruce up your home instantly with fragrance and style before guests come over. But how about we tell you we can take that idea to the next level by using plants as wall art? Use macramé hangers for a boho chic vibe or mix and match different plant pot styles to create a chic, lively, textured botanical feature wall.

Handmade Wall Design

Handmade Wall Design - Diy Wall Decor For Living Room

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, this idea is perfect for you! Create stunning wall hanging designs with small looms and yarn, adding handmade wall designs and charm to any space. Play with textures and materials like wool, cotton, and even recycled fabrics to catch the eye and interest.

Fake Frames With Washi Tape

Fake Frames With Washi Tape - Diy Wall

Here's another gallery wall that is hard to ignore and easy to create with washi tape. It’s a perfect choice for renters afraid to make any major changes. Use the tape to frame posters, art or photos with funky bold colours to make an artistic statement. The best part? It's completely temporary, so you can switch up your decor to your liking without any commitment or damage.

Adorn Wall Shelf

Adorn Wall Shelf - Do It Yourself Wall

Who says shelves are just for storage? A dramatic floating shelf can be much more than a place to store your books and trinkets. This simple yet eye-catching DIY wall design idea adds visual interest to your space. Paint the shelf in a bold colour or add patterns to make it pop and display your unique collection of vintage finds, small plants, or uniquely shaped objects.

Paint Archs On Walls

Paint Archs - Diy Bedroom Wall Decor

Arch designs have surged back in popularity in Boho, Scandi, and Japandi's interior design styles, bringing depth and character to the room. This simple handmade wall decoration idea can frame your favourite piece of furniture or create a faux headboard in the bedroom design. Choose a colour that complements the room's palette to get instant elegance. Adding a painted arch can elevate the space with just a little paint and creativity.

Hang A Dream Catcher

Hang A Dream Catcher - Bedroom Diy Wall Decor

Minimalist and simple, this modern dreamcatcher can add a serene beauty to your wall decor. Dreamcatchers have a mystical and bohemian vibe and allow for endless customisation, from the colour of the thread to the beads and feathers. This DIY wall decor for the living room looks dreamy and gives the space an understated elegance. Dangle it in a cherished corner of your home or above your sleeping space to create an inviting retreat.

Woven Basket Hanging Details

Woven Basket Hanging Details - Creative Diy Wall Decor Ideas

Elevate your living room design wall with the texture and warmth of woven baskets. You can choose one large piece to make a rustic statement or mix and match different-sized pieces to create a dynamic gallery DIY wall. The effect adds an earthy, organic texture, is cost-effective, and brings an essence of a boho vibe to the home.

Mirror Gallery - Diy Room Decor Wall

Looking for a twist on the typical gallery wall? Create a dazzling display of antique mirrors. Clustered together in various shapes, sizes, and frames, these simple, eclectic mirrors function as art and bounce light in the room, making it brighter and larger. Bring a touch of glamour and whimsy into your home with this creative DIY wall decor idea to create a living artwork.

DIY Rustic Wreath

Rustic Wreath - Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Diy

A wreath isn't just for doors. Bring this charming element indoors and hang it on your wall for a touch of earthy decor. Use materials like twigs, rosemary, burlap, dried flowers, and lavender to fill your space with rustic charm. This versatile decor piece can be customised for your seasonal greeting, adding a bespoke touch to your home year-round.

DIY Wood Wall Panel

Wood Panel - Diy Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Add a modern twist to your home office design with chevron wood panelling. Whether you choose to dazzle an entire wall or just a snippet of it, the wooden-panelled design creates a statement that brings a dash of zest to any room. Paint the other walls in white with a minimalist aesthetic, creating a subtle yet striking effect.

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Final Words!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and go big and bold with different DIY wall ideas. Whether you fancy a large-scale mural or fashion mirrors in an eclectic style, the key is to create a memorable wall decor that tells a unique story and tasteful look. So, embrace your inner artist and let your walls reflect the essence of your home with the spirit of imagination, warmth and style.

Take your pick and lend an inviting feel to your home. Contact our designers at Interior Company for more home decoration ideas. Our experts will provide comprehensive solutions and design proposals, catering to your needs and budget.

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    What are some interesting DIY wall decor ideas?

    Some of the creative DIY home decor ideas include- a picture gallery wall or adding decorative mirrors to make a style statement. You can also go for trendy wallpaper or a DIY pegboard wall to spark visual interest in the space.

    Do DIY mural art ideas look good at home?

    Yes, murals are the game changers, and designers are embracing bold colours and patterns. If you want to create a dramatic design feature wall, murals can be a perfect choice. From hallways to bathrooms, kitchens, or kids’ rooms, adorn your home with the aesthetic beauty of murals.

    How do you decorate a wall for cheap?

    If you want budget-friendly wall decoration ideas, consider DIY options like macrame, wall painting, hanging planters, etc. You can also repurpose old baskets or decorative plates and use them as wall hangings. Hang a vision board and add family photos or curated art pictures for unique styling.

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