Top 11 Classic Bedroom Paint Colours Ideas for a Quick Makeover

Published On: Nov 10, 2022

“Exquisite details make interiors sing.”

Says Lary Laslo, a renowned name throughout the design world. Don’t you agree with his thought? We do too! 

Until something speaks for itself, its worth isn’t defined. Similarly, if your bedroom does not resonate with you emotionally, does it even serve its purpose? A good bedroom interior is imperative for good sleep and ultimate solace.

 From choosing premium quality furniture to selecting indoor plants to decide on paint colours, everything matters. If you are sceptical about which paint should you put on the wall to offer a chic look to your bedroom, then scroll through the piece.

We have stashed this blog with the top 11 classic bedroom paint colours that may help you build a dreamscape. 

Top 11 Classic Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas to Renovate Your Bolthole

2023 is about to end and many of you might be planning to introduce something new to your home. Start with your bedroom and a quick makeover by painting it with a different colour.

It is important to pick up a bedroom colour scheme while deciding how you expect your private hideaway to make you feel. This may include going for a new trend, reflecting your love for a particular hue or lifting neutrals with a new shade or theme. Regardless of whatever the situation may be, we have some of the trendiest classic paint colours for bedrooms. 

1. Go Green ' Nature-Inspired Boho

Go Green ' Nature-Inspired Boho

While many sight green as a prevailing colour across the sphere of interior design, the hue induces good sleep. For those who love nature and want to stay connected, they can paint their bedroom green and experience tranquillity. Adding some indoor plants such as a spider, snake, garden croton, or any of your favourites will enhance the look. Place a table lamp on the bedside and some creative frames on the wall above the bed.

You can refer to the above picture and paint the wall behind your bed green and the rest of the wall dark grey. Green and dark grey are classic room colours and complement each other well. 

2. An All-time Classic – Swan White 

An All-time Classic - Swan White

The colour white defines the word classic and it never goes out of style. Besides just infusing the room with serenity, the shade also makes the entire room look expansive. Also, you don't need to keep the entire room white. You can also add some other neutral shade like a beige-coloured rug, rattan baskets, and more.

3. Blend Olive Green with a Suede Texture

Blend Olive Green with a Suede Texture

If you admire sophistication and have an immense love for a neutral shade, then splash your bedroom with Olive Green. To make it more enticing, play with velvety textures. Place a simple bedside table on both sides of the bed. Additionally, you can put a lamp on one side and a plant on the other one, where sunlight can reach. A neutral shade rug and a hanging rattan lamp will add grace to the interior. 

4. Beige for a Calm and Cozy Experience

Beige for a Calm and Cozy Experience

Who said cream and beige are boring? People nowadays lean towards neutral shades for evident reasons. They offer every attribute that a room requires ' comfort, luxe and beauty! Give your room a nice mix of beige and white and style it with a quilt, a bedside table with red berries bouquet (if possible), a round or oval mirror, and furniture in a similar tone. 

Beige and other neutral tones are warm, versatile, and subtle. Plus, these are some classic room painting colours for a bedroom. 

5. Go Bold, Adopt Black

Go Bold, Adopt Black

Two colours that always represent class are black and white. Whether it's a dress or a bedroom, they all look good in these shades. 

While some of you may believe that black bedrooms are solely for rock aficionados and goths, this hue pairs the best with the hottest interior trends of the season. If you don't want the room to be drowned in black entirely, you can go for wooden flooring, a white bed, an old rustic wooden bookcase, and an armchair in a dark greyish tone. Light up the space with a hanging lantern and do not forget to include plants while you decorate the room. Don't hesitate, black is one of the classic bedroom colours in-trend. 

6. Slate Grey

Slate Grey theme bedroom

If you aren't a fan of bold and bright shades but want your bedroom to carry luxe and beauty, you can blindly go for slate grey and off-white. These shades are considered classic bedroom paint colours that not only offer comfort but elegance to the room too. 

Grey carries versatility and is deemed to be a timeless tint that always stays in style, making it a contemporary choice for chic bedrooms. The slate grey colour enjoys the eccentricity of the space. Paint the opposite wall in an off-white colour and the window and ceiling in bright white. White bedding, softened by the brown headboard and a dark brown bedside table, energises the room further. 

7. Spa Blue Bedroom

Spa Blue Bedroom

The room in the picture is soaked in comfort and it is majorly due to the shade. Just like a spa room, your bedroom will be a space of comfort packed with affluence. While you can add a few elements if you find it too empty, keep it minimalistic. Use austere curtains in a similar tone and then neutral bedding, rug, and upholstery to negate the shade. 

8. For the Love of Wood

For the Love of Wood

Very few kids in India have the luxury to play in the treehouse. So, if you still desire to relish the memories of your childhood treehouse, this classic room painting would be your go-to choice. Wooden walls and paints are trending in the country as they create an accent to the space. 

Rather than going for a single tone, you can opt for two tones ' one for the wall and the other for the ceiling to offer your room simple and warm contrast. In the above picture, the black and white photo frames and ceiling lights juxtapose the entire bedroom look. 

9. Rich Russet Terracotta Orange

Rich Russet Terracotta Orange  bedroom theme

For the past few years, terracotta hues have been a great hit and there's no sign of it leaving the race. The reason why the shade is so popular and loved is its power to warm up any space while operating with a range of styles. For a simple yet classic bedroom, you can style your space by decorating it with a wooden bed, terracotta jars and planters, and old wooden flooring. Such a room needs minimal elements to shine at its best. White curtains will enhance the grace of the entire room. 

10. Navy Blue

Navy Blue theme idea for bedroom

Doesn't this decor seem elegant? Even though there are hardly any elements in the room besides the bedding, a side table, and pendant lights, the room speaks of comfort. 

Arguably, even if the shade is dark, it is the most sophisticated. You can inject the room with some youthful attributes in the pink or white curtains. Nevertheless, the wooden floor, inky walls, and graphite headboard thwart the scheme from becoming excessively pastel. 

Go bold, try out one of the classic bedroom wall colours this new year!

11. Want Some Warmth? Embrace the Red!

Want Some Warmth? Embrace the Red!

For some time, red might have disappeared from people's shelters, but it has resurrected once again. However, this time it is different. Instead of an earthy way, it has made a comeback in a more muted way. Although red appears to be a bold choice to enclose your entire bedroom walls, choose the appropriate shade of red and build a warm, cocooning area that overwhelms you positively. 

If you are planning to get an all-over colour, we suggest you go for those terracotta tones that don't appear overtly rigid. You may also give a try to trendy plaster effect to make the colour less intense and add more depth.

Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding on the Wall Paint Colours

Stay off the paintbrush if you don't know the dos and don'ts of picking up wall paint colours. We have compiled a list of mistakes that must be avoided while deciding on wall paints.

  1. Not Using Samples: It's important to discover a shade that complements your space. Always remember that lighting in the room is a significant factor in determining shade. Therefore, always use shade cards and put samples to the test before you choose a colour for your room. 
  2. Too Many Colours in One Room: Many are tempted by different shades for room wall painting. But try to choose three hues at most ' two neutral shades and one accent. You won't want to feel dizzy when you enter your room. 
  3. Neglecting the Colour of the Ceiling: Many of us forget often about the ceiling while deciding on a room colour palette. While picking up a colour for the ceiling, go for the light shade that complements the wall. However, if your wall has a bold tone, for a lighter shade ceiling. 
  4. Not Considering the Existing Furniture and Decor: If you are re-painting your room, then do consider the existing colour palette of your room. These may include furniture and other decor items. Do not test samples in an empty room. 
  5. Following Trends Blindly: Just because beige or green or any colour for that matter is in-trend, you don't have to pick the same. Consider all the above-mentioned factors and make sure whatever colour you choose, complements well with other elements in the room. 

Should You Really Repaint Your Bedroom?

Yes! If you don't feel that cosiness and comfort you desire in your bedroom, then you surely need to change its hue among a few other things. The colour of the room plays a significant role in building the required atmosphere. The right shade helps you sleep better, lightens your mood, offers serenity and relaxation, and it could do other wonders too. 

According to experts, neutral colour tones and cool hues are often preferred for bedroom colours because of their ability to calm space and render shelter for relaxation. 

Green, white, beige, and some other neutral shades have dominated the bedroom in most houses in 2024. Choose from the above-mentioned classic bedroom paint colours if you really want to feel refreshed when you open your eyes in the morning. For more insights on interior decor, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    Should we paint our bedrooms light or dark?

    It mostly depends on the size of the bedroom. If your bedroom is small, you should paint it in light shades. This will make it look big. However, if you have a large bedroom, you can paint it dark. Usually, a dark colour like navy blue, black, etc. acts best as an accent in a bedroom. A dark paint shade has a tendency to induce better sleep than any lighter colour palette.

    What is the 60-30-10 rule?

    It is a standard decoration rule that helps interior designers to create a colour palette for a space. According to the rule, 60% of the room must be a dominant colour, 30% has to be a secondary shade, and the third 10% must be an accent.

    How do you clean painted walls carefully?

    Firstly,  begin with dusting off excess dirt with a cloth-covered mop or broom. This will avert dirt and grime from being smeared around. Always use cloths and soft sponges to prevent scratching the paintwork. 

    Then, clean your walls gently using a sponge soaked in warm and soapy water. Ensure that you use mild detergents and don’t oversoak the sponge as it will leave water stains on the wall. Clean the soapy solution off the wall with clean water after 5-10 minutes.

    How can we remove oil stains from painted walls?

    Pour one cup of white vinegar into a bucket of warm water and wash off the stubborn stains using a soft sponge. You can also use warm water with washing-up liquid.