30 Perfect Wooden Finish Ideas For Your Bedroom Decor

Published On: Sep 08, 2021

If you are wary of painting your home or implementing something that may ultimately seem to appear out of character, then why not pick the natural uniqueness and striking appeal of the wooden wall panelling design? Wooden walls are a wonderful way to add eye-catching dimensions to your space, as well as showcase keynotes and objects of personal significance. A wood wall, a divider, a wooden ceiling design, or a behind-the-bed headboard piece creates a richness of texture and depth in the interiors of your home. They are surprisingly simple to install, there are dozens of finely worked wood designs to choose from. Decorative wood panels for walls achieve what paint and wallpaper are seldom able to do; that is, create a setting apart from the greater scheme, ultimately achieving a standalone work of interior art. Easily constructed and providing years of splendor and fluid style transformations, these wood wall design ideas will grow with your home and throughout your own renaissance periods. Like you, the wooden accent wall will only get better with time.

Deconstructed Pallet Wall

This bed divider requires definitely no paint, and simply unique shading boards. It's natural yet basic and would give your corridor or entrance divider that flies of farmhouse style you never realized you required. You'll adore taking a gander at this one, and it's so inconceivably simple! This wooden bedroom design is worth giving a shot.

Rustic Stained Wood

You must have seen the new and popular dark, current looking style of wood in numerous spots. It is just about a combination of tree limb earthy coloured, dull more obscure earthy coloured, and a few segments of dim. It simply looks shocking, wouldn't you say? A colour applied to the wood to give it the rustically current hazier look. Staining is simple, and the turnout is exquisite. Rustically lovely!

Colourful Painted Wooden Boards

While all wood has unvaried varieties in grain and shading, most divider boards will in general be genuinely uniform. This is gainful for spaces that as of now have a ton going on and need an all the more calm backdrop. Yet, for rooms that need a point of convergence, a multi-hued divider board can significantly affect the style of the space. These boards comprise various bits of wood that might be of various species or have come from various areas. The result has a lot more colour, movement, and interest than even a standard wood wall panelling.

Singular Blue Accent Wall

There’s no need to keep your wood in one colour. This alternating headboard turns wood dark and turquoise, as monochrome elements drop below and beside. The patterned matte finish pale blue wall panel contrasts well with the glossy blue wardrobe. It stays a few inches away from the veneered back wall, allowing for backlighting it.

Interlocking Shiplap Design in White

Who doesn't like a classy house with the white coloured whitewashed wall? The white coloured wood may actually give the house that smart finish that everyone will envy. You can actually choose the wall panels like designs or the wall panel kits among these according to your taste and give your bedroom a lovely finish.

Rustic wood wall with LED fixtures

Giving a touch of LED lights in the wood wall behind the bed can not only provide a nice look to your bedroom but also give a traditional lighting background. The light can be connected with the smartphone for ease of control and use.

3D wooden wall with internal light fixtures

The wooden walls can be given a design of an inside pattern. The wall can be designed in such a way that some blocks are arranged inside while some outside. This can give a real 3D look pattern walls with lights in the block to radiate the bright nice look.

Wooden striped wall

The Walls of horizontal stripes can be used to decorate your bedroom wall with a minimalist and yet beautiful look. The matching bed and ceiling strip design can be added for the finished look of the stunning designer bedroom.

Cascading wooden blocks design

If you are looking for a textured pattern wood wall the cascading patterned wooden walls are worth looking for. Apart from giving a perfect look, the structure and the compelling feature of the look will be eye-pleasing.

Trunk-patterned detailing in wood

If you are looking for a more antique and rustic look for your master bedroom, interior design wood walls with the trunk pattern can serve as the best option. With a tree-like rustic look, it can be matched with wooden floors and big windows.

Curved waves in plywood

Add the natural and refreshing vibes with the curved cut plywood walls. Creating curved waves like structure on the wall with some light fittings inside may not sound more appealing but can give an interesting and new interplay look to the sleeping room.

Vertical timber wood stripes

The wall made with thin timber wood and teak wood modern bed design provides a new outlook to the ever-so-boring wall behind the bed. Visible as the vertical strips, the timber wood interior walls are both comfortable to look at as well as safe and economical.

Elegant solid pine stripes

If you want to use the wood in the wall finish but are not willing to use it for the whole wall, you can also create a virtually elegant wood design work from the solid wine pine strips in the white wall. It increases the show of the wall by giving a different and unique look.

Geometric plywood patterns

You can try an out-of-the-box contemporary design for your bedroom decor and add some geometric patterns using a wooden plywood wall design. The plywood being easily adaptable, can be used for varied designs in the bedroom space for a new look. You can also pattern it with the black wall for a better highlighted view.

Wood with leather accent wall

Wood can be combined with anything to make the decor more interesting as well as eye appealing. The combination of Wood and leather is perfect according to the latest trends as well as provides a more chic view. You can combine the white leather or any other colour according to your room decor.

Wood and wallpaper combined accent wall

You can choose a combination of wallpapers with wooden walls. The wallpaper can be put in the back while the wooden feature can be done at an elevated wall. The lights cravings on the wall will highlight the area more with a rich look.

Curved C-shaped headboard and canopy design

If you are in for the most unique and matchless designs, you can opt for the c-shaped design in the bedroom decor. With the bed on the slightly elevated area, the wooden wall makes a C shape starting from beneath the bed to the area above the bed as in the figure.

Polished wooden finish

A simple polished wooden wall for your bedroom can be a very simple and yet elegant decor for all the people who want to add a soothing ambience to their sleeping area. Combined with the floor-length windows can truly be a remarkable view.

Multicoloured combination accent wall

A perfect colour combination in home decor can instantly light up the mood and also makes you feel welcome. You can also choose to create some colour combination wooden walls like Grey with Wooden texture for your bedroom to make you feel good with your choice. The colour combination can be any as per your choice and can be matched with the remaining wood bedroom furniture for a perfect look.

Artistic wooden wall sheet design

A wooden wall sheet design can experiment in many ways possible. Adding a more artistic design with some metal balls and strings to create some nice patterns in addition to some lights can enhance the view of the bedroom walls and provide a creative finish to your wall.

Dark finish wooden wall

With moderate methodology, the dark-coloured wooden finish walls with some dark cupboards will attract your direct attention, The dark-themed wooden walls combined with an exquisite window nearby can pose as an excellent bedroom design.

Intriguing tectonic plates design

With wood, the earthen tectonic plate designs can be re-created. The zig-zag pattern of the wall made with wood and lighting decor can add to the looks and the overall decor of the bedroom. The wooden room design with the tectonic plate-like structure creates an ideal place.

Minimalistic look with a chequered pattern

Chequered wall with a minimalist look can create an outstanding decor. The combination of light and dark wooden texture with some lights in combination with the room’s blocks can be an art piece.

Fancy patterned wooden finish

Wooden pattern designs for your bedroom walls add up extra flair to the decor. The evocative look can be made out of the different patterned designs from the wooden plywoods with a mix of wooden floors and curtains, the look of the room can be made complete.

Angular drooping ceiling design

If you have a low space area and want to make the most out of it, you can try the diagonal wall combined with the elevated bed platform. With some added hanging pots and lights the decor can be picture perfect.

Elegant patterns in stencil-cut design

Jali's designs in the wooden panel are both creative and designer in their way. The design mixed with the entire room decor completes the perfect blend of the creative look for your bedroom.

Simple wooden panels accent feature

A modern minimalist look in the bedroom can be created with a simple contemporary wooden panel. With both luxury and comfort, the design looks elegant mixed with the wooden floor and contrast ceilings.

Rustic exposed wood design

If you have a thing for the wood, the raw wood textured wall can be the perfect gift in the room decor. While most of the woodwork designs are laminated, the more rustic and raw the look is, the more natural it seems.

Light-coloured vertical planks design

However simple the planks may be, the vertical light-coloured planks with some matching decoration can be breathtakingly beautiful. The black and white photos in the wooden wall complete the simple and gorgeous look of the room.


It is an undeniable fact that wood is one of the most reliable and creative things that you can use for home decor. From rooms to living areas, all can be made beautiful and unique with one of many variations in the decorative wood panels for walls. You can shoe any of the decors that suit your style and matches your choice of interests.