13 Perfect Wooden Finish Ideas For Your Bedroom Decor

Published On: Feb 3, 2023

Wood is a charismatic material that has a natural appeal and adds a warm and comfortably relaxed feel to any interior. The wooden finish ideas in your bedroom give the whole room a creative, elegant, aesthetic, and sophisticated feel. Wood is versatile and adaptable, offering a wide range of stunning finish ideas, from rustic and vintage to the most modern and artistic spaces.

You can bring in the finish ideas to your wooden finish bedroom cabinets, beds, tables, chairs, and wardrobe designs. Explore innovative wood interior design ideas that add depth, texture, organic and inviting warmth and definition to any space. Let us look at some of the best wooden finish ideas for your private space in your home.

13 Best Wooden Finish Ideas for a Modern Bedroom

Here are some of the most beautiful wooden finish bedroom styles:

1. Elegant Wood-Themed Bedroom Ideas Using Wallpaper

Elegant Wood-Themed Bedroom Ideas Using Wallpaper

Wood is all about giving your wooden theme bedroom a rustic, warm, and subtle look. Whether it’s your walls, flooring, storage space, cupboard, floor, ceiling, or wallpaper design, the look of wood never goes out of style. It is pleasing to the eye and is a good choice among modern home bedroom wallpaper designs.

Consider the style represented by this picture, with wooden walls that beautifully demarcate the space from the sleeping area to the dressing area. With matching wooden herringbone tiles, and a sleek wooden door, this room speaks volumes about your taste, choice and personality.

2. Double Wood Accent Walls

Double Wood Accent Walls

Solid accent walls ' not one but two, each to the sides of the bed, matched beautifully with the geometrically designed wooden flooring, creating a highly innovative space. The black walls with the wood-finished floor and accent walls look cool and comfortable in a compact space. This modern design in this attic wooden theme bedroom reflects the beauty of a vintage country house and creates a fairytale atmosphere.

3. A High-End Extended Plywood Headboard

A High-End Extended Plywood Headboard

A sleek and modernly-styled bedroom, with just a wooden bead and an extended headboard, looks decorative and indispensable for wooden finish bedroom interiors. Strong, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing, wood is the main material used for furniture. The frame and base of the bed are made of plywood and can be finished with wood lamination or veneer. Alternatively, it can be authentically carved into the teak and then polished to make it ‘natural’.

4. Wooden Storage Ideas with Wooden Slats as Your Headboard

Wooden Storage Ideas with Wooden Slats as Your Headboard

This wooden theme bedroom style is like a picture from a magazine. Check out the sleek wooden slats that define the bed and extend to the side cabinets. Attached to a wooden cabinet or storage makes it a discreet part of the closet. The vertical grain of the cabinet matches perfectly with the horizontal grain of the floor. In addition, the open wooden finish bedroom with a high ceiling enhances the sense of openness by using light-coloured wood.

5. All-Wood Modern Bedroom

All-Wood Modern Bedroom

Love staying in a natural wooden theme bedroom style, which is more like a vintage country or hill home. It is a great idea to be surrounded by wood, as it exudes a sense of comfort and calms that no other material can. Just a look at this picture, it makes you feel cosy in the space.

The dark wood grain creates the illusion of more space, and the white linen brightens the room. Installing multiple tall windows which are curtained with textured fabric, further adds meaning to the wood-finished bedroom and contrasts with the soft textures of bedspreads and lighting accessories. Such wood themed bedroom ideas allow comfort to permeate the intensity of the space.

6. An All-White Bedroom with Just a Wood-Finished Bed

An All-White Bedroom with Just a Wood-Finished Bed

Solid white wooden theme bedroom style with a decorative wooden bed will surely make heads turn. Think beyond the original purpose of the item and find creative ways to decorate your impeccably white bedroom with wooden furniture. Besides the bed, you can also add a wooden chest of drawers or a wooden bedside table. This design is for uber-stylish homeowners who like to mark their decorative bedrooms with a stark of wood.

7. Go for a Wooden Vaulted Ceiling 

Go for a Wooden Vaulted Ceiling

Wooden walls, wardrobes, and doors, matched well with a wooden vaulted ceiling, makes your bedroom look like a holiday abode. A wooden canopy in the ceiling gives the space a richness and continuity of wood with built-in cutouts. This is a stunning wood themed room design idea which is commissioned to bring the space together and create a true masterpiece using bespoke wooden ceiling and wall ideas within your bedroom design.

And, of course, the large window behind the bed is the absolute attraction of the room. Placing the bed in the middle of the wooden empire is a nice design stroke. You can also place pendant lights or chandeliers on this beautiful vaulted wooden ceiling.

8. A False Ceiling in Sleek Wood

A False Ceiling in Sleek Wood

Wood offers versatility and shines with plenty of natural light coming in from the windows, which gives the wood themed room décor a finishing touch. This stunning combination of neutrality and naturalness adds volume to your bedroom and makes it look warm, chic, comfortable, aesthetic, and spacious. However, a simple false wooden ceiling can make the whole area look interesting with overhead light cords, adding a unique charm and class to the room.

9. The Perfect Wooden Flooring

The Perfect Wooden Flooring

Wood is an evergreen material that never disappoints. Wooden flooring ideas in the wood themed room interior design have inspired interior designers to use it almost everywhere – in the office, living room, bedroom, outdoor patio, or balcony. Wood is durable and saves your space from several externalities. Match your flooring design with wooden cabinets, a TV area, side drawers, and other storage options within your bedroom, and see how magical your space looks.

10. An Exotic Wooden Decor for Your Bedroom

An Exotic Wooden Decor for Your Bedroom

Exotic woods as finishes to your luxuriously decorated wood themed room are endlessly decorative, with the floor and furniture covered with the same type of wood. Such decorative wood themed bedroom ideas with a style of richness on the walls and a flashy chandelier on the ceiling exhibit nothing but perfection to the bedroom.

11. A Paneled Wooden Headboard for the Bedroom

A Paneled Wooden Headboard for the Bedroom

You can add amazing wooden attributes to your space using different grains, colours, knots, textures, and stripes on multiple surfaces. Using wood as a panelled headboard that stretches out to the ceiling with monochromatic paint immediately attracts the right kind of attention.

Another advantage of wall panels is that they cleverly hide the cables needed for electronic devices such as televisions, music systems, and gaming devices.

12. Wooden Wardrobe Designs

Wooden Wardrobe Designs

Worried that your bedroom looks too simple with white walls, ceiling, and marble flooring? What can you add to make it look outstanding? What could be better than wooden storage designs within your wood themed room to add a warm, modern, and welcoming touch to your bedroom interior? Also, a wooden bedside table with drawers that match your wooden bed looks great and gives you the option to store whatever you want to keep close at hand.

13. A Wooden TV Cabinet in Your Bedroom

A Wooden TV Cabinet in Your Bedroom

The carved and double-shaded wooden TV cabinet in your wood themed room is the ideal accessory for your wall decoration, adding to the overall charm of your home interiors and blending perfectly with your bedroom design. From simple side tables to exquisite four-poster beds to whimsical accents, wood can be transformed into anything you need, so your interior design reflects your tastes and preferences.

Wooden TV cabinets add visual design elements that are important aspects of the home that enhance the charm of the room. Wood is the main material, but it can also be combined with glass, metal, fibre, etc., to create a beautiful and vivid finish.


Choose wood to accent your bedrooms which is more cost-effective than brick and plaster competitors and more fire-resistant. Wooden finishes for wooden bedroom themes are a desirable and economical option that maintains the warmth and glow in your bedroom wood wall décor.

Wood finishes add ambience to your bedroom space and make it stand out, giving you the perfect resting place after a long day of hard work. All you want is a comfortable retreat that makes you feel more like an abode that exhibits cosines and luxury ' and wood is the perfect material for this. Contact the experts at Interior Company for more design ideas.

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    What wooden finish ideas can characterise a bedroom?

    The main features of a beautiful and convenient wooden bedroom theme are:

    • Wooden built-in wardrobe
    • Wooden dressing table with lighting fixtures
    • Wooden wall accents, flooring, and ceiling
    • Wooden fenestrations
    • A wooden bed
    Why is wooden bedroom furniture important?

    Wooden bedroom furniture, which can include your bed, seating, dressing table, or wardrobe, not only adds to the room’s beauty but also helps create a calming space. Also, think about bedding, rugs, window coverings, and lighting that match the space. Besides, choose wall, flooring, and ceiling ideas that blend beautifully with your wooden bedroom theme furniture.

    How can you decorate your bedroom with simple wooden finish ideas?

    You can think of various things like:

    • Adding wooden tile flooring to your bedroom.
    • Going for a classy wooden wardrobe design with a well-matched dressing area.

    Accent walls that highlight the wooden bedroom theme space beautifully.