10 POP Ceiling Cornice Design Ideas for Home

Published On: Jan 3, 2023

A simple POP ceiling cornice design neatly covers imperfections between the false ceiling and the wall.

If you have false ceilings in your home, you might often have wondered how to cover the unappealing gaps between the false ceiling and the wall or hideous lines between the wall and roof.

However, you need not worry anymore as there is there a highly effective way to conceal it. 

You can choose a simple POP cornice moulding design to cover it up and give your home a luxurious and stylish ambience.

Owing to the plethora of such designs, we have curated a comprehensive guide on the many simple POP cornice moulding design variations for your ready referral.

So, What is a POP Ceiling Cornice?

Source: Pinterest

Cornice in Italian means a ledge. A simple POP cornice moulding design is an architectural function that acts as a skirting board between the wall and the roof.

You can choose a cornice in various materials like timber and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), plaster, paper-covered plaster, gypsum, polyurethane, or expanded polystyrene. 

A simple POP cornice moulding design comprises materials like Lime, cement or gypsum and is affordable. Here POP stands for Plaster Of Paris, as this material is easy to carve into ceilings.

1. Internal POP Ceiling Cornice Designs for High Roofs

High Roof pop ceiling design ideas
A cornice does the trick when the roof is too high for a false ceiling. 

You can position a POP ceiling cornice design inside your home between the meeting point of the wall and ceiling of all the rooms.

These designs work well for a traditional home with a high roof, as the height prevents you from putting up a false ceiling to cover imperfections. 

In such instances, a simple POP cornice moulding design can acquire a pre-set design to match the rest of the theme of your home’s interior design. 

2. Ornate POP Ceiling Cornice Design for a Regal Ambience

Regal Ambience pop ceiling design ideas
Regal Ambience pop ceiling design ideas

Utilising an ornate cornice pop design in metallic shades makes a plain black wall look as though it belongs to a regal establishment.

The malleability of a POP cornice molding design allows you to mould it into any shape. You can thus replicate the regal look of an Indian palace of old in your home at affordable prices if you want to do so.

Additionally, you can complete the royal ambience by adding metallic and contrasting shades to the simple POP cornice moulding design for a layered look.

3. External Cornice Molding Design (POP)

Source: Pinterest

If there is something that can keep the rainwater from staining your outer walls and make your home look modern and stunning, it is an external POP cornice.

Choose a design like the one in the POP cornice molding design photo above to avoid moss from growing on your stone walls from soaking rainwater and make your lovely home look old.

Since these simple POP cornice moulding designs are resilient, you can prevent undue financial expenditure during the rainy season.

4. POP Cornice Beading Design with Egg and Dart Pattern

Source: Pinterest

The simple POP cornice moulding design speaks a hundred complimentary words about your taste in home interior design.

Its minimalist nature in the form of a classic ceiling rose and egg dart pattern in the same colour as your ceiling allows you to transform your traditional high-ceiling villa into a modern one.

You can opt for a medallion light to enhance the quality of your ceiling design. 

5. POP Ceiling Cornice Design That Blends with the Room

POP Ceiling Cornice Design
POP Ceiling Cornice Design

The simple POP cornice moulding design in white blends with the colours and designs in the room

You can create an aura of seamless beauty within your home by choosing a trendy yet timeless simple POP cornice moulding design like in the picture above. 

It is the same colour as the room and has a simple pattern that blends with the room for a touch of elegance. It is subtle and does its job, but it doesn’t stand out. You can also opt for elements like flower vases etc., to add something different to the mix.

6. Cornice Moulding POP Design that Stands Out

Source: Pinterest

The above POP cornice molding design photo differs from the one mentioned in the preceding section. 

It stands out as it does not blend with the ceiling. Although this simple POP cornice moulding design appears to be expensive, it is not.

Its brilliance lies in the fact that it adds an extra layer of extravagance to your home at a pocket-friendly cost. 

7. A Block of Gold as a  Cornice POP Design

Source: Pinterest

When you have a spectacular false ceiling in marble or any other material that is reflective, you can cover only some of the joining area with a simple POP cornice moulding design.

Request your craftsman for a few blocks of cornice design (POP) and place them at equidistance from each other and see what a difference it makes to the interior design of your house.

Depending on the room’s colour scheme, you can also try metallic shades, like silver or copper.

8. Elaborate POP Cornice Molding Design in Contrasting Shades

Source: Pinterest

When you want to make a statement with a simple POP cornice moulding design in your living room, go for one that stands out in a shade that contrasts with the colour on the ceiling and walls.

Here’s a tip for you to create a spectacular design. Paint the whole cornice design in a contrasting shade and artistically fill a few small portions in the colour of the wall. 

9. Spectacular Gold and White POP Design Cornice Molding

Source: Pinterest

The light could hang from the centre of the simple POP cornice moulding design, enhancing the room’s general appearance.

But when it is a grand medallion light, you must create an ambience with colour to match it. You can also switch black and gold for a contemporary black room with gold accents.

10. Elaborate Gold and White  POP Ceiling Cornice Design

Source: Pinterest

An elaborate medallion light with one central light and at least six other lights attached is wired into the ceiling.

It may need several screws to hold it up, but the effort or expense of doing so will be outdone by the eventual admiration this simple POP cornice moulding design will elicit from your friends and guests.

Wrapping it up

We have listed pointers and simple POP cornice moulding design variations for you to use as a guide to conceal the junctions of your walls and the roof.

The designs in this blog are quite pocket-friendly, and you can use them to transform not just a few rooms but the entire interior and exterior of your home.

For more POP ceiling cornice design ideas for home and other design trends, visit our Interior Company.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    How Can a Cornice Help Make the Home Interior Design Better?

    Cornice helps in two ways: firstly, it is the functionality it covers imperfections and secondly, it adds to the aesthetics of your home.

    You can use them in multiple places in your home, like at the doorway or a medallion light, to attract attention through their projection.

    External cornices protect the outer walls of your home from getting wet and stained.

    How Many Types of Architectural Cornices Are There?

    There are four types of cornices for home and commercial buildings, viz. The cornice with the shape of a narrow box is a box cornice, and the close cornice generally blends with the architecture and doesn’t project out.

    The cornice that lacks lookouts and the soffit but has the shape of a comprehensive box is an open cornice, and the Cavetto cornice is prominent and has a convex semi-circle form.

    What Are the Recent Trends in Pop Ceiling Cornices?

    POP ceiling cornice is an all-time favourite because it is durable, quickly takes any shape, and you can paint it to match the colour scheme in the room.

    How Do I Choose a Cornice for My Home?

    Here’s a pointer you can use concerning Pop ceiling cornice design: The higher the ceiling, the broader the cornice, and the lower the roof, the more narrow the cornice should be.