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Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

Whether you’re buying your dream home or looking for a new investment, you might have come across several types of houses and structures varying in styles and features. Understanding the different types of houses can be advantageous before investing or renting a property. Here, we will discuss the structure type and the style. From high-rise apartments to detached single-family homes, each home style and house type caters to various themes, such as traditional or contemporary.

Various Types of Houses: Structures

With time, home types and styles have evolved given the changes in lifestyle, taste, and surroundings. Discover the different types of homes that allow you to visualise your dream home and select the one that matches your vision.


Apartment - Types Of Homes


Apartments are individual units in one building structure. These apartment buildings provide added conveniences like parking units, laundry rooms, gym facilities or a pool. They provide numerous benefits that offer ease and flexibility for any resident. However, you don’t get as much privacy compared to detached houses.


  • Apartments provide access to shared amenities like parking, gyms, pools, and security services.
  • Shifting into an apartment usually costs less upfront.
  • Landlords handle all repairs and maintenance.
  • Renting an apartment frees you from property taxes and makes budgeting easier.


  • No building equity
  • Redecorations or renovations are limited
  • Less privacy and noise issues.
  • Limited outdoor space.


Condo - Different Types Of Homes


Condo owners are responsible for all the repairs and upkeep instead of landlords and property managers. Condominiums are suitable for urban living and older adults who want to own a property without the burden of maintaining a single-family home.


  • There’s less upkeep than a single-family home.
  • You can build equity in your property, unlike renting.
  • The homeowners association may cover all maintenance and repair work.
  • Enjoy access to several community amenities, including a gym, pools, parking and utility stores.


  • Less privacy.
  • Residents will need to follow building regulations by the homeowners association or management.
  • Reselling the property can be challenging.

Co-Op (Cooperative Housing)

Cooperative Housing - Different Kinds Of Home


This type of property is known as a housing cooperative. In a co-op, residents don’t own their separate units. Instead, they buy a share of the company that owns the building rather than purchasing the actual property. Once an applicant's share request and interview are approved, they can vote on common spaces and share all maintenance costs and additional charges. It comes with different house designs, including buildings with just a few units or expansive apartment-style buildings with hundreds of units.


  • Co-ops foster a community atmosphere.
  • These types of houses are less expensive than a traditional home.
  • There is an interview process for all applicants to gauge their reliability and financial standing.


  • Co-Ops come with fewer freedoms, and any redecorations or issues are to be decided by the management.
  • Shareholders are responsible for underlying mortgages and higher monthly fees.

Single-Family (Detached)

Single Family - House Styles


The best part of the single-family home is that it is a standalone structure detached from the other units meant for one family, unlike condos or townhomes. The majority of the houses vary in style, size, and features. These homes are popular in suburban regions as they offer more space and privacy.


  • Owners enjoy greater privacy.
  • More outdoor and backyard space.
  • There’s more freedom for expansion than other housing projects.


  • Maintenance and repair responsibilities solely lie with the owner.
  • The purchase price is higher.
  • Owners need more money for a down payment and additional closing costs.

Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes  - House Types Names


Tiny homes are minimalist in response to traditional-sized homes that have gained popularity over the last few years. These homes usually measure under 600 square feet. Some homes are independent, and some are mobile. These homes are ideal for single adults and couples who want more financial and physical freedom.


  • Tiny homes are more affordable and eco-friendly, with relatively lower living costs.
  • They offer the freedom to move around.


  • Small space makes it less significant for larger families.
  • Lower resale value.
  • The owners need to own or rent land to place their tiny homes.


Townhomes - House Styles

A townhouse or townhome is an individual home that shares at least one or two walls with adjacent properties. The layout starts with an entrance from the main street and a small yard. These types of homes are popular in urban cities where space is limited. They utilise vertical space with multi-floor homes and include shared facilities, like a pool, gym or clubhouse.


  • They are more affordable than single-family homes, offering more space area than a condo but less than a house.
  • The homeowners association covers any maintenance cost.
  • Access to the shared amenities in the community.


  • Less privacy and noise issues.
  • Any sort of modifications or expansions are limited.

Types Of Houses: Architectural House Styles

Your home’s architectural style should resonate with your personality and lifestyle needs, comprising a part of cultural and historical context. Let’s browse through different home styles with pictures to choose the best option per your preferences and desired taste.

Modern Types Of Houses- Contemporary Style Home

Contemporary Style Home - Different Types Of Houses Pictures

Often referred to as the present moment, contemporary-style homes incorporate elements from modernist styles focused on sustainability. These homes emphasise an open floor plan, geometric details, neutral colours and natural textures.

Key Features

  • Clean and simple lines
  • Open-floor plan
  • Large windows and open spaces
  • Natural materials and textures

Ranch House Style

Ranch House Style - Different Houses

These houses feature single-story structures with open floor plans, low-pitched roofs, larger layouts, backyards and attached garages. Ranch-style properties are efficient in design, adding comfort and convenience for residents.

Key Features

  • Open floor plans with horizontal layouts- U or L-shaped
  • The layout includes an attached garage, basement and attic.
  • Single-story floor plans with low-pitched roofs
  • Expansive windows with sliding doors.

Farm-House Style Home

Farm House Style - Types Of Homes

These house styles include tall ceilings, large front porches, a rectangular layout, pitched roofs, spacious kitchens and a fireplace. These house styles incorporate a more rustic appeal with exposed brick and stone. The modern take on this traditional home design adds more clean lines and other updated features with a hint of the classic rustic charm.

Key Features

  • These types of homes come with a rectangular floor plan with open concepts.
  • Designed with comfort and practicality.
  • The living room comes with exposed beams and floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Spacious front porches.

Indian Traditional House Style

Indian Traditional - Different Home Styles With Pictures

With expansive courtyards in the centre, traditional Indian homes are known for their symmetry, elaborate columns, and elegant interiors with warm, earthy tones. These homes focus on balance and proportion, with bricks and sandstone as the core building materials.

Key features

  • Warm and Inviting entrances
  • Durable and timeless appeal
  • Decorative features and high ceilings.

Colonial Style House

Colonial Style House - Types Of House Designs

Colonial types of homes date back to the early 1600s. These types of houses share certain similarities with the Cape Cod style. For example, they incorporate a

rectangular, symmetrical structure complemented with shingles on the roof. These houses are at least two stories tall and feature a central staircase, decorative mouldings and a grand entryway.

Key Features

  • Two-plus stories tall
  • Symmetrical and formal aesthetic
  • Central stairway
  • Rich colours and understated elegance

Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century Modern - Types Of Houses Project

Popularised after the Bauhaus movement in the mid-20th century, these modern homes feature clean lines and uncluttered designs that connect with the surrounding environment through large windows complemented with natural and artificial materials. If you have a flair for functionality with an organic vibe, then mid-century modern homes might be ideal.

Key Features

  • Timeless aesthetic- a mix of organic and geometric
  • Sleek and Uncluttered Design
  • Large windows and sliding doors

Cape Cod

Cape Cod - Different House Designs

The Cape Cod style dates back to the 17th century. These houses are built to withstand the rough winters of the New England. These simple yet sturdy homes feature roof shingles and a central door with double-hung windows. Today, modern Cape Cod-style houses incorporate these elements with more space, expansive windows and advanced features.

Key Features

  • Shingles roof type
  • Symmetrical front facade
  • Simple exterior aesthetics
  • Centralised chimneys


Craftsman - Modern Types Of Houses

This house style focuses on handmade, well-crafted structures with a horizontal layout and sturdy build. These homes often feature beautiful hand-worked materials, low-pitched gable roofs, exposed beams and tapered columns. The interiors come with custom elements like built-in bookshelves, fireplaces, etc.

Key Features

  • Hand-crafted wood features
  • Exposed beams
  • Large columns

Split Level

Split Level - Different Styles Of Houses

This one is similar to the ranch-style home design with separate living spaces. Split-level properties were popular back in the 1950s and 1960s. Split homes differ from regular houses as they have multiple floors divided by a short flight of stairs.

Key Features

  • Segregated living spaces
  • Affordable than other types of homes
  • Asymmetrical facade with low-pitched roofs
  • Integrated garages

Final Words

With different types of houses available in various styles and sizes, each home has its unique characteristics and properties. You have the option of selecting a house style that resonates with your taste, lifestyle, location and personal needs. Whether you prefer contemporary condos and apartments or want a classic colonial-style home, understanding the features and the downsides of these different types of houses will help you make well-informed decisions.

If you require more advice and guidance on crafting home decor ideas, connect with our experts at Interior Company.

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