Stylish Small Kitchen Designs: Embracing Simplicity, Openness, and Modern Ideas on a Budget

Published On: May 22, 2024

Crafting a small kitchen design welcomes several creative challenges. From balancing practicality to aesthetics or struggling with storage, cupboard capacity and limited space for preparation, the key lies in thoughtful design and clever solutions. You'll be surprised to learn there are myriad options, including the reflective materials, skylights, bold cabinetry and flooring that make the most pint-size cooking areas efficient and inviting. Don't forget to add a splash of hues and a gorgeous island that elevates an oomph factor to your small cook space with a major style. So, let's get started with stunning and space-saving small kitchen decor ideas from our experts that feel positive and impactful.

Bold Flooring

Bold Flooring - Small Kitchen Design

One of the best tricks in small kitchen design is- Distraction. Create a dramatic statement with patterned flooring or glossy checkered print that draws attention and makes the tiny space look bigger. Choose bold, colourful choices that create visual interest and liveliness. You can also opt for clever flooring techniques to separate the zones in open small kitchen ideas.

Streamline the Space

Streamline the Space - Small Simple Kitchen Design

Opting for a neutral kitchen design can instantly boost the space, exuding a sense of seamless integration. Thanks to the light-reflecting nature of these glossy cabinets and matching countertops, they lend an airy and spacious vibe while creating an inviting aura in your cooking station.

Small-Scale Appliances

Small-Scale Appliances - Small Open Kitchen Design

Choosing small-scale appliances can make a big difference to the utility of your kitchenette. Opt for appliances that take up less valuable space, like small ovens, microwaves, and toasters in narrow or small sizes for comparable prices. These elements maximise the space and add more potential to small kitchen design ideas.

Add Vertical Storage To Maximise Space

Add Vertical Storage To Maximise Space - Small Kitchen Interior Design

When crafting small kitchen interior design, space is a valuable commodity. Try to make the most of your square inches by harnessing the potential of vertical height to enhance storage and efficiency without compromising style and aesthetics. Opt for functional and elevated cupboard storage ideas that boost the utility of your culinary haven.


Choose Glass Cabinet Doors

Choose Glass Cabinet Doors - Small Kitchen Ideas

Planning a small kitchen interior design includes features that serve double purposes. Add glass to your existing cabinets or new kitchen design to create an illusion of depth and drive a visual expansion. These glass door cabinets offer storage and display to your premium pieces, infusing a sense of elegance and distinctive style to your culinary space. Further, they reflect natural light and brighten up the interiors, proving advantageous for modern small kitchen ideas.

Remove Upper Cabinets

Remove Upper Cabinets - Small Kitchen Design Ideas

When planning small kitchen ideas, remove the upper cabinets to create a visually sleek appearance. Floating shelves are ideal for showcasing functional and decorative items, adding a personal touch. These clever storage solutions for spices, dishware and pantry essentials, lend a bright, lively, and organised environment.

Corner Shelves

Corner Shelves - Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

If you have limited space for wall-to-wall open shelving, consider the other alternative by swapping in floating corner shelves that create instant storage. These reclaimed barn wood shelves infuse the farmhouse style look in this contemporary small kitchen design, giving a distinctive look.

Install Mirrors

Install Mirrors - Small Kitchen Furniture Design

A mirror is a practical and aesthetically pleasing element for a small kitchen interior design that reflects the light and tricks the eye, creating a bigger and larger space. Place your mirror opposite a window. This maximises natural light by bouncing it around the room, accentuating the kitchen's overall brightness and spaciousness.


Two-Tone Colour Cabinets

Two-Tone Colour Cabinets - Small Kitchen Furniture

Want to add a playful touch to your smaller space? Opt for two-tone colour cabinets, seeking a brighter hue on the top and neutral on the bottom to create visual contrast. The two-tone kitchens show how pairing shades and materials can impact the room.

Cream Dream

Cream Dream - Small House Modern Kitchen Design

Clad in soft cream hues, the kitchen cabinetry lends a light, airy foundation. These cabinets reflect light, enhancing the sense of space, and offer a timeless look. Moreover, the natural wood elements, such as floating shelves and the countertop, add warmth and a touch of rustic charm to the small simple kitchen design.

Splashy Hues

Splashy Hues - Small Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

How can you break the monotony of monochrome small kitchen design? Add some splashy colours like the aqua backsplash design or jewel-toned green emerald backslash pattern, captivating the interiors. Moreover, the pendant lights and retro-chic dining chairs are suiting the mood.

Add Storage Under the Kitchen Island

Add Storage Under the Kitchen Island - Small Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

We love how this small open kitchen design with a multi-faceted island upscale the space with functionality and flair. This dynamic element with built-in compartments and cabinets offers dual purposes, adding storage and serving as the dining nook for meals and gatherings. Also, the open-concept space intensifies natural light flow and encourages social interaction.


Layer Texture with Wallpaper

Layer Texture with Wallpaper - Kitchen Design For Small Space

Wallpaper is another brilliant way to inject vitality and fresh air into your culinary space. If the idea of an entire wall doesn't seem like your style, consider featuring it inside the cabinet or backsplash to build dimension and character to your small kitchen design. Choose a botanical theme that introduces a sense of tranquillity and freshness in the room.

Opt for Sliding Doors

Opt for Sliding Doors - Small Space Simple Kitchen Design

A great alternative to traditional doors for small kitchen ideas is sliding doors, as they serve as excellent space-saving room dividers and bring an attractive look. Choose glass sliding doors that enkindle a sense of visualness and privacy to the room, adding functionality and aesthetics to your compact cooking spaces.

Include a Small Island

Include a Small Island - Very Small Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

For compact kitchens, you don't need to forego an island. Instead, opt for a smaller island that maintains good flow. Choose a multi-functional design that provides more storage, and the statement pendant above makes it feel enchanting.

Window Sills for Storage

Window Sills for Storage - Small Space Kitchen Cupboard Designs

Looking for the best small kitchen design ideas when display spaces are at a premium? Utilise the kitchen window sill to display your favourite items. Whether it’s plant collection, spices, or anything else that fits, liven up your kitchen window without looking cluttered.


Utilise the Space Above the Cabinets

Utilise the Space Above the Cabinets - Small House Mini Kitchen Design

When you have a tiny space, the trick is to embrace the design and utilise every inch. Like in this design, the space above your kitchen cabinetry stores rarely-used dishes, extra pantry items, cookbooks, etc. Install wooden framing, a clever decor idea to fuse warmth and cosiness.

Don’t Forget to Add Style

Don't Forget to Add Style - Small Kitchen Design

Small spaces don’t mean they should lack personality. Modular Kitchens are often so functional that they require a bit of decoration and character to soften them. Introducing colour to your cabinetry or flooring is the best way to achieve this.

Incoporate Statement Features

Incoporate Statement Features - Small Simple Kitchen Design

Another interesting small kitchen idea is to try statement features, colours, and alluring patterns below eye level, like on the island and keep the vertical space clutter-free. The eye-catching pattern makes your space feel cosy and inviting, bringing an aesthetically pleasing look to the room.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures - Small Open Kitchen Design

Lighting is critical for any space, but a small kitchen design is refined to incite warmth and brightness without overwhelming the look. Here, modish glass pendants provide ample lighting, bathing your functional spaces with an enticing glow and igniting a sense of wonder.


Style with Cafe Curtains

Style with Cafe Curtains - Small Kitchen Interior Design

Wish to add charm to your space and modify your favourite corner of the house? Revamp your window treatment ideas with kitchen curtain designs for your space. Introduce sweet cafe curtains that bring texture and colour to the room, channelling vintage and farmhouse styles. These small decor details infuse tons of light and style into your kitchenette.

Tiny Gourmet!

Function meets style in these small kitchen ideas, serving a social spot during parties and events and creating memorable moments. You can still jazz up your tiny kitchen and cook in style, no matter the size or limited counter space. With these tons of ideas on colour, pattern, material and storage, make an enjoyable space you love.

Still unsure about the kitchen makeover? Connect to our experts at Interior Company, curating designs that suit your taste and space.

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    What is the best style for a small kitchen design?

    Opt for a style that visually enhances space and functionality when designing a small modular kitchen. Whether you lean towards a minimalist design, sleek contemporary vibe, or emphasise modern Scandinavian design, consider your personal choice, storage needs and the overall aesthetic of your home.

    How do you design a tiny kitchen?

    While designing small kitchen ideas for compact and studio apartments, identify the available space and essentials needed for crafting a cooking space. Consider functionality, accessibility and efficiency while planning the design layout and introduce creative storage solutions to boost the utility of your kitchen.

    What makes a small kitchen idea look classy?

    Small kitchens can be designed with personality and a sense of style, giving a timeless look. Introduce high-quality materials and choose elegant colour palettes and statement fixtures to elevate the appeal. Add intricate details and invest in high-end appliances to promote a refined look.