10 Modern Kitchen POP plus minus Ceiling Designs

Updated On: Jul 2, 2024

POP or Plaster of Paris motifs are becoming a trending element in living spaces. POP is the raw form of semi-dry gypsum, which is both heat-resistant and lightweight and can form attractive ceiling patterns when mixed with water. plus minus POP Designs accentuate the appearance of your space and have several advantages as they are highly durable and are great for hiding ceiling damage..

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Each new modern POP plus minus Design for Kitchen is affordable and impervious to the elements. These kitchen ceilings require little maintenance and make your kitchen more cohesive.

Source: Pinterest

Let us explore the top designs of plus-minus POP design for kitchens that are trending and are very much in demand:

A POP Panel With Shadow Lights

Source: Pinterest

This beautiful panel with shadow lights creates a luxurious look on contemporary kitchen ceilings. This panel of kitchen POP design plus minus, preferably in white or off-white, is a good alternative to paint and looks brilliant in a small rectangular kitchen.

This design can match the adjoining living room and hall décor easily and gives a new dimension to the kitchen décor.

The highlight of this design is its lighting, that beautifully enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen

Fascinating Murals and Exquisite POP Ceiling Design

Source: Pinterest

This modern POP plus minus Design for Kitchen with murals and an exquisite POP design with panel lights make your space look like a palace ceiling.

This design is the pinnacle of style and aesthetic ceiling décor which is positioned with gorgeous abstract POP themes and striking modern patterns.

The geometric circles with enclosed lighting have special meaning and go extremely well with the fashionable walls and wooden cabinetry of the kitchen

Jaali CNC Ceiling Panel With Pendant Lights

Source: Pinterest

The perfect combination of POP design for kitchen plus minus and CNC Jaali design with decorative lights and detailed POP borders. The USP of this design is its border lighting and the hanging lamp-shaped lights.

This design draws a rectangular border across the room and gives your kitchen a more expansive look.

Keeping the original white colour of the ceiling, you can go for a bronze or wooden Jaali design that can match the kitchen décor or flooring, especially when it is wooden.

Simple yet Majestic POP plus minus Kitchen Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

A simple grey kitchen POP plus minus design with an elegant design that is highlighted with backlighting and cove lights.

These mouldings in the ceilings are common as they provide a decorative relief and soften the holistic design of your interior design. The panel borders make the kitchen look spacious and are most suitable for small kitchen sizes.

For a sophisticated touch, consider adding crown moulding to the edge of this modern POP plus minus design for kitchens.

Exquisite 3D POP Ceiling Design With Fan

Source: Pinterest

This huge ceiling section is divided by a plus-minus POP design and can accommodate a fan and a spectacular back-lit 3D geometric design.

This low ceiling works for a spacious kitchen with an elegant POP parallel wall design.

The POP edges of the ceiling look great, with a fan in the middle. This kitchen modern POP plus minus design is timeless and sets a noble aesthetic accent with elegant motifs

A Low-Hanging POP Ceiling With A Royal Chandelier

Source: Pinterest

If you have an adjoining dining space next to your compact kitchen, then this is the perfect design that makes a powerful statement.

Just a look at this extravagance will keep you hooked on the design, as its amps up the entire home décor.

A dazzling chandelier adds an artistic touch to an entire room. The deep low plus minus POP design for kitchens enhances the style of your kitchen space and makes your kitchen look gorgeous.

POP Ceiling Fashioned With Flashy Lights

Source: Pinterest

Go for a minimalistic tray kitchen POP design plus minus giving it a neat edge and cover it with magnificent light boxes, preferably multi-coloured flashy lighting arrangements.

Wood or metal clapboards holding these LEDs can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen.

It can be used to mix and match traditional, contemporary, and geometric art to make your kitchen more ornate.

This rich traditional look to your classic-themed ceiling is a must-have. Love the POP design for kitchen plus minus? Contact Interior Company today and know how you can get it for your modular kitchen.

A Splash Of Colour On Your Kitchen Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

Before choosing a ceiling colour for your kitchen POP plus minus design, consider the overall architecture of your kitchen.

Depending on the style of your modular kitchen, try shades of brown and yellow for a royal look.

You can add texture to your ceiling with a wood finish, fan, or fancy chandelier in the middle.

Wood combinations with yellow or gold are popular colour styles in interior decoration, which further be contrasted with lighter shades like grey or white.

Circle Cut POP Design

Source: Pinterest

Such appealing aesthetics are the most elegant kitchen plus minus POP designs in the shape of a smooth-textured circle cut out of the ceiling.

As for the plus or minus of the roof, it is recommended to stay white to make the ceiling POP.

Design your circle-cut ceiling with yellow backlighting to make your space look like a glorious fort with a luxurious look. 

Heart-Shaped Murals On A Tray POP Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

A simple white tray ceiling with cove lighting with a grandiose ring-shaped POP design in the centre ' doesn't this design catch your attention and let it rest there?

This impressive ceiling design with a beautiful heart-shaped pattern on the ceiling is perfect for kitchen ceilings that complement the home’s overall style.

Decorate the entire ceiling with contrasting floral shapes, or simply choose a floral border design that POPs on the walls. There are numerous floral kitchen plus minus POP designs with or without foliage to consider.

The style creates a dignified charm backed by white backlights and adds flair with delicate and detailed patterns. 


Now you can easily customise any space with an attractive and versatile contemporary kitchen plus minus POP design.

Conventionally, these ceiling designs were considered apt for commercial spaces, but now they are lavishly applied to home spaces, especially to kitchen areas, because of their modular and open layouts spread to the dining and living room.

A well-decorated kitchen design POP plus minus grabs your attention immediately and easily becomes the focal point of your home.

For more information and personalised designs, contact Interior Company and let the expert interior designers help you.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.***


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    What is POP plus minus Design for Kitchens?

    A kitchen design POP plus minus is made from gypsum or plaster of Paris, POP, and can be easily customised into any space.These designs are elegant and versatile that they can help you layer additional false ceiling decorations over designs that give you space on both layers. 

    Is POP Design Kitchen plus minus Recommended for Kitchens?

    A plus minus POP design for kitchen roof is highly functional, thermally insulating, fireproof, and waterproof, which makes such designs ideal for kitchens.

    What Factors Must You Consider before Installing a plus minus Design for Kitchens?

    Considerations when choosing a POP design plus minus for kitchens:
    1. Be sure to check your altitude before you plan ahead
    2. Keep huge area limits
    3. Check for ceiling damage or loose cables or pipes that you need to hide
    4. Check the décor of other adjoining areas and match your POP design kitchen plus minus with the rest of the space.

    Is It Safe to Install the POP kitchen design plus minus Patterns?

    Yes, it is completely safe to install the POP kitchen design plus-minus.

    In fact, in a few cases, it is better and highly recommended to opt for a plus minus POP design for kitchen roofs, as it has several benefits. Besides functionality, these ceilings look attractive, making the home décor royal and rich.

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