6 Small Pooja Room in Kitchen Designs You Must Check

Published On: Dec 8, 2022

With the arrival of modern homes and limited spacing, time requires us to be creative about our space. As important as it is to have a mandir in your Indian home, having a fully separate room for it is a luxury many don't have. As we all know that mandirs are supposed to be places of meditation and devotion and there mustn't be any hindrance of any kind. A more practical solution for this would be to place it in the living room or kitchen.

In this blog, we have gathered some designs for the pooja room inside the kitchen that will help you find the one that suits your lifestyle best.

Vertically Mounted Mandir

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Hanging up the mandir helps make a lot of space in the house. Apart from that, it is highly appreciated if it is off the floor where you walk. This simple and open wooden mandir can be hung on any plain or empty wall. Add a bell or some diya stickers along the mandir to make the space more up to the theme. This mandir in kitchen will help de-crowd the space, freeing the floor.

Minimalist Floating Pooja Space

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Using minimalistic styles for your pooja room inside kitchen will help create a sombre atmosphere. The single wooden floating shelf paired with four other slabs helps display the idols in a beautiful way. The addition of two drawers on the shelf will enable the storage of pooja accessories and prayer books. The hanging bells and matching bronze idols are bringing the best aesthetic appearance of this mandir in kitchen.

Tuck Away the Mandir Behind Doors

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Adding doors to your pooja room inside kitchen will help create additional space and give privacy to the sacred space. Doors will also come in handy when you are cooking something odorous or non-vegetarian to avoid the negative energy flow affecting the sacred space.

Utilise the Space in Between


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Instead of wasting any space in your dining hall or outside the kitchen, it is advised to design a pooja cabinet that fits perfectly inside your wall.

The finest thing about using this design is that it can be utilised in any room or area. This will not only bring the kitchen out of the kitchen but also allow you to have additional space to sit and perform poojas.

Place a Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

The easiest way out of choosing among numerous mandir in kitchen designs is placing a pre-made unit. Placement of this mandir in kitchen is strategically planned for this L-shaped kitchen maintaining a distance between the two. This grand unit is well-designed with doors sculpted out of wood.

Create a Cubical Space

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If you are looking for a design that allows decent pooja space and an area to sit down while praying, then this is a layout for you. The double doors in this pooja room inside kitchen give you enough space to sit down peacefully while the cupboard has enough storage for the idols.

This white carved wooden gate also adds a bit of texture with its webbed pattern to the plain design of this kitchen. The door closure also allows you to cover the mandir whenever needed or when you have too many people in the kitchen.

Where Should You Place a Mandir in Your Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra?

With the growing popularity of apartments comes limited space which cancels out the option of designating a distinct room for each chore. If the mandir is placed in the kitchen, then make sure to place it in the northeast direction which is the most ideal direction. It is advised to follow Vastu tips when you want to shift or replace the mandir at home. Pooja rooms can be built in the East or West direction of the house and also place the idols and pictures in the same direction.

You can either opt for pre-made wooden mandirs that can fit inside your kitchen cabinet or you can also create one in an emptied cabinet or shelf by utilising the existing space. This will actually help save some space and also allow a proper place for the mandir.

When placing the mandir in kitchen, there are certain things that should be kept in mind like-

  • Never placing it against a wall that is shared with the bathroom.
  • The mandir should not be placed near, below or opposite the bathroom as it is considered highly inauspicious.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, a pooja room should not be closed or covered to promote the flow of positive energy throughout the house.
  • But when you are considering making a pooja room inside kitchen then it will be great to either put it behind doors or cover it with a curtain.

Some Vastu Tips for Your Pooja Room in Kitchen

  • Mandir should never be placed near or in front of the bathroom or toilet.
  • Avoid placing your mandir under the staircase, rather utilise the space next to one.
  • Avoid placing money, tricky books or pictures of the deceased in the mandir.
  • Keep the Diya and Agni kund in the southeastern direction.
  • It is essential to keep your pooja room in kitchen well-ventilated.
  • Vastu encourages the use of white, pink and yellow lighting in the mandir.
  • Avoid putting damaged or broken idols or pictures of god.
  • Get rid of any clutter or rubbish in the kitchen or near the mandir.
  • Keep the trash can as far as possible.

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It is vital to decipher where to place the mandir in your home. The place should be Vastu compliant, positioned well and far from the loo. It is vital to keep in mind that the mandir is respectfully placed in your home to attract good health and a good aura. We hope all these pointers came in handy for your research.

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    Can we place the mandir in the kitchen as per Vastu?

    Mandirs can be placed in the kitchen or living room but should be avoided being placed in the bedroom or near the washroom at all costs. 

    What type of lighting should be voided in the pooja room?

    Red bub or red light of any kind should not be used in the pooja room inside kitchen as it brings bad luck. 

    Can the kitchen sink be placed next to the pooja room in kitchen?

    The mandir for the pooja room in kitchen should never be placed above or near a sink and stove as per Vastu Shastra. 

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