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Stunning Wall Shelves Design for Your Bedroom

Published On: Mar 6, 2023

Shelves can assist you in making your bedroom clutter-free and also enhancing your bedroom decor. There are several methods and patterns by which you can create your wall shelf design for your bedroom. While wall-mounted and corner shelves are among the most popular ones, they do utilise the available space quite efficiently and give your home an optimum appearance. 

Some bedroom shelf design ideas, however, can be brought to reality via the DIY Method  (Do It Yourself). These DIY designs are pocket-friendly and also tend to look more engaging as compared to the ready-made units. In this blog, we will walk you through various awe-inspiring bedroom shelf designs to give your bedroom a complete makeover.

Declutter your bedroom and make it more appealing with wall shelves designs for the bedroom

1. Crisscross Asymmetrical Wooden Shelf Design

Source: Pinterest

This minimal wall shelf designs for a bedroom can be created effortlessly. This unique wall shelf features dark chocolate brown wood. The crisscrossed, asymmetrically designed wooden shelf is mounted on the wall, utilising the space efficiently. The white-coloured wall complements the design idea, giving it a monochromatic appeal.

2. Bumblebee Hexagonal Shelf Design

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the hexagonal bedroom wall shelf decor ideas which provides optimum space for keeping books, decor items and live plants. A design like this can also be created by DIY as all it needs is wooden planks, gum, nails and a wood saw. The hexagonal wooden shelf is stacked side-by-side, giving it an elongated effect. The amazing fact about this self is that you can keep your decor time inside the hexagon and also upon the self. If you wish to make it more appealing, then you can also keep decor items suspended by the base of the shelf.

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3. Light It up With Subtle Wooden Shelf Design

Source: Pinterest

The corner shelf design for the bedroom is one of the most recommended designs as it requires less space and looks stunning at the same time. This unique design features integrated rope lights that emit a warm light, giving your bedroom a cosy appearance. One end of this shelf is mounted with the help of iron bars, while the other is fastened by bolts to the wall. This shelf is made up of three light-coloured wooden planks, providing ample space to keep books, live plants and other decorative items. 

4. A Plant Shaped Wooden Shelf Signifying Growth 

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the fabulous room decor shelves that is created in association with nature. The shelf features a fully-grown tree-like design with several branches. This is an asymmetrical design inspired by nature. The branches are created in a way they seem to be holding home decor items and books. The shelf is made up of light-coloured wood and the base features two modern drawers completing the design. To spice things up, try adding some warm-toned lights which will give more depth to the design.

5. Floating Corner Shelf Design

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the simple yet unique bedroom corner shelf ideas that can be created with minimal effort. The amazing fact that makes it more desirable is its simple creation design, and it also utilises the space efficiently. The five-tier corner-mounted shelf design can be kept in your bedroom, bathroom and wherever you want. The shelf features a pearl-white colour and is crafted to perfection.

6. A Geometrically Shaped Shelf

Source: Pinterest

This distinctive parallel wall shelf design for the bedroom is created in a way to be perceived as a circle. Each chocolate brown wooden plank features a parallel layout. However, both the central and the longest planks compared to the rest have more distance between them to make them the focal point. This unique design is a subtle way to enhance the bedroom decor and make space for decoration items efficiently.

7. Floating Bedroom Shelf Decor 

Source: Pinterest

This floating quadrilateral and plywood design can give your bedroom a more engrossing appeal. These pied-style wall shelves designed for the bedroom come with an affordable price tag. Fluorescent green coloured leaves that enhance the overall appeal can be seen at either end. This shelf offers ample space to be decorated with plants, which gives your home an essence of calmness. It’s also lauded with suspended light that grabs your attention.

8. Minimal Yet Efficient Room Shelves Design

Source: Pinterest

This is a modern bookshelf design that is easy to make and offers ample space for keeping books, decor items and so on. The shelves feature only two shapes, square and rectangular. If you happen to look at the design from a distance, the shelves will appear like a huge rectangle. The shelf features primer wood that adds sophistication to the room.

9. Bonus: Using Shelves Acting as Artistic Elements!

Source: Pinterest

This awe-inspiring wall shelves design for the bedroom is an elegant way to decorate your room as this design covers an entire wall. The shelves feature black and white colour and are created with an overlapping effect. To compliment the overall design, there are numerous circular rings of black and white colour that can be seen on the wall arbitrarily. Right above the shelf, you can see white light-emitting diodes incorporated into the ceiling. You can also see a Sweet Dream greeting written in white colour just below the shelves.

To Sum Up

So long as the wall shelf design for the bedroom goes, keeping it aligned with your requirement and preference has to be the way forward. From ready-made units to DIY, all bedroom shelf designs are capable of decluttering your bedroom space. We hope the aforementioned bedroom shelf design ideas encourage you to create a clutter-free and elegant home. For more information on bedroom shelf design, contact the experts at Interior Company.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.

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    Which one is better, a wall-mounted shelf or a corner shelf design for a bedroom?

    This is a rather subjective question, solely depending on personal preference and requirement. However, both shelves have their own advantages and disadvantages. A corner shelf utilises the space efficiently, but it is unable to store more items. The mounted shelf is not space-bound and is able to store more items and due to this advantage, it covers more space.

    What are the materials that can be used for making a bedroom shelf?

    Plywood is the go-to material for shelves. It’s cheap, versatile and easily available at any hardware store. However, you can also iron and plastic.

    Can I make a wall shelves design for the bedroom for clothes?

    Yes, you can make a wall shelf design for the bedroom for clothes. However, you must choose a shelf with a door that covers the shelf entirely to prevent dust particles from making an entrance.

    Do I need a lot of money to spend on shelves for a small bedroom?

    No, it’s a myth that you need to pay a large capital to enhance your bedroom decor. A wall shelf can also be created via the DIY method, which is relatively cheaper compared to other design practices for ready-made products.

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