POP Design Ideas for Your Bedroom 2022

Published On: Apr 25, 2022

The uses of POP are listed in versatile prospects. From being used in stair railings, walls, niches and even window frames, POP can be used on wall skirtings, mouldings, columns and pilasters. Adding that extra European skin, POP designs can escalate any space from ceilings to walls to any integral part of a room. Modern ceiling POP design ideas for the bedroom come with a vast array of themes to bring out your personal aesthetic.

In this article, we shed light on modern bedroom POP ceiling designs to enliven your space. 

POP Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

There is an impressive bandwidth that allows using POP designs in various forms and shapes. Your taste can vary from being eclectic to being contemporary and minimalistic. POP designs support every mental still that you have in your mind. Modern POP designs for bedroom also supports three-dimensional characters that can be used to create some interesting interior visuals in your bedroom. 

POP and its Benefits

POP and its Benefits

Generally used for cornices in the bedroom or false ceiling, POP is dehydrated gypsum that tends to harden after the addition of water. Unlike the gypsum board, POP is not only good material for ceilings but also versatile in nature. POP is also sound insulated against noise and conceals electrical wires, leading to a luxurious finish in any interior decor.

Things You Should Consider while Picking out a Ceiling Design for a Bedroom

  • A bedroom is a place where you actually come home to. So, make sure to avoid any overwhelming design that is not soothing to the eye. Go for something that gives you comfort and calm when you look at it. 
  • You need to make sure that the themes, coherent colour schemes and the entire aesthetic ties together. The lighting accents and the final touches must be accountable for defining the interiorscape. The combination of subtle colours along with some warm lighting soothes the eye. 
  • Make sure that the design of the ceiling, the patterns and the colour scheme complement each other. However, using white in an interior space does make the room appear more spacious. 
  • Make sure to consider the height of the room while designing the false ceiling. The design of the ceiling must be done with the placement of the furniture in mind. Other interior elements such as window curtains, beds, etc must be well thought out before landing upon a ceiling design. 

Modern POP Design Ideas for Bedroom:

Modern POP Designs for Bedroom: 

  • They say beauty lies in the details! With elaborative modern POP ceilings, carvings, niches and ambient lighting, you can add more beauty and character to the interiors. 
  • Want to get closer to nature? Bring the greens inside your room using POP in the leaf and floral designs. If you are looking for a raw vibe in your interior space, a POP brick or stone effect with the same can also suffice the same. 
  • Classic and contemporary POP ceiling designs with materials like glass or wood as the focus would also gain a lot of attention. 
  • Walls being elaborated with 3D POP panels and designs would create a visual effect to give a sense of depth to the room. This would add an interesting feature to your room.

Ideas for Latest POP Design Ideas for Bedroom

POP Designs for Bedroom with Fans

POP Designs for Bedroom with Fans

Make sure to opt for a POP design for your room according to the shape and orientation of the space. There can be huge ceiling sections that be separated with plus-minus POP designs in order to fit two ceiling fans. The POP design in the ceiling can be either done in plane sections with POP running parallel to the edge of the ceiling or it can be elaborative, which would decrease the depth of the room. There are variant designs in ceiling fans as well that can be used in the middle of the ceiling to create an elegant looking room. The design you want to go with is completely subjective and with POP any design is achievable.

POP false ceiling designs for children’s bedroom:

POP false ceiling designs for children’s bedroom: 

POP designs for a child’s bedroom false ceiling can bring some interesting interior character to the table. You can opt for various colours and designs when it comes to a POP. Make sure that these designs complement the room and the entire layout. There are multiple ceiling designs for you to choose from and all of them are achievable with POP. Depending on your kid’s interest, you can go for some interesting shapes and caricatures. From fun kid themes including clouds, rainbows and animals to including some floral art for the teens, you can experiment a lot with POP ceiling designs. You can also install some fun lighting accents in the ceiling, which would create a simple and elegant look for the complete decor frame. You can choose lights according to your idea for the room. If you are looking for something cosy, going with warm lighting is your way to take.

Bedroom POP Design Ideas: Plus Minus:

Bedroom POP Design: Plus Minus: 

The highlight of using plus minus POP ceiling design is that it can be used in both - protruding and tucked in elements. Plus Minus POP ceiling designs offer you the bandwidth to create all kinds of interior looks from minimal to detailed. This can further be combined with wood, glass or a translucent coloured acrylic sheets. Hence, one can achieve a  glamorous look in the entire layout. The Plus Minus POP ceiling designs can boost the style quotient of your space.

Modern POP designs for bedroom corners:

Modern POP designs for bedroom corners:

POP can be used with wall borders as well. Creating a customised design layout for Plaster of Paris can be something that might help you alleviate your space with limited usage. One of the basic ways to incorporate POP in a design layout is to add niches and recessions in walls. With this level difference in the facade, the use of lighting appreciates the space more, with the given alignment to your style. There are innumerable mouldings crafted in the Plaster of Paris and these designs can be DIY-ed as well.

Floral Modern POP False Ceiling Design for Bedroom:

Floral Modern POP False Ceiling Design for Bedroom:

Looking forward to adding some vintage and romantic aesthetic to your room? Floral POP designs are the way to go. You can go ahead with floral POP designs that would help you achieve a cohesive look. Adding the appropriate amount of light would also elaborate the interior space, blending with the overall bedroom decor. You can also look for modern or floral patterns that would add a series of colours in your POP ceiling. Make sure to add colours that complement the entire theme and bring out a subtle look in order to make your bedroom appeal classy.


Geometric Pattern in modern POP designs for bedroom:

Geometric Pattern in modern POP designs for bedroom:

Talking about the geometric designs in POP, the material can be moulded into elegant shapes and patterns. From rectangles, ovals, triangles to any circular POP designs, anything can be used to detail the ceiling of the bedroom. There can be multiple implications of POP using them simply to add some character through moulded designs like layered swirls, projecting designs to create more visual character. The bedroom walls can also be alleviated using similar design typologies, except in different shapes like hexagons and triangles.

POP Designs for Modern Bed Headboard

POP Designs for Modern Bed Headboard

The headboard of the bed is one of the most primitive features in any interior design layout. Adding the appropriate touch of drama to a modern bedroom design, POP can be used as a centrepiece design above the bed. Going with a single layer of POP with a recessed design and some LED lighting can create the best headboard design. There can be multiple options to explore with POP designs on a headboard. Even with a low ceiling, handmade moulding on the headboard would do wonders to your bedroom design.

Tray-type Modern POP Design Ideas for Bedroom

Tray-type Modern POP Design for Bedroom

A tray ceiling in POP adds an intriguing dimension to the design of the bedroom. The tray design in a POP ceiling accentuates the depth of the ceiling from the boundary by bearing some recession in levels. This also gives scope to the ceiling design by promising some horizon for LED lighting. The POP ceiling can be further accentuated with mouldings, colours, lights, the play of levels which further invites dramaturgy.

Coffered POP Small Bedroom Ceiling Design

Coffered POP Small Bedroom Ceiling Design

Coffered ceilings are one of the most common designs in the POP ceiling designs that bring instant character to your interior space. Bearing a wide variety of choices in shapes, the user can opt for interesting decorative themes. From decorative themes to creating interesting ceiling designs, POP can be used in many ways meticulously. However, if the height of the room is capacious enough, then installing some lights along the false ceiling also becomes important to illuminate the entire room.

In Conclusion

Modern POP ceiling designs offer a wide scope of elevating the design of your home. Using these design ideas you can definitely amp up the space in your home. Anyway, you can never go wrong with incorporating lights along with a POP design ideas in your bedroom. For more interesting decor ideas, follow the Interior Company.

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Q. What is POP in interior design?

POP or Plaster of Paris is basically a quick-setting plaster material made out of a white powder. This tends to harden later when it is let to dry after being mixed with water. The material POP is generally used to fabricate false ceilings and designers elaborate the same by using them in interior spaces. 

Q. Gypsum ceiling or POP. Which is better?

Gypsum is easier to work with and helps you achieve good and effortless finishes. On the other hand, with POP the labour must be capable of working on a fabricated design, irrespective of the limitations that the material comes with. 

Q. Is POP waterproof?

No, the Plaster of Paris is not waterproof. However, it is made waterproof by mixing other materials that are to be used in the interiors and the exteriors. It is a porous and extensively dry material to work with. 

Q. Which one is better- POP or PVC?

If you are looking forward to installing false ceiling in your home, a PVC false ceiling is one of the best materials to work with. In contrast with the POP ceiling, the PVC ceiling tiles or panels are more sustainable, water-resistant and affordable. This makes them one of the wisest choices for homeowners. 

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