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Fascinating Wooden Ceiling Designs for Bedroom

Published On: Sep 19, 2022

For years now, the fifth wall of the bedroom has been used to the best of its potential to take things up a notch. Wooden accents have been the most popular among all the materials for creating innovative false ceiling designs. Ceiling wood decoration is a chic and modern way of enhancing the look of the space without putting in much effort. 

The aesthetics of a wooden bedroom ceiling is unmatched because of the visual aesthetic it offers. Wooden ceilings are versatile, meaning you can mould the design according to your taste, whether it is a classic or modern touch. You can never run out of ideas to experiment with wooden ceiling designs. Cover the entire ceiling or accent just a part of it; it is up to you how bold you want to be with your interior design. 

But, before we delve deeper into the inspirational mood board for your bedroom’s interior space. Let us first discuss the basics of wooden bedroom ceiling design. 

What are Wooden Ceilings Made of?

A wooden ceiling is usually designed with the help of blockboards. Finishes like Melamine, natural varnished wood, laminates, and lacquers are utilised for wooden ceiling designs. Another perk of ceiling wood decoration is that it can be paired with materials like metal, gypsum, and glass for a customised look. 

Benefits of Wooden Bedroom Ceiling

Wooden ceilings in the bedroom are known to have numerous benefits: 

Absorbs Sound

Wood acts as a natural acoustic absorbent since it is a porous material. If you want to regulate the reverberation of the noise in the room, then you can choose the sound-absorbing acoustic panels. 

Saves Energy

By installing a wooden bedroom ceiling, you reduce the space required to be settled down with the help of an air conditioner. This helps in reducing the consumption of energy. Since wood is a heat insulator, your room is bound to remain cool for longer. 

Provides Strength 

A wooden bedroom ceiling is ideal if your interior design requires you to install lights in the false ceiling. By doing this, you will be able to install a greater number of lights without worrying about the ceiling sagging. 

Easy Installation and Removal

Wood is one of the most accessible false ceiling materials to be installed and removed, which makes it convenient for the parties involved. The wooden planks in the wooden ceiling design panels can be installed and dismantled without any hassle. 

Variety of Finishes

Wood ceiling accents have numerous finishes, from matte and glossy to textured. Other options like veneer, natural varnished wood, and laminate make up for stunning bedroom interiors. 

Eco Friendly 

The wood bedroom ceiling decays naturally and does not cause much damage when removed. So, if you are environmentally conscious, you should opt for this style of false ceiling. 

Cons of Wood Ceiling Bedroom

Compared to the other materials used for designing false ceilings, wood is the most expensive material. The cost includes both the maintenance cost and the initial expense. Also, wooden false ceilings are the most suitable for colder climates. The maintenance charges are too high because wooden material is susceptible to change in weather and prone to termites.

Why is Wooden Ceiling Better Than Other Materials?

POP false ceilings have widespread popularity among the Indian audience, and it is also available in a number of designs and colours. But, POP is not the strongest suit in a humid atmosphere. A POP false ceiling can absorb water over time, unlike a wooden false ceiling prone to sagging. Moreover, wood is more robust than POP and is not prone to grave damage. Also, the wooden planks are easy to replace, while restoring the POP false ceiling is difficult. 

Gypsum is another material that can be used for the false ceiling. It is a naturally occurring material and is used to make gypsum boards that are utilised in the gypsum false ceilings. Gypsum is cost-effective and highly durable, but it can be most efficiently used in rooms with high ceilings as more space is occupied. Gypsum also cannot be moulded and is prone to water retention.  

Trending Wooden Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Have a look at the wooden bedroom ceiling designs and fashion your mood board for your room’s interiors. 

Bohemian Fantasy

Bohemian Fantasy

The black verene wooden ceiling accents in this bedroom accentuate the bohemian aesthetic of the room. The room's neutral colour palette complements the wooden ceiling's black hue. This ceiling design is efficient, affordable, and effective. 

Grey Scale

Grey Scale

The grey wooden panel design in this modern bedroom looks chic and blends well with the demeanour of the room. The ceiling's white, beige, and grey hue are also in sync with the bohemian accessories. 

Countryside Feels

Countryside Feels

The grey wood bedroom ceiling makes this already huge room look more spacious. The hue of the ceiling is in complete harmony with the colour palette of the room and the wooden flooring. The natural light renders a shine to the ceiling. 

Panoramic Views

Panoramic Views

The wooden bedroom ceiling creates a panoramic view since it blends with the wooden flooring. The natural light from the windows gives a shine to the wood, reflecting from both surfaces. The ceiling is embellished with ambient lighting for a more modern look. 

Cottage Style

Cottage Style

This cottage-style ceiling wood decoration also extends to the focal wall. The light brown colour of the wood bedroom ceiling matches the neutral colour palette of the room. This strong, efficient ceiling design will also give your room a glam makeover. 

Wrapping Up!

The first and foremost question to be answered while deciding on the wooden bedroom ceiling is whether it is suitable for your space or not. After you have decided on the requirement factor, look for the designs that suit your style the most. Wood bedroom ceilings have always been in style and are a classic design to amp up your bedroom. 

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Which wood is best for a false ceiling?

MDF or teakwood is the best type of wood for ceiling wood decoration.

Does a wood ceiling make the room look smaller?

A wood ceiling can make the room look smaller than average owing to its darker colours. So its appeal might not meet the mark in small rooms.

Can you paint a wood ceiling?

Yes, you can paint a wood ceiling. Acrylic paint is the ideal kind of paint to spray wood ceilings with.

Can you clean a wood ceiling?

It is recommended to clean the wood bedroom ceiling only sometimes and with a mild cleaner.

What are wood ceilings called?

Wood ceilings are also called wood slats, beadboard, planked wood, tongue and groove, and shiplap, among other things.