Most Suitable Colour Combinations for Walls in the Living Area

Published On: Oct 8, 2021

The living room is an area that holds significant importance in setting the whole mood or vibe of the home. Different wall art design ideas act perfectly to add aesthetical value to the living area. Apart from having guests, the living room holds special importance in terms of design aspects because it is the space that we consider the most-used place in a home. From relaxing to dining, we perform many types of tasks here. So, having a great living room wall decor ensures that we get to be in a good mood when we spend our time in the living room.

There are multiple genius ideas for doing wall painting designs for the living room. Here we are going to discuss the ones that are not only in trend but also pull off an elegant and calming living room look.

1. White + Grey = Create an Elegant Living Area

living room wall painting -White + Grey

Do you want to introduce a monochrome colour combination to your living room that creates a relaxing yet elegant interior outlook? Then, grey and white, which are both neutral hues, make a fantastic combination as a living room wall painting design.

Overlaying with other vibrant colours like yellow, design objects like living room wall art in your grey-white living room can readily become a wow factor by making a striking living room ambience.

For many years, grey and white have been the most commonly used neutral colours, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. People used to interpret these colours as gloomy and melancholy, but with the right application technique, they are becoming increasingly popular for their versatility and beauty.

2. Burgundy + White = Welcoming Set-up in a Living Area

living room wall painting - Burgundy + White

Are you looking for wall painting designs for the hall that introduce a passionate feeling to the place? Burgundy and white are a brilliant combination to achieve this. Red is now getting backdated and burgundy-its other cousin is taking the centre stage as it has a striking ability to evoke passion, strength, warmth, and excitement in the living area.

Burgundy has an intense vibe that may appear intimidating if painted all over the place. However, using it to create an accent wall with a neutral shade like white creates an exhilarating and dramatic change in the living area. This colour scheme is a great choice for your living room if you pair it with wooden flooring to create a warm ambience. You can also add wall art drawings in neutral shades on the burgundy accent wall to increase its elegance.

3. Orange +Blue = Brighten Your Living Space

living room wall painting - Orange +Blue

Are you in search of simple wall painting designs for the living room that has the capability to brighten up the space instantly? Going for a blue-orange wall colour combination can undoubtedly generate an intriguing dynamic in your living space. Blue and orange are optically captivating when they are fully saturated.

In contemporary or experimental decorating styles, vibrant orange and blue work incredibly well together to amp up your living space, giving it an instant glam up.

Since blue and orange are contrasting hues as defined by the colour wheel, incorporating them together to build up striking wall drawing ideas works well. Orange is a colour with high vitality, while blue is often relaxing and tranquil. So, they create a harmonising effect in your living room.

4. Yellow + White = Bring Sunshine Shade to the Living Room

Wall Painting For Living Room Ideas - Yellow + White

If your living space does not have large windows and there are very few small openings, getting ample light becomes quite difficult. However, if you introduce sunny yellow with a hint of white into your living room, it may immediately make the space feel more airy and bright.

Designers find yellow-white as an ideal colour combination for living areas because of its unquestionable ability to turn the place into a warm, sunny and inviting space. Be it a bit traditional or contemporary; this attractive, adaptable colour combination can be used in any setting.

Since yellow has a brightening hue, it is a wise move to keep things subtle with simple wall painting art designs.

5. Blue + Yellow = Positive Vibes in the Living Room

Blue + Yellow = Positive Vibes in the Living Room

Blue and yellow always top the list of trendy wall paints because of their unmatched versatility to blend with any home and colour design. These two colours also work together seamlessly to pull off a calm, relaxing and positive atmosphere in your living room with very easy wall drawing ideas.

While yellow infuses interiors with an immediate sense of vitality, blue creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This aspect makes using this colour combination to establish a perfectly balanced interior with a serene and peaceful vibe easy.

6. Green + Grey = Bring a Bit of Nature into the Living Area

Wall Painting For Living Room Ideas - Green + Grey

Are you a nature lover but do not have ample space in your living area to keep indoor plants? Then the wall painting art design combination of green and grey comes in handy to introduce a botanical feel into your living space.

Whether you want to add a dramatic dynamic to your living space or try something more classic and peaceful, the green-grey combination has the potential to effortlessly pull off the desired living space look.

Painting your wall with a dark shade of green sometimes might feel overwhelming. Toning it down with a neutral hue like grey makes perfect sense to create a visual equilibrium in the living space.

7. Teal + White = Create a Luxurious Living Area

Wall Painting For Living Room Ideas - Teal + White

If you want to create a chic and luxurious living space, the teal-white combination of wall painting ideas for the living room works magically. If you want to introduce the utmost chicness and expressiveness of the teal hue, it is a brilliant move to use it as an accent colour along with pearl white walls. Using the teal-white colour combination is a beautiful addition to your home because of its relaxing qualities that give radiance and charm to the living room.

If you want to draw more focus on the teal-white mixing line, putting up bedroom wall art on that line makes perfect sense.

8. Orange + White = Add Warmth to Your Living room

Wall Painting For Living Room Ideas - Orange + White

Other than designs where orange is chosen as the dominant colour and used to fill the whole room, you may think about using orange as an accent for your living room. Orange has a dramatic and concentrated tone that easily overshadows your living area. So, combining it with a neutral shade like white helps to balance out the intensity of the orange. In this way, you can introduce a desirable level of warmth to your living space with the right colour arrangement of orange and white.

9. Dual Shades of Purple for an Exciting Living Room Decor

Dual Shades of Purple for an Exciting Living Room Decor

Purple living room ideas can offer you a living area with a quirky appearance, but it’s a difficult colour to work with. You can easily pull off an out-of-the-box living room wall design by opting for a dual-tone purple wall colour. Take a deeper shade and a lighter shade together. Use the deeper shade to highlight the house designs where you want to draw people’s attention.

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10. Introduce a Classic Vibe with Black and White

 wall painting designs for living room
 -  Black and White

We have a misconception that monochrome colour combinations make living areas dull. The fact is that if you can creatively use a monochrome combination like black and white, it can bring new energy into the living area.

You can use the white colour to cover the whole living space and introduce black as an accent wall colour in the kitchen area adjacent to the living space. This wall painting design would not only work as an accent wall but also as a room divider.

Wrapping Up

Creating a charming and relaxing living space with the right colour combination is a tedious task. Referring to the above-mentioned designs can make your wall colour combination selection task easy. For more home decor ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company!


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    Q1. What shades of paint are trendy in 2022?

    Ans. Each year, paint manufacturers present their top choice for the hue that will be more energising for both interiors and exteriors. Very Peri and Green are the undisputed colours of 2022. In addition to the greens, some paint companies choose vivid colour pops to offer additional unique touches to an interior.

    Q2. Which colour suits a living room the best?

    Ans. The colour green represents peace and rejuvenation of existence. It’s one of the greatest paint colours for living rooms since it mimics the colours of nature. If you are lacking the space (or the enthusiasm) for a variety of indoor plants, green walls will add the necessary liveliness to your living area.

    Q3. Which colour enlarges the appearance of a living room?

    Ans. If you want to make your living space looks bigger and open, opt for soft hues like off-white, blues, and greens for the best results. These soft tones can create a brighter room appearance effortlessly as they reflect more light. The brighter the living room, the bigger it will look.

    Q4. What colours in a living room can introduce a calming effect?

    Ans. A soothing living space is ideal for relaxing after a hectic day and also for hosting people in a homely atmosphere. The colours that are capable of introducing a calming effect to your living area include blue-grey, sea-blue, sage green, neutral beige, dusty pink, and tranquil white.

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