Eight Trending Wall Painting Designs and Ideas for Your Living Room

Published On: Oct 18, 2022

Do you want to add an extra oomph or a subtle statement to your living room walls? Indeed, house renovation gets exciting when you choose the right wall paint colours for the living room. Then this article has the best wall painting ideas for the living room in the most exciting paint colours of 2024.

The living room is an important room of the house, whether it's an apartment or a spacious villa. Since it's the space that is bound to create a striking impression, it becomes imperative that wall colours for the living room set an ambient mood.. Choosing the right shade, be it earthy, neutral, bold or just, is crucial for the living room.

Before you start your furniture shopping, read on further to understand the different wall painting designs for the living room to upgrade your space.

Pantone Colour of 2024 – A Periwinkle Touch

Very Peri/ Periwinkle is the Pantone Colour of the year 2024, a blue hue with undertones of violet and red. This colour is from the family shade of lilac and lavender and emphasises calmness in these disorderly times. Looking at this picture, the periwinkle wall paint colour for the living room stands out as a perfect accent wall and imbues a sense of tranquillity in the room.

Adding contrasting furnishing in shades of grey, black, or white balances the tones of the living room, keeping it neutral and simple. If you are interested in colour blocking, then a bright pop of colour can accentuate the living room, giving it an eclectic feel. Imagine periwinkle wall paint set against a deep emerald green sofa with magenta cushions and perky art pieces. This could be straight from Sarah Jessica Parker's living room from Sex and the City.

Pantone Colour

Grey Undertones for a  Spacious Living Room

The grey wall paint colour for the living room bestows a feeling of openness. A grey living room is classy and serene, complementing contemporary and vintage combinations. If you like to experiment with bursts of colour and conversational elements, then grey is one of the best colours for the living room. Grey living room walls are a perfect backdrop for your artistic endeavours with neutral furnishing in either white, beige or black. Grey ranks among the 2024's most popular colours for living rooms. A floor-to-ceiling window exudes brightness to the living room with decorative elements such as a rug or an iron-black tall standing lamp.

Grey is such a versatile colour for a living room that allows you to play around with it. You can add pastels or deeper colour tones, textured or plain walls, or simply add art pieces matching the colour scheme.

Grey Undertones for a  Spacious Living Room

Deep Tones of Green – A Calm Tone for the Living Room

The nature-inspired colour aesthetic Green has become one of the most popular living room colour designs for 2024 since it mimics earthy hues. Green walls will add the necessary liveliness to your living room if you don’t have the space for an assortment of indoor plants. For individuals who find neutral colours too monotonous, green can be both subtle and fresh at the same time.

A recent trend of green and natural tones blending into interiors with plants, timber and terracotta is gaining popularity.. While the picture depicts dramatic dark green wall colours for the living room with a green velvet sofa and pouffe ottoman with gold decorative elements.

Dark tones of green such as juniper, emerald, pine, and seaweed green add depth, whereas lime green and chartreuse exude brightness to the space.

Deep Tones of Green - A Calm Tone for the Living Room

Earthy Tone Wall Colours for the Living Room

Earth colours, the shades closer to the soil, ground, and minerals and are the best colours for living room walls. Shades such as pigments of brown, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and burnt orange add warmth to the space. These ushered verdant colours create an autumnal vibe and can be mixed with nature-inspired patterns.

The earthy tones of wall colours for the living room add warmth or create a cosy atmosphere and give the space a defining character or persona. One can decorate the room with subtle colour-toned furniture pieces with Chevron, distressed, or Persian-style rugs. Why stop at rugs when you can accentuate the walls with minimalist artwork or indoor hanging plants?

Earthy Tone Wall Colours for the Living Room

Navy Blue has made its way to the best colour for the living room as most people are making bolder choices and are embracing bright shades. Light blue hues have been a traditional colour for homes for decades; however, adding a dark and deep tone is a contemporary move. The prevalence of the colour blue contributes to a relaxing and serene atmosphere ideal for introspection..

 A living room wall colour in deep blue tones creates a stabilising influence on your house. There are many exquisite shades of blue, and they all blend effectively with light neutral hues such as cream, brown, and beige. Adding black furniture, wall decorative elements or a patterned rug exudes a chic style to the room. The blue wall colour for the living room appears tidy and organised without compromising the colour. It won't make you feel blue on a Monday.

Navy Blue Wall Paint Inspiration

Black for the Bold

When looking for the ideal wall paint colour for the living room, black is not the most obvious choice. It could have a reputation for seeming depressing, tense, and confined. However, what makes it a great colour is that it opens the space, creating a spacious look and adding an inviting feel. Don't throw shade on this hue, it won't make your living room look like that of the Addams Family's mansion.

For a dramatic style, black is an ideal wall colour for the living room, focusing on all the architectural elements and patterns. One can create a monochromatic contrast using white or neutral tones or add a pop of colour in brighter tones of hot pink, lime green, burnt orange or crimson red.

Black for the Bold

Peachy Pink Palette for the Living Room

The colour pink demands a skilled designer’s eye to prevent a cloying result. The best pink wall paint colours for the living room are chalky and deep cherry hues, as bright pink can seem overpowering. Mixed with complementary accent colours like grey, yellow or green, mellow shades of peach pink, especially for the living room walls, can look stunning! Add upscale accents like tweed or textured wool sofas, and a patterned rug or wooden furniture enhances a warm tone to the room.

Peach pink belongs on the warm side of the colour wheel since its primary hue is orange. Even the lightest shade of peach has warm undertones that give the space a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

Peachy Pink Palette for the Living Room

Neutral Beige Shades for Living Room Walls

The preferred neutral for interior designers is beige.. You can’t go wrong with this shade. The consistent colour emphasises the minimalism of unfinished fabrics and textiles. The latest design craze is to paint your living room in various tones of white, including beige. The setting is created for a stunning, elegant look with contrasting decorative elements, a bright colour sofa or plain simple off-white furniture. People frequently pick beige as the wall paint colour for the living room.

Beige is the ideal colour to employ all by itself in a living room to create a cosy and welcoming environment.  The picture depicts beige walls combined with warm off-whites and delicate light neutrals, along with muted decorative accents.

Neutral Beige Shades for Living Room Walls

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Final Thoughts

The colour palette you prefer and the style that best expresses your personality, in our opinion, would be the ideal choice for your living room. However, wrapping up our overview of the list of wall painting ideas for the living room, these shades and tones are trending in 2024 and are recommended by interior designers across the globe.  Reach out to our specialists at Interior Company if you need any advice regarding design ideas for your living room.


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    Q1. What colours are trending for living rooms in 2024?

    Ans: The colour of the year 2024, according to Pantone, is Very Peri, which is a blue shade with undertones of red and violet. However, shades such as Grey, Green, and Navy Blue are trending as wall paint colours for living rooms. These colours add depth as well as a soothing effect to the space.

    Q2. Which colours make a room look bigger and brighter?

    Ans: To create a spacious look, neutral shades like off-white, beige, and grey and deep tones such as blue and green are the ideal colour choice. Soft tones bring out a bright persona of the room and add brightness.

    Q3. How do I choose a paint colour for my living room?

    Ans: To pick the right wall colour for your living room, it is advised to create a colour palette that corresponds to the furniture. Choose a colour that sets the mood you prefer for an appealing visual effect or to make the room look cosy or dramatic. 

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