Refreshing Living Room 3D Wall Painting Design Ideas

Published On: Dec 1, 2022

Wall painting designs are a classic choice for hallway ideas and have both functional and aesthetic benefits. Shrouding your living room with wall art, is an intriguing way to add visual appeal. Moreover, these designs can protect walls from bumps and scuffs and gives a visually pleasing look. Pick your favourite look and transforms your living space with these inspiring ideas. 

Mountain Wall 3D Paintings for Living Room

Source: Pinterest

Bring life to your boring walls with the misty 3D wall painting for the living room. The landscape murals embody a peaceful environment and smooth energy in the home. They create an awe-inspiring feature wall and leave your guests in the wanderlust of nature. According to Feng shui and Vastu Shastra, these 3D wall painting designs for the living room create more blissful vibrations in your living space. Further, it brings an understated and calming ambience to your living space and is perfect for all decor themes. 

Incredible Horse 3D Painting for Living Room

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Hang a 3D wall painting on an empty wall to give the living space a striking visual element: the larger the art piece, the more profound the style statement in the room. Here, the running horses symbolise victory, power, loyalty, and freedom. These 3D paintings for living rooms ensure positive influence and growth in an individual’s life. 

As per the ideals of Vastu Shastra, adorn the walls with an odd number of horses, usher positivity and prosperity into your home. When selecting the art piece, keep in mind the flow between the floor, walls, and ceiling for an enhanced appeal. 

Decorative 3D Wallpaper

Source: Pinterest

Exemplify the style in your living room with 3D wallpaper designs that add elegance to the space. When it comes to choosing the wallpapers, consider the size and light of the living room so that it doesn't overwhelm the space. For larger living rooms to appear more intimate, try picking darker and more dramatic tones such as purple, bottle green, or navy, and for compact lounges, lighter hues will enrich the space. This wondrous 3D wall painting for the living room gives the illusion of depth with its concave look and adds personality to the home interiors. 

Wooden Wall Panel Design

Source: Pinterest

If you want to add the warmth and texture of wood to your living room, opt for wooden panel designs that make the home feel more inviting and pleasant. Take a look at this 3D wall decor and see how an array of vertical wooden battens induces a sleek and sophisticated look. The slatted wall brings depth to the space and provides soundproofing and insulation. Further, highlight the living space with the projected house LED lights that radiate a soft glow and elevate the interiors. 

Graceful Lord Buddha 3D Wall Painting for Living Room

Source: Pinterest

Lord Buddha’s paintings exude eternal peace and positivity in the surrounding spaces. The paintings are available in various mudra positions that describe the Buddhist way of life and represent the elements of Nature (Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space).

Lord Buddha sitting in the meditation position is a symbol of enlightenment that brings serenity and prosperity into the house.  According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, Buddha 3D wall painting for the living room should be placed at the main entry in the south corner of your home that can bring contentment and calmness to your home. 

Serene Lord Ganesha 3D Painting for Living room

Source: Pinterest

Lord Ganesha, the epitome of happiness and prosperity, is considered auspicious in Indian homes. According to the Vastu experts, place Lord Ganesha's idol or painting either in the west, northeast or north direction to attract good fortune and wealth. Decorate your walls with these beautiful 3D paintings for the living room and invite positive energy to your homes. A Lord Ganesha panel above the couch makes for a statement design. This 3D wall art comes in an array of colours and forms, so pick one that suits your theme and complements the living space.

Wall Decal

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Liven up your home interiors with 3D wall decals for your living room. Wall decals give the appearance of wallpaper with a simple application process. From small enchanting designs to large-scale decals, they lend a sense of drama and sophistication to a room. Choose a natural-themed 3D wall painting for the living room to revamp the space. Make a big impression with a single large-scale decal like this stunning acrylic tree that adds visual interest to the room. 

Texture 3D wall Paintings for Living Room

Incorporate these texture 3D wall paintings in your living room room to create a focal point that more than meets the eye.


Source: Pinterest

Embrace these textural wall tiles with irregular design that creates a striking focal point in the living space. This 3D wall painting design lends a warm and welcoming backdrop that echoes the geometry of modern and contemporary furniture. These wall tiles composed of recycled wood remnants exude tactility and tranquillity in designs. In addition, the integrated false ceiling accentuates the space, creating a beautiful statement in the room. 

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Source: Pinterest

Stone is a natural material that adds a rustic charm to home interiors. Stones are expensive yet long-lasting, durable, and visually striking compared to other textural 3D paintings for the living room. Moreover, they are available in various colours, from blacks and greys to reds and browns suiting every style and decor theme. 

Stones are sustainable materials and give a plush look when furnished with luxe elements. Because of these traits, it has become a popular choice among homeowners and designers for textural painting ideas to enhance the home’s appeal. 

Art Fresco!

While choosing the 3D paintings for your living room, select a deisgn that complements your decor and defines your persona and taste. From wall panels to decals, ensure the wall art has visual accessibility and the right amount of light. Decorate with ceiling lights, or track lights, wall washers, and picture lights to highlight your precious piece of art and make a stunning statement in your home. Explore more distinctive designs and wall decor ideas at Interior Company. 


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    Q1. Why the wall art paintings preferred for the living room?

    Ans. Living rooms are the core spaces in the home where people socialise and interact. Bringing wall art adds character to the room and personality to the space. It is the most versatile medium of expression and creates an impact while adding the perfect finishing touch to your living space. 

    Q2. Why is textural 3D painting important in interior design?

    Ans. Textures affect the overall feel of the space in the same way colours do. Rough textures can make a room feel intimate and grounded, while smoother surfaces lend a modern and luxurious look to the living space. 

    Q3. Why should you choose wallpapers for your living room?

    Ans. Wallpapers make the room appear larger and brighten up the interiors. Choose coloured textured wallpapers that can hide undulations on the wall or architectural flaws. Choose geometric prints or block prints for a visually appealing look. 

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