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Best Bedroom Wall Designs to Rejuvenate Your Personal Space

Updated On: Oct 30, 2023

When it comes to interior designing, we keep forgetting about decorating our bedrooms with perfect modern bedroom wall design ideas. We pay more detailed attention to decorating the non-private areas. These mostly include the living room and dining area. This happens because we want to share the beauty of our home with the visitors.

This leads to the neglect of one of the most important parts of interior design: the bedrooms. Well, after a hectic day at the office, or after a day dealing with chaotic pressure, which happy place do you choose to settle your mood in? We all know the answer. Its your super-comfortable bedroom! So, you need to decorate your happy place with immaculate and simple bedroom wall design ideas. It would not only help to restore your physical energy, but it would also help to calm your mind.

This article will tell you about decorating your bedroom walls while on a budget. Explore the most recent modern bedroom wall design ideas and select one that perfectly satisfies your requirements.

1. Butterfly Wall Design for the Bedroom

Since you are the owner, your home has to reflect your vibe and character. When it is your bedroom, it is your most personal space. So, the attribute of following your character in room decoration should be more visible here. 

Do you believe in the butterflies in the stomach feeling? Are you more into nature-related stuff? Then the butterfly wall design might win your heart! Paint the wall with your favourite colour. Choose the colour wisely, as this will play a major role in uplifting your mood. Then, draw the butterfly design on the bedroom wall.

Use contrasting colours while painting the butterflies to complement the wall. After the decorations are over, this would play the role of an accent wall. So, place a beautiful bed against it. Do not forget to use complementary coloured bed sheets and pillows to make the whole set-up aesthetically beautiful!

Butterfly Wall Design for the Bedroom

2. PVC Wall for the Bedroom

Are you looking for something that would not only serve as a beautifying agent but also ensure durability? Then a PVC wall design might be one of the best fits for your bedroom. It is not only very easy to install but also easy to maintain. You only need a damp wipe cloth to perform daily dusting. If you belong to a moisture-laden region, the PVC wall design would be your lifesaver. 

The classy look of walls with a PVC design would also give the room an elegant look. If you want to explore different PVC wall designs, the good news is that they possess a multitude of options. A wide range of PVC wall designs with different colours, patterns, and textures are available. Explore them and select the one that matches your vibe. Besides that, if your bedroom has an attached bathroom, a PVC wall design can prevent the bedroom wall from decaying. This provides an interlocking system that hinders the moisture from dampening the wall. 

PVC Wall for the Bedroom

3. Textured Wall Design for the Bedroom

Your home, especially your bedroom, is someplace where you look forward to feeling connected. You want to feel the essence of a shelter. What more can help than using earthy and natural components on bedroom walls to achieve that? Using bedroom wall design texture is quite a trend now.

The philosophy is to celebrate imperfections. None of us is perfect, and your bedroom is the safest place to admit that fact. So, incorporating an imperfect textured design into the bedroom wall can be a great idea for top-notch interior decoration. This is nothing but an attempt to find beauty in imperfections. Just like we are all so imperfect and that is also a part of our inner beauty. 

Different materials are used to form the textured wall designs, including raw timber, slubby linen, cement, etc. This idea can be beneficial for you too if your bedroom has a construction defect. Adding textures to your bedroom walls can easily hide the existing defect, creating a delusional effect. Add to that, if your bedroom radiates a monotonous vibe, incorporating a textured wall can create a dimensional effect in the space. The cost of building a textured wall is also budget-friendly. 

Textured Wall Design for the Bedroom

4. Wooden Wall Design for the Bedroom

Do you prefer a rustic look when it comes to your personal space? Do you want to infuse a sense of warmth and depth into your bedroom? Then installing bedroom wall design wood would be one of the wisest choices.

The wooden wall design works wonderfully when the goal is to add a sophisticated outlook to the bedroom. The relaxed ambience that comes with the wooden wall exceptionally elevates the mood of the room. Besides that, if you feel that your bedroom resonates with a mundane vibe, opt for a wooden wall design to invite a natural charisma. Wood is a timeless component that goes well everywhere and stays in style always. So, your bedroom decor will never be outdated if it has a wooden accent wall. 

A bedroom is a place where everyone wants to calm their minds. What better material than wood to leave that calming effect? There are different kinds of wood designs, including reclaimed, whitewashed, painted, etc. Choose the one that has the greatest potential to leave an impression on your mind.

5. Glass Wall Design for Bedroom

Do you have a fascinating and intriguing view from your bedroom? Then you must not want to hide it by building a concrete wall. In this scenario, glass walls work best to create a boundary along with leaving room for openness. You will be able to enjoy the outer beauty while enjoying the comfort of your bed. You can also incorporate this idea if you have your balcony adjacent to your bedroom. The vivid outer space will surely beautify your inner space in the bedroom. This is even a great choice if you want ample sunlight to enter your space. 

This idea can also work well if you want to build a partition between the shower area and the bedroom. If you want some privacy, you can use frosted glass or textured glass. These glasses are way less transparent. This would not only help to elevate the aesthetic of the place but also aid in creating a partition. 

If you are confused about its durability, you need not worry. The glass walls have proved to be incredibly strong and sturdy. Adding to that, glass walls have a lower overall cost of installation, making them one of the more pocket-friendly choices. 

Glass Wall Design for Bedroom

6. Star Stickers for the Kids Bedroom Wall

When it comes to decorating kids bedroom walls, things become really tricky. Since they are young, it is difficult to understand which thing they like the most. But you can easily go for the star stickers without thinking much about how to decorate their walls. Kids get to learn the stars rhymes from a very young age, and getting stars into their walls can leave them in awe! You can also use the fluorescent ones.

When you switch off the lights, putting the kids into bed, the fluorescent star stickers start to radiate a subtle fluorescent light. Your kid will be able to have a good sleep with the feeling of being under the sky. 

Are you confused about using the stickers, thinking that they might affect your wall? If you go for high-quality stickers, you can avoid the damage. Also, since kids tend to have distinct tastes in different things while growing up, opting for sticker ones to decorate the little one's home seems to be the wisest choice. As soon as they grow up, you can easily transform the wall as per their choices by removing the stickers. So, it is one of the most cost-effective kids' bedroom wall design ideas too.

After you paste the stickers on the wall, there might be a chance that they fall off. You can avoid this by sealing them with the application of two or three coats of decoupage glue. 

Star Stickers for the Kids' Bedroom Wall

In a Nutshell

Having a personal touch in bedroom decoration is very important. It does not take an enormous budget to transform your bedrooms. There are lots of simple bedroom wall design ideas that can do the trick easily. First, prioritise your requisites as this is going to be your most private place. Then, opt for the designs that can give you the things you want. If you are a nature lover, go for a butterfly wall design. If you appreciate unconventional decor ideas, textured walls might be your thing. For more design inspirations, follow the Interior Company.

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