19 Latest Bedroom Wall Design Ideas to Decor Your Sleep Space in Style

Published On: Jun 9, 2022

Your bedroom is a special place where you relax and be yourself. When you decorate it, you want it to feel like you. The wall behind your bed is like a big canvas waiting for your personal touch. Let's find a simple and fun wall design for the bedroom to make this space unique.

Paint the Wall Fun

Paint the Wall Fun- Bedroom Wall Design

We are starting from the easiest way possible! Here, the only thing you need is paint, which is different from the shade of the other three walls. This different wall makes a whole lot of difference in your bedroom design wall. You can also add shimmer in the paint or give it a shape with wall stencils. Either way, it will change the whole look of your bedroom.

Use Your Headboard

Use Your Headboard- Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Have you heard about the headboards that cover all your walls? Well, they are some of the most unique decoration ideas for bedroom. You can customise your headboard as per the size of your wall. From plush velvet boards to intricate carvings in wood, you can decorate your wall and bed with any design.

Put Up a Shelf

Put Up a Shelf - Room Wall Design

Putting up cool shelves behind your bed is a smart bedroom wall decor idea! You can place pictures and decor on the shelves or signs that will make it eye-catching. You can also go for a unique woodcraft shelf that looks like decor without any effort. 

Picture on The Wall

Picture on The Wall- Room Wall Decor Ideas

A big picture makes the wall stand out and gives your room a special touch. Choose a picture of something you really admire, like nature, animals, or art. Choose a picture that makes you happy or calm, so it’s nice to look at. Such pictures are easy bedroom wall decoration ideas to make it more interesting.

Make it Boho

Make it Boho - Bedroom Wall Hanging Ideas

Make your room look boho by hanging macrame, tapestries, and woven baskets room wall decor ideas. Mix different boho items like prints with bohemian designs and potted plants to make it feel natural. You can do this without making it too complicated.  Have fun with it and create a laid-back and diverse boho style in your room.

Round up Your Headboard

Round up Your Headboard - Wall Design Ideas for Bedroom

For this wall decoration for bedroom, make a rounded shape on your headboard with paint. It’s an easy way to add style to your bedroom. Just pick a colour you like and paint the arch. Choose a colour that goes well with your room. You can make your bed area look special with this painted arch.

Use Metal Art

Use Metal Art - Bed Wall Design

Put a strong metal sign or cool metal art as your wall accessories for bedroom. Metal art is durable and easy to style. Metal crafts and art come in many shapes and sizes. Choose the one which soothes your eyes. Put it above your bed or dresser to make your bedroom exotic. 

Make a Slat Wall

Make a Slat Wall- Modern Bedroom Wall Design

Install a floating shelf on your bedroom wall. You can put it above your bed to display books, plants, or small decor items. Pick a wall decor for bedroom style that matches your room. You can find affordable shelves at home improvement stores. Install it with screws or anchors. Now you have a stylish shelf to show off your favourite things.

Put Up a Bunch of Pictures

Put Up a Bunch of Pictures- Latest Wall Design for Bedroom

It’s simple! Choose photos you like, maybe from trips or with friends. Get different sizes and frames for a nice mix. Pick a spot on your bedroom wall and lay out the pictures on the floor to plan. Then, hang them up using sticky strips or nails to make your ideal bed wall design. Make sure they’re straight and evenly spaced. This creates your picture collection. It’s an easy way to give your room a personal touch.

Hang a Large Cloth

Hang a Large Cloth - Modern Wall Design for Bedroom

It’s an easy bedroom back wall design to change the look. You can find different designs to match your taste. This simple idea transforms your wall. Find a cloth with colours and patterns you like, and pick a spot on your wall. The cloth adds colour and style to your room. You can also cover the whole wall with a large curtain.

Greens on the Wall

Greens on the Wall- Simple Bedroom Wall Design

Do you like 3D designs? Well how about some real-life 3D plants? Arrange them on the wall, and in case they are viney, spread their veins across the wall nicely for a greener back wall design for bedroom. The green plants bring freshness to your room. One highlight of this decor idea is its ability to bring oxygen to you. But make sure they are getting plenty of light. Try it and enjoy a greener, more vibrant bedroom wall!

Put up a Mirror

Put up a Mirror- Bedroom Wall Design Ideas

Make your room seem bigger by putting up a large mirror on the wall. The science behind this bedroom back wall design is reflection. Mirrors bounce back the lights and make your room look more spacious. Put it where it catches the light. If you don’t want to hang it, lean it against the wall. Pick a frame that matches your style.

Wallpaper it

Wallpaper it- Best Wall Design for Bedroom

Use patterned paper for a modern bedroom wall design. Choose a style you like'bold or subtle. It’s an easy way to add colour and design. Applying wallpaper is simple, and it quickly transforms your wall. If you rent, go for temporary options that won’t damage the paint.

String Some Lights

String Some Lights - Modern Bedroom Bed Back Wall Design

Hang them around your headboard, or mirror, or create a canopy for a magical touch. These wall decor ideas for bedroom will add warmth and bring a serene ambience. This uncomplicated decor idea enhances the visual appeal. From simple yellow lights to decorative stars and multicoloured ones, there are many options for you to explore.

2D Wall Art

2D Wall Art- Wall Art Designs for Bedroom

This is quite popular in restaurants and fun offices, but you can add this to your bedroom walls. Paint the wall in a lighter shade and start doodling. Anything you like can go up on the wall. You can also make it easy by purchasing wallpaper of the same design.   

Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard Walls- Bedroom Side Wall Design

Create a chalkboard bedroom wall by using chalkboard paint. This turns the wall into a space where you can doodle or write notes with chalk. You can change it anytime and wipe it clean easily. This is a great idea for kids’ bedrooms or for someone who likes to doodle a lot.

Musical Instruments Display

Musical Instruments Display- Bedroom Wall Ideas

You can hang guitars or other instruments to create a cool patterned wall for bedroom. It’s a simple way to show your love for music and make your room special. Just make sure to hang them securely. You can also make a fake one just to add it to your wall. This way, you can adjust the size and detailing of the instrument.

DIY String Art

DIY String Art- Bedroom Interior Wall Design

Make string art by hammering nails into a pattern on a board. Wrap string around the nails to create designs. It’s a simple do-it-yourself project for your bedroom. Choose colours that match your room. This DIY string art adds a personal touch to your space. Hang it on the wall for a custom decoration.

Mount a Hat Collection

Mount a Hat Collection- Master Bedroom Wall Design

Hang your hats on the wall using hooks or pegs. This simple idea adds a decorative touch to your bedroom. Choose a wall space that fits your room’s style. It’s an easy way to display and organise your hat collection without any elaborate installations.


So, there you have it'lots of cool ideas to make your bedroom wall behind the bed look fantastic! Whether it’s painting a bold colour or going for a low-commitment option, you’ve got plenty of choices. With these ideas, you can easily transform your bedroom into a cosy and uniquely stylish space!

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    How do I decorate my bedroom wall without making holes in my headboard?

    Turn your headboard into an open shelf for pictures or decorations without using any screws or nails.

    What are some easy ways to decorate my wall without a long-term commitment?

    Use large hanging tapestries from floor to ceiling. It’s a simple way to change your decor without a lot of effort.

    What does limewash paint do to bedroom walls?

    Limewash paint makes walls look simple and textured. This adds character to your bedroom.

    How can I make my small bedroom look bigger using paint?

    Paint the lower part of the wall a darker colour and the upper part a lighter colour. It tricks the eye and makes the room seem taller and more open.

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