Elegant Off-White Paint Living Room Designs

Published On: Nov 14, 2022

Off-white living room ideas are timeless and never go out of style. It's here to Stay and Slay! These refined white spaces are trending all over Instagram and are our favourite home tours in the interior world. Your home should be the place where you unwind, and a living room is ideal for relaxing and finding solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether your taste leans towards minimalist, eclectic, or country rustic, this perfect shade provides a blank canvas to suit any style and space. With the right approach and designer’s eye, you can create some of the most impeccable, forward-thinking living spaces that stand apart. 

From embracing the textures, and adding a pop of colours, to layering the tones, take the examples below that provide plenty of inspiration to make the space feel serene and sophisticated.  

Au Naturel

Au Naturel theme living room

With the right pairing and natural materials, take the clinical edge-out off in an all-white scheme. Choose furniture and accessories in wood and wicker to add a serene environment. Introduce a hint of colour with house plants to make a stylish addition and liven up your home interiors. 

In this off-white colour living room, the sleek wicker coffee table, the rattan accent chairs and a plush wool rug all soften the clean white walls and streamlined sofa, with organic finishes to feel like an actual oasis in your living space.  

Contrast with Bold Colours

Contrast with Bold Colours theme living room

Off-white living room paint provides the ideal canvas for a plethora of vivid colours. Go bold! Contrast with the patterned prints or bright accent chair for a style statement. Alternatively, inject colour into your dull scheme through furnishings, lending a contemporary touch to the room. 

Here, the pink and off-white living room form a reliable design scheme that channels a modern vibe as well as a classic traditional style to suit your taste. Further, bring in graphic prints such as colourful artwork to add a touch of personality to your living room off-white wall paint. 

Create an Artistic Finish with Grey

Artistic Finish with Grey Living room

Grey and white is a match made in heaven in interior design theme, as it adds drama and style to your living space. For a minimalist dark grey and off-white living room design, avoid lots of knicks and knacks in favour of an art statement and a few sculptural pieces. 

In an all-white backdrop, pick an oversized artwork that draws the eye and creates a focal point in the room. White ties everything together while showcasing patterns and textures in a space beautifully. Here, this Scandi-style off-white colour living room features functional, clean-lined furnishings and plenty of plants that enhance the aesthetics of the living space.  

Layer up Tones with Beige and Brown

Layer up Tones living room theme

When an off-white paint living room is paired with warm grey or subtle cream undertone, it introduces more depth and creates cocooning interiors. These neutral tones are inviting and versatile, so decorate them with a linen sofa to bring in contemporary edge to the living space. 

With a rise in '70s style and trends leaning more towards creating cosy spaces, brown is resurging back in the interior design world. For brown and off-white living room ideas, add a natural wooden touches to flooring and furnishings to bring warmth and texture to the room design.

Make a Rustic Statement

Make a Rustic Statement for living room

The rustic environment has a soothing quality decorating with soft colours, raw edges and natural materials, making the space feel relaxed. For this, you don't have to live in a farmhouse, the key to achieving this look is a simple, off-white sofa and a mix of accessories in lots of shapes and finishes. 

However, when creating this layered look for an off-white living and brown living room, choose neutral cushions with an Aztec print and natural textures to bring a calm and timeless sense of style. Opt for string-style pendants with an exposed bulb to accentuate your living space. Including a statement wood-burning stove to create a stunning focal point that attracts attention. 

Design a Laid-back Beachy Vibe

Laid-back Beachy drawing room

A white design scheme with pops of blue, light wood, and wicker accents is a natural fit to add a coastal vibe to your living room. Mix nautical stripes, checks and coastal motifs to create intrigue and quirky living space. Keep things simple and classic with clean lines and wooden accents for a light and airy feel. 

Bring the casual, laidback style in a blue and off-white living room with a comfy sofa and a line-up of cushions, merging in different sizes and fabrics to add a chic look. Moreover, the white-washed panelled ensign introduces texture, and blue curtains tie the look together. 

Bring in the Industrial Vibe

Bring in the Industrial Vibe

An exposed brick wall or textured wall lends an understated interest in the off-white colour living room. Layer natural colours and tones against it to comment on the style, and pair a low-slung sofa with reclaimed furniture to induce a chic industrial look. 

A mixed palette of whites, greys, and creams can sometimes look bland, so add touches of black here and there to create intrigue in the living space. In this cosy off-white colour living room, the accent chairs, raw nestled tables, art frame, and vintage-inspired floor lamp bring elements of modern monochrome design. Plus, throw in some natural colour with fresh house plants for added interest.

Furnish Small Living Space

Small Living Space Furnish

Are you looking for off-white living room paint ideas that stretch space? Pick furniture and decor elements that open up the space and allow light to meander around the room, making it light and airy. Opt for a small corner sofa and low-slung furniture pieces to maximise both, space and comfort. 

Add statement pieces or inject colour into the design scheme to showcase your personal style. This off-white and teal living room with texture materials on wall surfaces and flooring makes the living space warm and inviting. 

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How Do You Style Off-White Wall Living Room? 

There are so many ways to style an off-white paint living room, it’s such a popular and versatile colour palette that merges well with any decor theme to modern, minimalist styles with a striking Scandi vibe. Pick your style and decorate with this shade to create a fresh and cohesive look. 

Introduce Panelling 

Introduce Panelling theme for living room

White-washed beams and wall panelling ideas add instant interest and depth to the interiors. Whether you’re after a traditional look or rustic charm, wall panelling and cladding are great ways to lift a space and create an inviting ambience. Use wooden slats in a vertical position and hang artwork or big prints for an aesthetically pleasing space. 

Embrace Green Thumb

Embrace Green Thumb style living room

Add plenty of house plants to dress your home and breathe some much-needed life into an otherwise mundane space. Plats purify the air and uplift the spirits, so incorporate a small tree or oversized plant to fill the void and soften the hard finishes of the room. 

Before selecting, remember too many plants can steal the spotlight from the refined white room.

Warm up with Texture

Warm up living room with Texture

White colour isn't just for modern interiors. Use it with rustic materials such as wooden accents to bring vitality to the look and create a warmer and earthy living space. For a calm yet cocooning environment, layer neutral shades with natural materials, textured ceramics and a fireplace to add personality to your home. 

Incorporate Statement Lighting 

Incorporate Lighting for living room

Let your off-white walls living room deck up with an oversized lighting fixture to add a pristine look and elevate the interiors. For rooms with high ceilings adding the pendant lights creates the focal point and draws the eye upwards, lending an exquisite look to the living room. 

Add Sunshine with Yellow

Add Sunshine in living room with Yellow

Can you ever go wrong with a pop of colour in an off-white living room? No, colour provides expressive power to transform a space and adds a personal touch to the room. Add accents of yellow or green to energise the space and give it a new-season uplift. Swap out your cushions, throws, and rugs to spruce up your home interiors.  

Shine with White!

This versatile shade has expanding and light-enhancing properties and elevates the interiors with varied textures and tones. So, incorporate antique finds, big prints, or patterned designs to pop against the bare walls. Add small touches by adorning your walls with plants or lighting fixtures or offsetting the off-white with a colourful area rug. We hope these gorgeous off-white paint living room ideas make the most inviting space in your home.  For more such distinctive designs, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    What colours go with off-white paint living room?

    This warm tone of white is pure and divine, provides a blank slate and can merge well with cool colour tones such as blue, grey, and brown to create a unique, understated elegance.

    How can you make the off-white colour for the living room cosy?

    To make an off-white living room feel cosy, add textures with fabrics, furniture, and furnishings to tone down the cool feeling. Further, layer up soft furnishings like rugs, cushions and throws and incorporate warmer shades to soften up the freshness of the white. 

    Is off-white a good colour for your living room?

    The beauty of off-white is it blends with all the decor themes from traditional and formal living spaces to country-chic rustic designs enhancing the interiors of the home.