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Best Living Room Paint Colours for your Home

Updated On: Oct 31, 2023

The living room is arguably the most important space of the house. It is a room of activities - whether it is spending a leisurely Sunday or entertaining some guests, the living room gets the party started. Therefore the room should be a depict. Follow your own heart when designing your home, it needs to give the right and positive energy to you when you are in it. Living Room Paint Colours are one of the most important elements of any house. It has been psychologically proven that wall colours can decide your mood.  Paints are available in thousands of shades, and there is a new colour that comes out every day so it's even harder to keep up with the trends all by yourself. Hence, we’ve got to do this right! This is our expertise at the Interior Company.

Keep reading this blog to find impeccable ideas for living room colours!

Trendsetting Living Room Colours of 2023

Colour is a predominant design tool that not only brings out symphonies but also evokes emotion, influences mood, sets tone and brings the setting together. However, it might be difficult to track and keep up with the changing colour palettes each season. You can't expect someone to change their wall paint from veri peri to aubergine? We hope you don't because then it will be a little too expensive on the pocket! 

Well, the trends for living room paint colours clench everything from neutral and muted tones, simplistic solid shades, Y2K retro colours, and bold pantone palettes that will make one awestruck. 

Pastel Gradients

Pastels have been in fashion to get the attention of almost all the public now. There is something about the romantic setting created with sophisticated energy. These hues are definitely softer but using them as living room colours can elevate your space. 


One of the most popular and earthy tones to be named is Sage' the faded green with yellow undertones is one of the top room idea colours. Sage goes very well with other neutral tones like beige and browns, pair it with some beautiful statement decor pieces and dark leather furniture that will help bring together the earthiness. This colour is a great choice for those who are opting for a contemporary, modern or a Scandinavian home interior style. 


Embellish the softer and more romantic elements of living room colours with this beautiful rose pink room paint. Add some brass or gold accent tall cabinet or furniture to add an accent to the space. Looks like Elle Woods got hold of the living room at the Interior Company!

Adding an element of pop of colour is a clever choice to draw attention to the space. The rose undoubtedly keeps up with the retro vibes and yet kicks in with a contemporary feel. 



Grey for living room is a very classy colour, as much as it is a minimalist shade it can also become useful in an industrial, modern and Scandinavian setting when used with the right essence. Grey is never old but it is a perfectionist colour for your room that comes in 50 shades. Not talking about Christrian Gray here. Focus! 

With the icy essence of the living room walls can be balanced with the addition of some quirky patterned throw pillows. Keeping things simple is the key when using softer shades, sleek grey furniture and rug or using raw wood materials and rust leather couch can make a huge difference to your living room colours. Tones like rust and black go really well with grey, it introduces a relaxed essence as well as keeps the sense of formality and minimalism intact. 

Pop of Contrast with Primary Colours 

Pop of Contrast with Primary Colours 2

Primary colours have a special quality of catching someones attention in no time. Why do you think taxis are given a yellow and black colour? Because they can pop from in between traffic. In contrast green and brown are more earthy tones and help us feel more at peace and calm. Meanwhile, red, yellow, orange are more bold colour shades that represent energy. Visuals are salient and catch the eye when the colour is different significantly from its background or we can say when something is in contrast. 

One might just want a pop of colour, then the 'rule of three' must be kept in mind. What does it mean you may ask? The rule of three means the use of odd numbers of objects to expand or create an energetic or attractive layout. 

Prismatic Furniture 

The easiest way to add some pop in your living room colours is to add quirky and catchy furniture items. Similar to this beautiful stripped polychromatic L-shaped couch is a complete heartthrob. Add a healthy potted monstera or palm to complete the look. 

This piece of furniture can be a great addition if you want to go simple on the walls but on the other hand want to add a focal point to the space. 

Warm Tones and Colour Blocking 

'Pop of Colour can mean a myriad of things, but the best out of all comes out when one puts their own colourful mark on it! Using warmer room paint like orange, red, yellow or rust can uplift the interior of any living room. 

Playfulness can be achieved through the amalgamation of soft patterns on the red with contrasting cactus and another matching couch. The peeping bright tangerine orange from the foreground is a total focal point. 

This living room paint ideas is a great example of the more colourful the best and patterns when used in the right way are never too much. Complete the room with abstract and quirky art deco pieces on the wall to make a statement through your living room colours. 



Popularised through fashion, ombré, another trendy hue of 2023, has made its way from curtains onto walls. This living room paint idea captures a sunset, making the perfect focal point for the space. It is a colour trend that will not lose its charm very easily in this market, splashed into our closets back in the 90s, this retro trend is back with a bang. There are numerous ways of creating an ombre wall. One can either DIY it and paint it like they want it or get in touch with a company to get it sprayed on the wall. 

The easiest way to achieve so is by installing a wallpaper that is ombre. It is best because you will get a variety of choices.

Some Pomp and Show for Your Living Room 

Some Pomp and Show for Your Living Room 2

Rugs, cushions, and artwork can set the mood for a place. Is the room antique or contemporary themed? Is the room rich in patterns? Accessories can make a statement. As for the rug, it should not be too small. This is the primary mistake people make when decorating their living room. Make sure  all  furniture fits on the carpet. Ideally, all four of his legs in the main part should be on it, but if thats not possible, make sure  at least the front legs fit on the rug. However, all the legs of the smaller pieces should be on the carpet if possible.  

Dont overdo it with a throw pillow, utilise and balance the art. Throw pillows make great decorative accents, but dont use them so much that you have to clear everything off your couch before you sit down. Pick a few that complement the  furniture and the overall look of the room. Dont be afraid to invest in quality pillows. They are small, but they have a big impact. 

Go forward with the patterns! Patterns can add life and character to a room. A basic rule of decorating with patterns when hanging art in a room is to avoid the most common mistakes people make. People tend to hang art closer to the ceiling than it should be. This applies to all rooms in the house, hang the decor at eye level (not above, not below). Of course, there are individual differences, so please use your own judgement. It is better to lay it on its side. Go lower than higher.

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On the Whole 

Whether you are planning on colouring your new abode or renovating the home afresh, choosing the right roompaint is very important.

To put it into perspective, living room paint colour can change the look and feel of the space. A collection of vibrant hues to a palette of pastel shades we have come together with a collection of pain choices for the living room. 

Get in touch with the Interior Company to design and amp up your living room into a space that will be cherished and loved by all. 

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What colours are best for my living room that will calm the aura?

Green and Blue are two colours that are best for bringing a relaxed vibe to your home. Combining these two colours with either white can be a game changer or using green as an accent wall colour can also be a best option.

Which colour choices will make my room appear bigger?

For an optimum effect to make your room appear larger, colours like off-white, ivory, ice grey, blue, sage, olive with softer tones can be used.

  • Remember to allow ample lighting in the room as brighter rooms appear bigger.
  • One can also use mirrors in the room to create an illusion of a larger space.

What are the best colour combinations of all time?

Some of the best colour combinations for the living room are–

Purple and Pink, Yellow and Grey, Green and Teal, Blue and White, Coffee and Beige and Red and Black. Refer to- Best Colour Combinations for Vibrant Interiors for more information on colour combinations.

Is it okay to paint all rooms with the same colour?

It is completely fine to create a synchronised look in your house. But using the same roompaint will make the house look unattractive. It is best to add some colour and make your house more appealing and approachable.