Trendy Living Room Paint Color for 2024 Renovation

Published On: Aug 22, 2022

Choosing living room colours isn't simply about aesthetics; it's about your mood and the overall tone of the space. There are plenty of paint shades available in the market, and every year, designers develop new shades that will match your current needs. The latest trends in paint design go beyond colours and trends. These sitting room colours are crafted to create an ambience that resonates with comfort. This guide will explore trendy shades that can transform your living room into a cosy haven.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay Colors for Living Room

Go for Bay Blue on the walls for a trendy drawing room colour. It’s a blue-green shade that will be an eye soother.

Blue Bay Colors for Living Room Walls

To enhance the room’s appeal, add a mix of furniture styles, such as a modern accent chair, a classic side table, and a versatile storage ottoman. Keep the colour palette of paint for the sitting room cohesive having neutral tones and subtle blues for the remaining accessories.

Renew Blue

Opt for Renew Blue to bring a refreshing living room colour idea. This serene hue sets a calm tone, making your space all the more inviting.

Renew Blue Colors for Sitting Room Walls

Complement it with white or light-coloured furniture for an airy ambience. Enhance the natural feel with wooden furniture and fresh plants.

Renew Blue Colors for Sitting Room Walls with Sofa and Open Shelves

Choose decor accents in soft blues, greys, or neutral shades to harmonise with the Renew Blue. Lastly, layer up comfort with textiles like throws and cushions.

Cracked Pepper

Cracked Pepper Color for Drawing Room

Cracked Pepper not just tastes good, but also looks good as living room wall colours. Complement the dark wall with light-coloured beige or grey furniture for a balanced and inviting feel. Mix in the table with various textures to add warmth.

Cracked Pepper Color for Drawing Room Walls

Incorporate accents in shiny gold or brass to elevate the room’s elegance. Introduce pops of colour through vibrant pillows or artwork to infuse energy.


Bluebird Wall Paint Colour Shade for Living Room

For those who like to be straight and simple with living room paint ideas, opt for Bluebird.

Bluebird Paint Colour for Living Room Walls

Keep decorations minimal with framed artwork or decorative items in coordinating shades. Add creative painting or artwork to make your living room stand out.


Ironside Paint Color Ideas for Living Room

Choose a wall colour in the drawing room like ironside for a timeless look.

Ironside Wall Colour in Drawing Room

Throw a sleek charcoal grey sectional sofa, a glass coffee table, and side tables with metal accents for a modern touch.

Ironside Wall Colour Ideas for Living Room

Complement the depth of Ironside” by adding vibrant throw pillows in mustard yellow or burnt orange shades.

Ironside Paint Color for Living Room Walls

Choose a geometric-patterned rug to introduce a modern element to the space. Complete the look with minimalist wall art and metallic decor accents.


Persimmon Paint for Sitting Room

Pick Persimmon for a warm feel in your selected colour palette of colours for sitting room walls. Paint the walls with this peachy colour to make it look complimenting and trendy.

Persimmon Paint Ideas for Sitting Room Walls

Choose a comfy cream sofa with wooden legs as the main piece. Add chairs in a soft, neutral fabric. Make it lively with terracotta-toned pillows and curtains.

Spiced Cider

Spiced Cider Paint Colors for Drawing Room

Transform your living room into a haven with Spiced Cider as living area paint colour. Envelop your walls in this deep, warm hue for a comfortable atmosphere.

Spiced Cider Best Colors for Living Room Walls

Choose a plush sofa in a neutral shade or deep brown adorned with metal accents for a deeper look. Complement your seating with inviting armchairs in harmonious tones. Lastly, enhance the cosy ambience with throw pillows and drapes in earthy colours.

Spiced Cider Wall Paint Colour for Living Room Walls with Armchair in Harmonious Tones

You can also add a fragrance of spiced cider to relax and make it wholesome.

Terra Cotta 

Terracotta Paint Ideas for Drawing Room

Terra Cotta is an earthy colour of paint for a sitting room that can bring a cushy feel. It’s an excellent choice for an accent wall!

Terracotta Paint Design for Living Room

When selecting larger furniture pieces, choose neutrals like beige, brown, or muted greys.

Terracotta Wall Colour in Drawing Room with Smaller Decor Items in Shades of Mustard

Smaller decor items'in shades of green or mustard'complement the warm tones of Terra Cotta. Cherry on the top, add natural textures like wooden accents to bind the whole decor together.

Canyon Dusk

Canyon Dusk Paint Color for Living Room Area

Drawing room paint colours like Canyon Dusk is a dusky shade of orange which will give you sunset vibes.

Canyon Dusk Paint Color for Drawing Room

Use it in different styles like modern or classic. It also goes well with other colours like pastels and even darker tones.

For larger furniture items, opt for neutral tones like greys, whites, and beiges to maintain a balanced and versatile look. These neutrals complement the drawing room wall colour Canyon Dusk very well.

Canyon Dusk Wall Colour for Drawing Room

To add contrast, use smaller decorative items or accent furniture in colours like turquoise.

Coastal Fog

Coastal Fog Paint Design for Living Room

The living room paint design in this warm grey-brown with green undertones is an absolute treat for the eyes. To create a calming atmosphere, you can either create a design combining blues and greens or just add furniture of such colour over a crisp backdrop.

Coastal Fog Colour of Paint for Sitting Room

To add energy and brightness, pair a living room colour design made with Coastal Fog with warm oranges and yellows.

Coastal Fog Colour Design for Living Room

Select a comfortable grey sofa complemented by blue and green throw pillows. Introduce an accent chair in a soft orange or yellow hue and incorporate coastal-themed decor such as sea-inspired artwork or cushions.

Coastal Fog Colour Ideas for Living Room

Employ light-coloured curtains to augment the airy atmosphere. Complete the look with a neutral-toned textured rug.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold for Drawing Room Paint Ideas

If you want to use rose gold for your drawing room paint ideas, try making one wall stand out so it looks nice but not too much.

Rose Gold Colours for Modern Living Room

Use simple colours like grey, beige, or cream for furniture so it doesn’t get too busy.

Rose Gold Colours for Modern Living Room

You can also use wooden furniture, light or dark, to add a natural feel. White furniture makes the rose gold shine more.

Rose Gold Colours for Modern Living Room

Adding marble or glass tables looks good, too. Mixing rose gold living room wall paint colour with neutral and natural colours for furniture makes your room look fancy and put together.

Olive Grove

Olive Grove Wall Paint Colour for Living Room

If you’re thinking about using olive green in your living room, you’ve got a versatile palate in your hand. Dark olive green pairs are one of the popular living room colours in 20's which goes well with colours like orange for a vibrant look or tan for a farmhouse feel.

Olive Grove Colour Design for Living Room

Light olive green works nicely with cream for a subtle contrast, while black creates a striking effect.

Olive Grove Paint Ideas for Drawing Room

Other complementing drawing room colour ideas for this paint include pink, orange, and blue in different hues.

Olive Grove Wall Colors Ideas for Living Room

If you’re bold, try olive green with burgundy or red for a sophisticated touch.

Urban Bronze

Urban Bronze Colour Design for Drawing Room

Make a drawing room colour design that just looks like an art gallery with this shade. Add natural elements like wood and plants for a living room painted in Urbane Bronze.

Urban Bronze Best Paint Colour for Living Room Walls

Pair with light furniture for brightness and use metallic accents for contrast. Aim for a modern, minimalist look with Scandinavian influences, and try Urbane Bronze on an accent wall.

Urban Bronze Colour Ideas for Living Room

It is one of the best paint for living room walls to experiment with rugs and warm-toned pillows. Balance with neutrals like Extra White for some outlines.

Urban Bronze Paint Colour for Living Area

Explore its versatility on built-in furniture and personalise the space to your style.

Honey Drizzle

Honey Drizzle Wall Colour Design for Living Room

Create a living room wall colour design that will just drip sweetness like honey with this shade. You can decorate a living room painted in Honey Drizzle with warm elements. Use natural materials to complement the colour.

Honey Drizzle Paint Design for Living Room

Introduce soft textiles in neutral shades and plants for added cosiness. Include metallic accents to add a touch of sophistication, and bring indoor plants for a fresh vibe.

Honey Drizzle Paint Design for Living Room

Furniture with clean lines and mixed textures will be great for a balanced look.

Honey Drizzle Colour Shades for Living Room

Personalise the space with artwork or decor items that align with your style and your living room paint colour ideas.


Choosing the right paint colour for your living room can transform it into a cosy haven. Whether you opt for the soothing Bay Blue or the inviting Cracked Pepper, each hue brings its charm.

Remember, it’s not just about the colour but how you pair it with furniture and decor. But beyond trends, style and everything else, what matters is creating a living room that feels just right for you. If designing is not your strongest suit, you can pick up your phone and give us a ring. We’ll do all the heavy interior designing work while you can chill and be comfy in your newly designed living room.

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    How do I make a room cosy with dark grey paint?

    Paint one wall dark and leave others light for a moody feel.

    What exterior colours go with wood and stone?

    Urbane Bronze, a dark neutral, complements well.

    Can I use dark paint inside and outside?

    Yes, Urbane Bronze works for both, adding a modern touch.

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    Does dark paint suit neutral boho rooms for a relaxed vibe?

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