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Striking Black and White Room Ideas for Your Home

Published On: Mar 23, 2022

How great would it be if your house looked just like a reel of a black and white film? It will definitely look like another dimension where time is frozen, which will eventually give your space a more aesthetic and abstract look.

In the colourful aura of a home, one can induce a monochromatic bedroom design that will look like a subtle place that provides calm in the colour traffic. And, by this moment if you have started to think about how you'd style your space, Interior Company by Square Yards brings several black and white room ideas to guide you through some of the latest innovations.

A Regal Dream

A Regal Dream

Many people have this dream of living in a place or a mansion, is it yours too? Creating a luxe look bedroom is not as difficult and expensive as it appears to be. Aesthetic black and white wallpapers with vintage designs are a great way to incorporate patterns in the room. A classic monochrome colour scheme never disappoints, adding a high bed with thick quilted comforters can be a game-changer.

A Regal Dream 2

Playing around with different textures and designs of wallpapers is a yes when creating a regal look for your room. The only pop of colour here is the fluffy pair of pillows on the thick bedding.

Make the Colours Pop

Make the Colours Pop

Even if you are going for a minimalist look, a prop to add a pop of colour can elevate the look.  Aesthetic black and white room have more impact when you introduce a shot of accent colour. Adding contrast combinations like red, yellow, coral and aqua are some great options to add a pop of colour to the room.

Make the Colours Pop

Adding a hint of red is also a great option to add a pop of colour. Red puts in energy to any room and is a very bold impactful shade it will leave an impression on people’s minds. Including a red coloured rug or ottoman is a great option if one doesn't want to go overboard with the colour quotient.

Yin-Yang of Colours

Yin-Yang of Colours 

Add depth to the interior design using royal cushioned armchairs and lamps in classic colours.A black and white wallpaper design that completes the look of a royal chessboard look. Covering a corner of your living room or its centre with a luxurious look can make the spot anyone’s favourite. To give a stylish makeover and make a statement among basic designs, one can use grey or black and white wallpaper with a glossy touch. Use the white and greyish polished floor to make your living area cleaner, classier and eye-catchy. Feel the yin-yang royalty energy flowing in your room at any time.  If one loves photography, then creating  a corner of the house into a gallery studio displaying your best shots. B&W images leave an impact because they are different form the ones that we usually see. Choosing a frame made of dark coloured timber and ivory white and grey paints will savour your classic taste as well.



Making your living room look like a monochromatic time frame is a great way to incorporate, minimalistic decor items. And, to add further ooze style and class, you can use grey polished or laminated flooring covered with a chequered black and white rug.

Greyscale 2

The grey walls will take you to an unexplored world where the TV channel will be white along with a matte black bookshelf. Surely, any of your friends or family members won’t be able to take their eyes off this masterpiece mixture of grey, white, and black.

Monochrome Kitchen and Bathroom

Monochrome Kitchen and Bathroom

Black walls in your kitchen? It probably isn't an ideal choice among all but can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. Choose black laminates and white shelving cabinets or else doing an all black open kitchen look.

Monochrome Kitchen and Bathroom

Turning your bathroom into a yin-yang theme is a safe option if you dont want to put major colours in the colour scheme. One can find several black and white sketches for bathrooms.

Chain of Thoughts

You can make your wall paint design black and white or use a patterned texture with beautiful aesthetic black and white wallpapers.To make your living room more aesthetic and contemporary, you can even use a patterned rug, displaying a geometric use of a combination of black and white colours. Interior Company specialises in creating your house feel like your sanctuary. Creating corners of peace in your home can lift up your mood and make you feel the solace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes a room monochromatic?

Using a similar family of colours or the same hue throughout a room gives a monochromatic look.

Q. How do you soften a black and white room Ideas?

Using tall sheer curtains to whitish-grey walls will elevate the design. Nubby textures of soft-toned pillows and quilts are also a great addition.

Q. What accent colours look best with a black and white monochrome look?

Colours like yellow, grey and oceanic shades of blue go perfectly with black and white look.

Q. Is black and white timeless?

Black and white are a striking and timeless colour combination. Representing negative and positive, black gives a more dominating glimpse whereas white neutralises it and gives an essence of peace.

Q. How can I give a black and white room a boho look?

Bohemian look has become a staple nowadays, adding some live plants and jute ottomans along with comfy knitted rugs can transform a structured room into a boho setting.


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