Timeless Living Room Colours that Add Beauty to Your Abode

Published On: Jun 10, 2022

Do you think that your living room requires an instant makeover? Whether you are thinking of adding colours to the walls for an intense style renovation or adding accent hues through accessories, modifying the tonal pallet is one of the most convenient living room paint ideas to completely change the look of the space.

A brand new colour scheme could just be the tonic for transforming the space instantly. Based on your abode's exclusive personality, your space can either be statement-making or soothing, and it can possess a modern appeal or old-fashioned charm. Regardless of your style, the five gorgeous living room colour ideas detailed below are top choices for a living room that exudes comfort, style, and cosiness.

Green Living Room

The colour green represents renewal and harmony. Since the colour echoes the shades of the natural world, it is considered one of the best living room wall colours. For the ones who do not have sufficient space for displaying house plants, green living room walls will add the splash of life that your home requires.

Green is not just subtle and fresh, but it is the ideal alternative for people who find neutrals boring. A few ideas that can help you create a modern living room in green are as follows:

  • If you are looking to create a calming and cool vibe in your living space, there can be nothing better than going for a combination of pink and green. Select pastel shades of these hues to give a cosy feel to your drawing room. White pastel green will look great on the walls and help you make a warm living room. Choose pastel pink accessories for the drawing-room furniture.
  • Forest green walls in the drawing space can serve as the perfect background for Christmas celebrations. And once the holidays are over, this colour will keep energizing your space.
  • Highlight the brick fireplace and the grey mouldings in your living area by turning your space green.
  • A rich, toned-down shade of green is an easy way of giving the room a modern flair.

Purple Living Room

If you love nothing more than a dark living room with an eclectic design scheme, soft purple walls are for you. Extra points if you pair them with the deeper shades of purple. You can give your drawing space a pleasing and punchy update using dusky and lilac purple shades.

From plum and claret to power-glam purples, there are purple living room ideas that will inspire you to take the shade in almost any direction, from contemporary and smart to shabby chic.

Worried it might all look murky? Use these smart purple living room ideas:

  • Add warmth to your neutral drawing space colour scheme by going for a wall painted in rich plum. This is a delicious purple shade that can add depth to your space while enhancing the tones of beige, stone, and other dusky shades of pink in your living room.
  • You can easily create a peaceful purple living room that feels stylish and subtle by using the perfect balance of tones. Create a more sophisticated look in the room by using darker purple shades on rugs and furniture.
  • Create definition with dark purple tones on woodwork while keeping the walls of your living room lighter with dusky mauve and lilac wall colour combination for living room.
  • Saturated tones of purple, like regal purple, are quite rich in their appearance, and they offer an elegant touch to the decorating scheme of a room. Use these colours in different creative ways on woodwork to frame architectural points of interest and even windows.

Red Living Room

Curl up by using red- the vibrant and comforting colour, in your living room. If you want the most stunning wall painting designs for living room, red is perfect. The colour not just inspires but even adds a warming and bold shade to make your drawing space welcoming and cosy.

There is an assortment of gorgeous red living room ideas that you can choose from. Regardless of whether you use it as a bold background or an accent, red is a statement colour for your space.

This warming colour can breathe life into your interior living room, adding a sense of vibrancy and daring expressionism. Learn the right way of integrating colour in your living room by using red:

  • Earthy, organic shades of red can make for relaxing and inviting living room interiors. The deep reddish browns give a strong and subdued warmth to the walls of a living room. Cosy and comfortable by night and warming by the day, reds derived from earthy colour palettes offer a luxurious atmosphere.
  • If you want to create an accent wall living room, use brownish-red tones on the walls and pair the wall colour with accessories in other colours. The best option would be going for clay terracotta and warm wooden shades.
  • While keeping the red living room wall painting idea intact, you can create an orange living room by welcoming orange undertones in the area. Here the main idea is to choose red with orange undertones to welcome a sense of lightness in the area. Avoid blue undertones with red because this can make the shade look and feel heavy.
  • Warmer reds are perfect for living spaces with existing warming materials and textures like aged leather armchairs and sofas and natural wooden furniture pieces.

Neutral Living Room

If you want to try something experimental and new in your living area but without spending too much, it will be a good idea to paint the entire space. Painting the living area with clean neutral hues will help you create a bright living room while making the entire home come alive.

You can even experiment with your interior décor, welcome plants, and put new curtains in your living space. You can do a plethora of things if you choose neutral living colours. Some ideas that can help you out here are as follows:

  • If you are looking to create a beige living room, paint the walls of your space white or off-white and contrast them with a monotone beige carpet or wallpaper. Or you can even go for a beige almirah. This will create a supple appearance, and the perfect amalgamation of warm-toned shades will bring peace to your eyes and even to the eyes of the guests.
  • An all-white living room appearance also embraces grandeur and makes the space look elegant. There's nothing that can beat the look of an all-white living area, especially if you are looking to create a beautiful and light living room.
  • You can even paint the walls of your living area grey to give it a modern touch. Grey is a classy shade and one of the best neutral colours for the walls of modern living spaces. It will give your room a professional and sleek touch and is the perfect option for people who like professionalism and class.

Brown Living Room

Brown is back in the living room, and it is back with a bang! Nowadays, faux leather, all dark leather, and mocha walls are in when it comes to using brown in the living room décor. The best is to use tan browns, caramel tones, and warm taupes that pair very well with leather seating and retro brass lighting in the living area. Ideas that can help you here are:

  • Consider a clever colour blend of brown and yellow to create a yellow living room that showcases brown undertones. This is one colour combination that will help you create an entire world of impact and drama in your drawing area.
  • Even shades of brown and purple can make the most unusual spaces. They create a cheerful and energetic environment making the living room perfect for social gatherings.

In a Nutshell

Before deciding on the right colour scheme for your living space, make it a point to decide on the mood or the décor you are looking to create in the area. Consider the type of lighting you will be using in the room to ensure that your colour choice works well with it. And do not forget to use dark shades in large rooms and light hues in small living spaces. For more ideas and information on transforming the décor of your living space, get in touch with the professionals at Interior Company.

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