Bespoke Vastu Colours for Living Room

Published On: Dec 8, 2022

Vastu is an ancient science aimed at increasing wealth and is known to play a key role in creating prosperity through home design. Colour is not just a dictator of great moods, it is also extremely important in Vastu Shastra. Different shades are suitable for different rooms. For example, shades that are perfect for the kitchen are not suitable for the living room. However, they may overlap. If you want to harness positive energy and prosperity in your living room, add the element of these colours to your renovation or design.

According to Vastu, colour therapy plays a significant role in balancing the body, mind and spirit. Diverse tones drive energy towards different rooms, having a positive impact on the home, and its inhabitants. Vastu Shastra accentuates the perfect placement of a house in terms of direction and colour. It states that certain colours are ideal for specific directions in the house. Irrespective of how busy our schedules are or how little time we spend at home, having the right Vastu colour for our home is quintessential.

Vastu Colours for Living Room 

The living room represents your style, charisma and more importantly, your personality. Therefore, it should be attractive, energetic and expressive. Ideally, the living room should be built facing north, east or northeast. In addition, it also influences the first impression of visitors. The rest of the fixtures and furniture in your living room should be in a colour that contrasts with the basic tones already present in the room. Gold streaks, cushions, curtains and bolsters in shades like turquoise and bright pink can fill the living room with fresh energy. Use of any living room colour as per Vastu will help bring zeal and positivity to your house. 


Blue vastu colour for living room

The colour of calmness as well as being a universal favourite, the colour blue works rather well for Vastu. This living room colour as per Vastu is known to radiate the serenity and contentment needed in a place where friends and family gather. You don’t need a bright blue wash to reap its benefits. Consider upholstery or accent pieces in blue tones to add a pop of colour to your incredible design. Blue is also a colour choice for married couples to attract harmony and peace in their home. 

Other benefits of Blue- 

Other benefits of Blue vastu colour

Blue, the colour of the sky and water, signifies emotions, truth and devotion. It has some magical elements that can reduce bodily pain. Blue can be used in the kid’s room design without any issues but should be avoided in the kitchen, restaurants, offices and shops because it has the quality of reduction. Blue is very stable in nature and should be used in western directions. 

The West is controlled by Varun Dev'the God of water. Indigo, however, offers deep self-connection, creates spiritual qualities and enhances psychic abilities singlehandedly. 


Green vastu colour for living room

This colour is the best colour for living room according to Vastu, it illustrates the growth of nature, fertility, abundance, prosperity and positive energy. It also represents rebirth, meaning the re-creation of new ideas. Green is a healing colour, good for the heart and keeps a lid on high blood pressure problems. This living room colour as per Vastu also has a cooling influence on those with an irritable and stubborn nature.

Other Benefits of Green- 

More Benefits of Green vastu colour

Green can also be an antidote for those having a rough patch in their marriage. Pastel green shades in the southeastern corner of your bedroom can give a soothing effect. People with professions like architecture, fashion, stylists and consultants should have a green item in their office specifically facing east. This green object doesn’t necessarily have to be anything big. For example, it can even be a plant. 


Yellow vastu colour for living room

Yellow signifies happiness, light, intellect and mental activity. As per Indian epics, yellow is also associated with Mata Lakshmi. Yellow is a living room colour according to Vastu. It is also ideal for the study room as it helps in studies and enhances concentration.  Using this colour on the northern walls of your house will represent an auspicious choice. 

Other Benefits of Yellow- 

More Benefits of Yellow vastu colour

Yellow is also the colour of bonding. People with fractures and relatively weaker bodies should prefer wearing yellow once in a while, it is also ideal for the solar plexus chakra which will help treat behavioural issues. 


Red colour for vastu

This is the colour of blood and has obvious ties to our lives and bodies. Red symbolises lust, passion, materialism, elemental energies and it is also associated with fire.

The front door of south-facing buildings must be painted red. If you don’t like red, you can add red elements like a red painting, a red flower pot or a red welcome mat to your foyer and patio. 

Inside the structure, the south wall of the living room can be painted red.

Other Benefits of Choosing Shades of Red- 

Benefits of Choosing Shades of Red colour for vastu

Rosy shades of red or pink can be used in the bedroom as they symbolize deep love. In fact, pink can be used anywhere in the house and is a positive energy hall Vastu Shastra colours for living room. 

Pink is an ideal colour for newlyweds and should be used especially by couples planning to have children. People who are generally grumpy and couples who have relationship spats also benefit from these vastu colours for living room. 



Orange is a healing hue, a combination of the fiery energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Orange is a Vastu colour for living room that ropes in great energy and balance. 

Other Benefits of Orange-

Other Benefits of Orange colour for vastu

Another colour that implies positivity and sees us through tough times. This colour is suggested to be used in cluttered spaces or areas that are either dark or collect a lot of dust.Young aspiring adults should prefer using orange hues in their house or use it specifically on the southern wall of their living room. Individuals who tend to feel low in their everyday life can opt for this shade as well. 

Make a Choice 

Choosing colours for your home can be a tiresome task. But what if those colours play a major role in lifting up your mood and bringing you luck? In that case, we hope this blog came in handy while finding positive energy hall Vastu Shastra colours for living room. Contact the Interior Company and learn more about how colours can make a real difference in your everyday lifestyle.


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    Which colour is the best one for the living room?

    The best colour choices as per Vastu Shastra for the living room are yellow, blue, pink, white and green.

    Which colour is lucky for your home?

    Luck isn’t just dependent on the person but it might also come in from the colour of your walls. 

    Recommended colours for your drawing room colour according to vastu are blue, green, yellow and orange.

    What colour will bring happiness to your home?

    Yellow and orange colours attract happiness to your home.

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